What do I need to have an astrological consultation?
You need your Birth Date, Birth Time, Location or Place of Birth, and where you live now. You schedule an appointment. If you do not have an accurate birth time, a consultation can take place with limited predictive work. Your birth time can be obtained by requesting the long form or vault copy from the county clerk where you were born, by checking in your baby book or with relatives. Let me know the source of your birth data when you book your appointment.

What happens in an astrology consultation?
The purpose of an astrological consultation is to provide information that enhances your understanding of the phases and cycles in your life. I will cover the energies you are currently experiencing, including the difficult ones. Often people seek out an astrological perspective while going through a period of life changes. Astrology helps you view the changes in your life from the perspective of your purpose for being here.

Astrologers can tell you WHO (the planet or situations) you will be working with, WHAT the energy or situations will feel like, WHERE in your life you will be experiencing the energy, and WHEN the period of energy will be completed. My favorite part is HOW! What is the point of knowing all Who, What, Where, or When if you can’t DO anything about it? HOW is where this particular astrologer can offer various techniques and strategies to work effectively with the energy.

What will be covered in a consultation?
It depends on what you want. You are completely in charge of how we spend your time. I suggest you review the services section of my website to select what type of services you are interested in.

At the beginning of the session, I will ask you if there are any specific areas that you want to cover. I will have a good idea of where the action is happening in your life by looking at your chart before we meet. Your astrological chart is a map of your cosmic energy. You know how the energy is showing up in your life. I can read your cosmic energy map.

Our consultation involves ME describing the energy and how it is behaving and YOU applying it to your life‘s situation. It involves both of us looking at and working with your unique chart. You can 1) tell me what is going on or 2) be completely silent and let me talk for the entire time or 3) share what and when you want. WE can work together to figure out times and strategies for dealing with the energy showing up in your life. After the consultation is finished, YOU take the information, keep what you like, throw out what you do not like and go off to live your life.

What if you see something “bad” ~ will you tell me?
Maybe but lets talk about what your definition of “bad“ is. If there are areas of your life that you do not want me to go poking around in, say so.

That said, no dire or firm predictions will be made about death or fatal illnesses due to ethical considerations as well as the impact of medical intervention (for example, dog bites don‘t kill us any more because we have antibiotics). If you seek that type of astrology, referrals can be made to professional astrologers who do that type of work.

Can I bring other people’s charts for you to look at?
Yes, but ~ your chart will accurately reflect ALL the information needed for your reading. The “other people” will be vibrantly shown dancing in your very own chart. That said, sometimes your job is to help the “other person” deal with a situation so it makes sense to look at the other person’s chart. As the astrologer, I always reserve the right to NOT discuss or disclose areas of another person’s chart. We will focus on the places your charts interact and where you can act.

What if your predictions do not “happen“?My particular interpretation of the energy might not have happened but something did! First, we will check that your birth data, particularly your birth time is correct. If the time is wrong, the energy will have appeared elsewhere in your life (a different Where). Second, we will revisit how I interpreted the symbols! As everything under the sun and in your life is found some where in your chart, I might have picked the wrong version of the symbol.

For example, one client had amazing Venus (beauty, love and money) aspects combined with lots of intense time spent with a very handsome and virile Mars (male) energy. I predicted a great love entering her life during a specific period. Instead, the client spent oodles of money and time in a dental chair with her very handsome dentist. He worked on her, making her mouth beautiful. Oops! Mars rules surgery as well as men! Venus and Mars DID show up in her life but I had mislabeled HOW.

Are you going to talk in astrology words or regular words?
Whichever words you would prefer. I am fluent in both languages. If you are unfamiliar with astrological words, we can work completely in English. Make sure to ask questions if you do not understand what I am talking about!

I do not understand all the words in your columns on your site which makes me think I won’t understand what you say.
My weekly weather columns include technical astrological terms because I started by writing for an astrology internet site. The writings are geared towards people who are already interested in astrology and want a slightly deeper level of information than a sun sign column provides. I hope to include enough English or imagery so that you understand what I am talking about. If you are a complete newbie to astrology, we can talk completely in English during your reading. And, consider signing up for my email list to receive my free monthly newsletter. It is designed for my clients and very English oriented.

Are you psychic?
Probably. It is a skill that develops with exercise! However, everything I say will be IN YOUR chart (and I will be able to point it out to you) ~ all the whos, whats, wheres, whens, hows and whys are part of your life and your cosmic map. I have trained in how to interpret cosmic maps. You can learn to read cosmic maps if you decide to study astrology.

What if I already go to another astrologer?
Great! I go to other astrologers too! Additionally, I talk to many astrologers all the time about what the planets are doing in the sky. Every astrologer brings his or her own unique chart and training to look at your unique chart. You can have more than one astrologer! Besides, astrologers have specialties, focuses and areas of interest. Astrologers are just people who read cosmic maps and share their understanding out loud of the symbols with you. You can learn to read cosmic maps too.

I make referrals to other astrologers when my clients need a different kind of astrology than the kind I like or am good at. Other astrologers make referrals to me. Different perspectives from different astrologers give you additional information to understand what is going on in your life. Astrology is NOT therapy where if you go to another therapist you are avoiding dealing with something or being “resistant“. It is your life. You get to do what you want, including having 1, 2, 30 or 73 astrologers in your cell phone! The more the merrier!

How often do I come back?
Again, it is up to you. Some people come only once. Some people come yearly for annual updates. Some people come quarterly, monthly or every few weeks if or when they are going through a difficult period or desire additional astrological support. Some people decide to take private lessons or attend my classes. I am fairly flexible.

I do reserve the right to refuse to spend your money if nothing is going to change in your chart for a while. Think of the energies as changes coming into your life. You cannot make a baby by having 40 people get pregnant for a week each ~ it takes ONE person 40 weeks or 10 long lunar months to make a baby. That said, I can and will support you, astrologically, while you are going through your changes into a new life. You also have all the other people in your world that you can turn to for support.

My base rate is $179 per hour. You can schedule partial hours in phone sessions. If you want to come to my apartment for your consultation, the minimum time is an hour and a half, as I have to vacuum or dust before you come! I do not recommend spending more than 2 hours as your brain just will not be able to take it in.

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