Anne charges a base fee of $179 per hour for consultations as of April 2016.

For FIRST TIME clients, a one time $27 set up fee is charged for the Initial Chart Preparation, database updating and various administrative activities.

Trade of Services:   While I thank you for the offer of a trade of your services for an astrology reading, my current policy is NOT to trade services or barter. I prefer to exchange cash.

Initial Session with FIRST TIME CLIENT: Hourly Rate +$27 set up fee.

For all first-time clients, hour sessions are offered for $206.
For all first time clients, 90-minute sessions are offered for $287.

Follow up Sessions:

For all returning clients, hour sessions are offered for $179.
For all returning clients, 90-minute sessions are offered for $260.
For all returning clients, half hour sessions are offered for $98.

Partial Hour appointments:
The $179 fee is prorated based on time spent. They are offered for specific issues or questions as determined by Anne and the client. This is only offered to existing clients who are set up in advance as “retainer” clients.

Payment is expected before or at the time of the consultation.

Acceptable forms of payment are Cash, Check, Money Orders, Paypal or Credit Cards.

Credit Cards or Paypal requires internet access on the client’s part.

There is a link on Anne’s website to facilitate Credit Cards or  Paypal payments.

Checks or Money Orders should be mailed to:

Anne Ortelee
1360 York Avenue 5N
New York, New York 10021


Both sides of conversations that takes place during a sessions are recorded, unless the client specifies no recording.

Recordings are not guaranteed. If your reading is NOT recorded, there is no refund. You are paying for the consultation, not the recording.

Clients receive an emailed recorded version of their consultation generally before the end of a week via the secure delivery service offered by  Usually consultations are emailed afternoons on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays provided the sun shines!  So if you have a reading on Friday afternoon, you’ll probably receive your recording on Monday.  Clients can download the file up to 500 times, onto their various computers, burn their own CD, or put the file on their I-pod. If you aren’t sure how to do this, ask a tech savvy person to help you download the emailed wav file. The whole process takes about 10 – 15 minutes.

If you use a MAC, open Quicktime to download and save the file in a MAC appropriate format.

If clients prefer a physical CD of their reading sent out by Anne via the USPS, that is offered. Make sure to request it. Please note that there can be a delay in receiving the physical CD. Due to all the different types of technology out there, the CD WILL play on a PC, but might not play in other equipment.

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