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Uranus Pluto Square

Uranus and Pluto will create opening squares of action, crisis, consciousness, dynamic change and transformation seven, count them seven! Times between June 2012 and March 2015. As we watch Uranus and Pluto dance above our heads in the heavens, they will carry a story forward through multiple chapters, with reversals, upsets, betrayals, evolution and regression in our lives. We will see opportunities accompanied by power struggles and sudden, unexpected changes. In this cosmic dance, it is Grandfather (Uranus) and Grandson (Pluto) struggling and working out their dynamic through the Aries and Capricorn houses in your chart and across the collective experience.
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The Pinball Approach to Understanding Your Natal Energy Flow
Our work as astrologers is to help our clients understand their natal charts and gain a cosmic perspective on their competencies, potentials and challenges in their lives. Over the past few years, I’ve developed an approach that my clients find helpful to understand the “flow” of their particular energy. Read more

USA Mars goes Retrograde
Did you know the United States Progressed Mars stations and go retrograde for 80 YEARS in July 2006? Mars will go backwards until 2086 ~ well past the lifetimes of most of us! Mars travels backwards to station at 0 Libra and returns to pass where he is now in 2148. Mars entered his shadow, 0 Libra, in September of 1940, during the Battle of Britain as World War 2 heated up. It got me thinking about what Mars going retrograde will mean to us as citizens of our country and the world? Read more

Election Day November 4, 2008
The next national United States of America’s Election Day, November 4, 2008, arrives with progressed, and therefore predictive, conditions we’ve never before seen or experienced in the USA natal chart. Additionally, there are a number of stunning cosmic events taking place in the heavens which activate the USA chart on or around November 4th. We can expect major events! In this article, I am going to describe the energy of events as well as outline some possible interpretations of what we may witness at this major turning point in our nation’s history. But, first, a bit of historical background as we all know, knowledge of cycles and their history helps astrologers accurately predict future events. Read more

Uranus In Aries
When planets enter new signs, astrologers get excited!  There are drum rolls and articles written full of anticipation and dread! This spring, Uranus enters the tropical sign of Aries for the first time in 84 years and stays there until 2019.  Most of us have never lived through Uranus in Aries.  And, unless we read for 80 to 90 year old clients, we’ve never see a Uranus return in person to ask questions about what happened! Read more

Chiron and Relationships
Chiron, discovered in 1977, quickly entered astrologers’ charts and interpretations. As astrologers, we learn that the finding and naming of a body in the solar system means that the mythological concept has entered humankind’s consciousness in new way. We become conscious of the energy and evolve as a species. Read more

Dining Habits Of The Signs

You just got home after a first date. The person was hot. Being a good astrologer, you found out their birthday. Unfortunately, the moon changes signs that day. Which moon sign do they have? Here’s a quick guide, based on how they ate, to figure it out:
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Lunar Nodes
Lunar Nodes offer an interesting perspective on a chart’s inner workings and a person’s destiny. Formed by the continually moving point where the Sun and Moon meet on the ecliptic, they are sensitive areas in a chart. They blend the ego based, personal drive of the solar part of a person with the emotional, changeable, intuitive lunar functions. The blending of the Sun and Moon energies makes the nodes important points and describes the lessons of the earth journey. Read more

Working in the Swamplands of the Soul
Clients appear at our door, natal charts in hand, seeking guidance, knowledge and consolation. They are looking for answers about their soul’s journey through life. Often, they are mired in a swampland. Astrology offers a unique perspective as it accurately describes the flora and fauna of their current swampland, as well as the path out and when this particular visit will be over. Our vocation as students of the stars is to assist our clients as they cope with their losses, changes and challenges. Read more

THE FIXED STARS: A Beginner’s Journey

When I was young, the “pictures” which people “saw” in the constellations in the sky completely escaped me. It looked like a bunch of really bad connect-the-dots pictures that I didn’t get. My Virgo Sun perceived no order, just chaos. Not enough lines, lots of dots and very, very large leaps of imagination about people or animals doing things. I could spot the Big and Little Dippers because they WERE right up there but the rest were confusing. Read more

Ten Tips for Exploring History with Astrology

Wonder how to approach the astrology of a historical event after reading this Ingress? You don’t need to have TOO many planets in Cancer or Capricorn to try these 10 techniques. They will make dull, dusty history turn into a living, breathing, and exciting story when seen through the lens of the chart. You might be able to figure out a who-done-it history mystery using the planets, houses, signs and aspects. The books below are welcome additions to a novice history buff’s library. Discover how Mundane Astrology is anything but mundane! Read more

RENT: Resonance, Recurrence, Repetition and Amplification
One of the fascinating aspects of Astrology is the concept of resonance, recurrence, repetition and amplification. When aspect configurations in a natal chart are triggered by similar patterns in the sky, the chart seems to vibrate and come alive. Current life events mirror earlier history or themes as the astrologer watches the map of the heavens. The stories repeat themselves in ever widening circles of ripples similar to the shapes made by a pebble thrown into a smooth pond. Read more

Writing For The Internet

It started innocently enough ~ the way all things that change your life do. One of my students arrived in astrology class, began to eat her delicious smelling dinner and announced “ is looking for a new writer for their Weekly Weather Column. It is a great site by Stephanie Azaria! I read it every week. You should apply for the spot.” Patrice was in that obsessed phase we each go through when first learning astrology. She surfed the internet, learning things, finding sites and showing up in class with excellent questions based on her mouse click travels. Read more

DNA’s Golden Anniversary:  The Controversy behind the Discovery

April 25, 2003 marks the 50thanniversary of the announcement to the world that the structure of DNA, known as the Double Helix was discovered.  Many people however are not fully aware of the controversy behind this discovery that still exists. Read more

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