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September 2014
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Weekly Weather September 15, 2014


Thanks to everyone who sent Happy Birthday greetings, flowers or cards! I felt very blessed and quite loved.  I had a lovely birthday vacation week on Fire Island ~ walking the beach, eating seafood, sleeping and planning my next decade.  I am not sure HOW I turned 60, but somehow that happened!  The next adventures arrive!  Anne




Large Solar Flares with oodles of energy are heading our way combined with yet MORE Fingers of God.  Solar Flares cause the Northern Lights as well as some mighty magical sunsets.  Watch the skies this week!  We experience them as a heightened sense of “wired” or anxiety. Sleep is often disturbed. Folks with sensitive immune systems or working with auto immune diseases feel them roll in as a disruptive force. Electronics and GPS can be affected.


fire rings










Three Fingers of God ~ Venus in Virgo steps into the Sun and Mercury’s previous position as one of the legs sextile to Saturn in Scorpio. She points to Uranus and the South Node in Aries as the apex.  Relationship dramas and choices.  You can’t do the old way any more.  Time to change. Release the old? Bring in new candidates? Change the existing situation? Maybe all three or something not yet thought of?  Adjust, adjust, and commit!

Another Finger of God takes place with Jupiter in Leo as the Apex receiving energy from Pluto and Chiron.  Two Apexes of Fire combined with the Solar Flare energy promise a powerfully illuminating and inflammatory week.  Jupiter in Leo wants you to pursue what you love.  Why else are you here?  If you don’t do what you love, what, exactly, is the point of existence?

The Third Finger of God has Chiron as the Apex receiving energy from Jupiter and Pallas Athena…. This is actually a focused Finger as it combines with Finger number Two above.  Essentially, the Finger says don’t be a wimp about what you want in your life.  If you don’t take a risk or push yourself past your fear or your previous wounds, you’ll never have what you desire.  Pretty smart of the heavens to link JUPITER in with Chiron… kind of invites you to move past your fear   with a big old piece of cosmic chocolate… Might be just too delicious for you to pass up the offer ~ you’ll deal with the fear to get the cosmic chocolate.  Pallas helps you see if the OLD patterns are there or not.  If the old patterns are NOT there, go for it ~ full speed ahead.







fingersof god













Mercury in Libra entered his shadow last week, preparing for his retrograde journey next month.  Mercury moves to square Pluto and oppose Uranus and the South Node in Aries as he joins the North Node.  Expect lots of shocking or unexpected, volatile, transformative or fire news.  Whatever you hear, you will be dealing with during the eclipse in October.  The eclipse degrees from April 2014 are activated this week by Mercury rolling through the nodes and the Uranus/Pluto square.  Whatever you hear or find out, look at it from the HIGHER position of what your soul is trying to get you to evolve towards! Its all about evolution and individuation ~ you are here to become the natal potential promised in your chart.

As Pluto is slowing to station next week, we’ll feel the energy and tensions build and build.  He is turning direct after his stop.  The tension is all part of helping us evolve.  Pluto stations bring earthquakes, volcanoes and wars so we can expect the Mideast, ISIS and the Ukraine to heat up.


solar flare sunday jan 24 2012

As that Finger of God with Uranus as the Apex seems to be removing comics (Uranus rules clowns ~ comics are part of that energy) in sudden and unexpected ways ~ Robin Williams with Mercury, Joan Rivers with the Sun, as Venus moves into position in the Finger, watch for a younger woman comedian to exit or a shocking departure of a woman.  You can’t make this astrology stuff up!






Planetary Highlights


Sun goes from 22:34 degrees Virgo to 29:24 degrees Virgo.  Sun is in Virgo bringing dedicated, focused, detailed and harvest oriented work.  Expect endings as Sun bounces enviously off of Eris and connects with Admetos. Time to move on.

Mercury goes from 18:07 Libra to 25:40 degrees Libra.  He’s pretty busy this week as he slows down, getting ready to go retrograde.  He connects with the Nodes of Destiny so pay attention to who  you meet on Tuesday.  They will be important in your life. Neptune can cloud his vision but he’s perfectly good to work only on instinct and go forward with his feelings.  Trust the process.  If partnership opportunities present themselves, say yes. Partner will change your life. A bit of envy surfaces on Friday. Own it if it is yours, name it if it is the other guy’s (and they are someone you are in relationship with).

Venus goes from 12:07 degrees Virgo to 20:49 degrees Virgo.  Venus is in a Finger of God with Saturn and Uranus… life altering relationship changes (endings, beginnings, adjustments) take place this week. You’ve been working hard to define what you want in your relationships. Give yourself permission to move toward the invitation before you. Venus meets the Nodes of Destiny on Tuesday… this could be the love or partner or relationship you’ve been waiting for. Say yes.  A bit of fear follows ~ fear is a completely natural, completely NATURAL reaction when your world has been rocked.  By the weekend, you know you have to make an important choice!

Mars goes from 1:04 degrees Sagittarius to 5:48 degrees Sagittarius.  Yes, Mars is on fire too!  He’s making some hard choices that need to be made on Saturday.  He wakes from a dream and drops his illusions on Sunday.

Jupiter goes from 13:04 degrees Leo to 14:24 degrees Leo. Jupiter is the Apex of a Finger of God with Pluto and Chiron as the legs this week. Do what you love. Whatever are you waiting for?  Do you need permission to live your best life?  Go and do what you love!  The rest falls in place.

Saturn goes from 19:07degrees Scorpio to 19:43 degrees Scorpio.  Saturn sets off the Nodes in the Apex of the Finger… things end.  People leave. Stories stop. Move. Quit. Change.  It is time.  And  when you are finished, sit down and rest.

Uranus goes from 15:23 degrees Aries to 15:08 degrees Aries (retrograde).  Uranus is the apex of a fast-moving Finger of God between Venus in Virgo and Ceres and Saturn in Scorpio.  Uranus gets a solid hit of energy on Tuesday when Pallas opposes him Monday encouraging you to see the patterns that don’t particularly support you.

Neptune goes from 5:44 degrees Pisces to 5:34 degrees Pisces (retrograde).  Neptune meets his beloved partner ~ or realizes the partner he’s with isn’t the right one and seeks to separate. … Either way, trust the process.  After all, Neptune is leading you to your spiritual path in this life time.

Pluto goes from 11:01 degrees Capricorn to 11:00 degrees Capricorn (retrograde).  Pluto is slowing this week and reaches his station degree.  The station of Pluto takes place next Monday so starting on Tuesday September 17, we feel Pluto come to a stop.  Action, Tension, buildup!

Chiron forms a Finger of God this week with Pallas and Jupiter.  While the choices you are being asked to make might be painful, they are necessary. And you know it.  Change. That is the only way out….

Vesta, normally quite proper, has a VERY jealous moment on Sunday. Ouch.

Pallas Athena is a leg in a Finger of God.  She notices and need to make some fundamental psychological changes.  Go forth and don’t worry so much!

Ceres has a bit of a healing opportunity. Take advantage of it.

Juno meets her partner (or breaks up with her partner) this week.  If an important relationship ends, know that it is time for it to go. If you meet someone, they are the one you’ve been waiting for. Embrace your future. And, as Juno SQUARES the nodes ~ one could come in while the other is going out.

Hygeia is quiet.



Void Moons in the Week Ahead:  When the Moon is Void, it is wise to avoid making important decisions as they tend to be unrealistic, and subject to false starts, errors or unexpected hassles.  Avoid being concerned with things beyond your spiritual center.  It is time for subjective, spiritual and non-materialistic concerns.  Kick back, let life flow, and center yourself.  Connect into your essential oneness with the Universal Forces.

Moon goes void Square to Sun on Monday, September 15, 2014 at 10:06:01 pm EDT.  Moon enters Cancer on Tuesday, September 16, 2014 at 11:25:09 am EDT.  Moon is void late Monday night and Tuesday morning.

Moon goes void Sextile to Sun on Thursday, September 18, 2014 at 02:39:16 pm EDT. Moon enters Leo on Thursday, September 18, 2014 at 11:11:04 pm EDT.  Moon is void Thursday afternoon and early evening.

Moon goes void Sextile to Mercury on Sunday, September 21, 2014 at 00:34:30 am EDT.  Moon enters Virgo on Sunday, September 21 at 11:54 am EDT. Moon is void Sunday morning.



Moon day Monday September 15, 2014  Moon in Gemini goes void Square to Sun  at 10:06:01 pm EDT.  Last night had tossing and turning dreams. Today we are thrust back into an active day where we get all sorts of sad news about partnerships or relationships ending or changing as Juno squares the Nodes of Destiny.  Chiron sets off the Third Finger of God by stimulating Pallas and asking you to notice the bigger patterns at work here. Expect a blast of envy as Sun argues with Eris late in the day. Use the envy or discord to fuel your further movement forward. Negotiate for a change in how things are done. Might not happen but at least you can ask. The Void Moon tonight promises lots of interesting dreams.  Make sure to record them up on awakening.

Mars day Tuesday September 16, 2014 Moon enters Cancer at 11:25:09 am EDT.  Moon goes void Sextile to Sun.  Moon is void in the morning on Tuesday.  Unusual energy around breaking old patterns and trying new things either in your dreams or in your waking life.  There is a desire to fight with people who are authorities in your life as well as a critical energy directed toward or around people being “too nice”.  Are they REALLY that optimistic and kind?  Part of you wants to shout YES. The other part goes Hmmmm.  Both positions ARE possible.  We are made of water and minerals (earth) ~ depending on how we are focusing our vibration, we can go higher or lower with our vibration and our related actions.  It’s ALWAYS a choice. Choose to believe and go for that higher vibration. Pitch to the strengths!  Mercury aspects the Nodes of Destiny ~ you can meet a wonderful new person, hear wonderful, life changing news or negotiate a very important contract. It is an excellent day to move forward with all projects after the Moon enters Cancer.  Venus aspects the Nodes of Destiny ~ you can meet the love of your life. Make sure to give them your phone number!  You don’t want to miss this date!  It is a terrific day to work with your value, finances, money and love life. I refer to days like this as “the giant sucking sound” ~ the Nodes are SO active and alive… you will feel their pull like a vortex of energy inviting you to go for it! Venus works to create something you’ll love and adore.   Tonight is a lovely night for romance or first dates or reconciliation with a beloved.  You’ll appreciate each other more.

Wednesday Mercury’s day September 17, 2014 Moon is in Cancer. Moon goes void Sextile to Sun. Moon sets off Pluto at the beginning of the day and Uranus at the end inviting us to adjust to the new operating procedures and protocols.  Somewhere amidst all the changes, we have to find our comfort zone.  Today has oodles of aspects around relationships, partnerships, patterns ~ old and new ~ which are ALL being looked at. Neptune’s active ~ the good part about Neptune is you don’t see what you are getting into. The bad part about Neptune is you don’t see what you are getting into.  It is kind of like cosmic blinders…the universe puts a blindfold on you and then leads you to where it wants you to be.  If you didn’t have it on and could see what was coming, you might not sign up for the ride. By inviting you in gently, without a clear idea of where you are going, the universe takes advantage of your optimism.  Rose colored glasses are a good thing.  Say yes even if you are not sure.   Set some boundaries but say yeah! Explore.  Because we are human, we’ve been hurt. Part of the package of life. Because we are human, the sun comes up tomorrow… and we have a new day, an opportunity for redemption and resurrection… forgiveness … of ourselves and others. Venus sets off the Finger of God today… it’s a profound choice that you face.

Jupiter’s Day Thursday September 18, 2014 Moon in Cancer goes void Sextile to Sun at 02:39:16 pm EDT.  Moon enters Leo at 11:11:04 pm EDT with a closing sextile to Mercury.  The closing sextiles make these next few days productive and filled with lots to get accomplished.  Lots of dreams last night about structures you are working on changing. Sudden but easy changes around the home and office, supporting your new direction. Neptune dissolves or shifts how you see an existing partnership.  There can be a bit of stress around HOW to proceed ~ break the task into smaller parts and share the responsibility. It is not that hard ~ you are just feeling a bit overwhelmed.  There is so much to do….

Friday Venus’s Day September 19, 2014 Moon is in Leo and goes void Sextile to Mercury making today creative, productive and laugh filled.  The Finger of God with Venus/Saturn and Uranus is activated by Leo Moon today and Saturday.  Leo Moon says if you don’t love it why are you doing it?  Dreams last night pointed out an envy or jealous matter that you need to take action to change ~ or bright and early this morning you realized it. Saturn aspects the Nodes of Destiny and sets off the Finger of God mid-day.  It is time for things to end.  Let it go. Bless it for all it taught to you. Thank it for the wisdom shared.  Allow yourself to release, release, release.  This is a difficult aspect. If any kind of HEALTH matter surfaces, go IMMEDIATELY to a doctor or hospital.  No fooling around. Go!  This is a major departure aspect for people hanging on by thin threads. It is a “failure” aspect for mechanical devices as well as body parts like hearts and blood vessels. It is a sudden departure because I can’t take it any more energy so make sure to check in on folks who have been having a tough emotional time and encourage them to hang in there.  This can manifest as a suicide aspect.  You can hear news that is shocking to your very core ~ this aspect happens every 19 years so it is pretty rare and very potent.  Mercury’s opposition to Eris indicates harsh words can be spoken or heard. Unfortunately, they are probably true. So if partner says they don’t want to stay, let them go. If they say you are not performing up to speed and you could be fired, start looking for a job as you will be fired. Take the message LITERALLY.  Yes, it is driven by envy but it also is Mercury and Eris on the world point.  So, the whole world is watching!  Sun’s contraparallel to Chiron pushes you forward, despite having a very bad day. Difficult situations that need to come to an end now are wrapping up and folding their tents to go home.

Saturn’s Day Saturday September 20, 2014 Moon is in Leo and goes void Sextile to Mercury.  Moon brings turbulent but enlightening dreams. Her square to Saturn mid-day indicates a NO is distinctly possible. Move forward any way, you don’t need their permission to create what you want to create. Mars in Sagittarius is bringing you a new group of people to connect with and find comfort or a home with.  The Finger of God gets set off by Ceres aspecting Uranus…. It is time to stop taking care of the situation so it doesn’t fail.  It has to fail. You have to let them figure out how to do it by themselves. Or YOU have to figure out how to do it yourself.  It isn’t forever but it is important going into the eclipse season that you are clear and are NOT taking care or covering for other people because of some misguided sense of loyalty.  There is a fighting energy which can accomplish quite a bit activating today as Mars connects with the Nodes of Fate. Watch for planets at 4 degrees of Sagittarius to act up and NOT want to play nice any more. You won’t be able to bite your tongue in silence any more. Take the considerable energy, redirect it toward something you CAN accomplish and go for it. Today there is an inability to stay subservient any more ~ if someone lashes out at you, know they are releasing a very old, hidden and dark energy that needs to come out.  If YOU want to lash out at someone, it is tied to where you just can’t abide the situation any more. To the best of your ability, bless the situation in its form as your teacher.  As the Dalai Lama says, “The most difficult people in our life can be our best teachers.”  Figure out what lesson you were supposed to learn from the person before you, learn it, thank them for teaching you and MOVE ON!!!  No victims here!  No persecutors here!  The situation exists because BOTH OF YOU needed it to exist.  So go ahead and change ~ it will change the situation. Remember Mars has a health aspect so pay attention as things can get suddenly worse…

Sun’s day Sunday September 21, 2014 Moon in Leo goes void Sextile to Mercury at 00:34:30 am EDT.  Moon enters Virgo at 11:55:02 am EDT.  The International Day of Peace will have quite a bit of stress and NON-peace. Our Venus driven Finger of God finishes up this morning, bright and early.  The last of the enormous changes and necessary releases described by Saturn and Uranus/ South Node have been outlined and delivered by the three step process of Mercury, Sun and now Venus moving through and creating a Finger of God.  The adjustments have been outlined and made. Venus aspected the Nodes last night while you slept and pushed through the final alterations to the fabric of your life.  Venus sextiles Saturn early in the morning, waking you to an altered reality.  Take any steps needed to process what needs to still be modified.  The essential energy of the change as well as the recognition of how and what the change is for and about is essentially laid bare before you. Void Moon in the morning encourages sleeping it or restful reflection. Venus union by declination while inconjunct to Uranus creates a unique push me/pull you energy.  Coordinate the efforts so you are moving in unison with what needs to happen now. There can be a bit of confusion about the details but the essential plan is in place. Sun’s trine to Admetos wraps up the season of Summer and prepares us for the next season of our life.  Juno’s and Vesta’s dance with Eris brings a bit of discord to the entire process or a perhaps a sense of unsettledness.  It will take a while to adjust to all these major shifts in your  life but you are essentially done with them.  Saturn’s union with Vesta by declination closes a door permanently and offers you a new opening to pass through. Mars square to Neptune allows the fog to clear, the illusion to fall away and perhaps tears to fall.  It has been a long, deep and profound series of changes taking place in your life.  The journey is essentially over except for the clean up and polish required to make you and your dancing shoes ready for prime time and your entrance.  So get out the polish already!  You’ve done all you can do. The dance of your life starts again next week.  Ready or not here you go!  Pluto’s stationing and deepening the Thrum, thrum under foot vibration as he pauses in the sky to check your outfit and makeup.  Lights, Action! Roll!


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