Anne charges a base fee of $206 per hour for consultations as of March 2019.

For FIRST TIME clients, a one time $27 set up fee is charged for the initial chart preparation, updating our database and various administrative activities.

Trade of Services:   While I thank you for the offer of a trade of your services for an astrology reading, my current policy is NOT to trade services or barter. I prefer to exchange cash 🙂

Initial Session with FIRST TIME CLIENT: Hourly Rate +$27 set up fee.

For all first-time clients, hour sessions are offered for $233.
For all first time clients, 90-minute sessions are offered for $314.

Follow up Sessions:

For all returning clients, hour sessions are offered for $206.
For all returning clients, 90-minute sessions are offered for $287.
For all returning clients, half hour phone/Skype sessions are offered for $116.

Payment is required at the time of booking to hold your spot. The only exception is the ‘Returning Client In Person Pay At My Appointment’ option (reserved for existing clients who have had at least one prior consultation). As long as you cancel your appointment before the 24-hour cut off Anne’s staff will issue you a prompt refund (just email You are also welcome to reschedule your appointment only up to 24-hrs beforehand by clicking the ‘reschedule’ link in your confirmation email, free of charge. We are no longer accepting checks or money orders.

Acceptable forms of payment are Paypal, Debit or Credit Cards. While we process payments using PayPal, you do NOT need to have a PayPal account to pay.


Consultation Recordings:

Anne makes mp3 audio recordings of both sides of the conversation unless the client specifies not to.

Recordings are not guaranteed. If your consultation is NOT recorded (due to unforeseen technical difficulties), there is no refund. You are paying for the consultation, not the recording, and you are welcome to make a recording of your own to be safe.

Clients receive their mp3s via a secure delivery email service offered by Consultations are emailed out in the afternoon on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays (provided my staff is in).  If you have a reading on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you should receive your recording on Monday.  Clients can download the file up to 500 times, onto their various computers, burn their own CD, or transfer the file to their smartphone or mp3 player. Just be sure to download it within two weeks before the file expires. If you aren’t sure how to do this, ask a tech savvy person to help you, or write with questions.

If a client prefers an audio CD, they may request one by emailing and providing their address. Anne doesn’t charge for this service, so please expect to receive within about 2 weeks of your request. The CDs we offer play on a PC, but might not play in other equipment.

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