“I just wanted to thank you for my reading yesterday.  I think it was terrific and certainly gave me a lot to think about in the future.  You certainly have a gift for explaining complicated material.”  — Marianne

“I hope everything is going well! I have been thinking about you and all of the things you told me when we last saw each other often. Moving to this city has been a big change, but your words and wisdom have helped to ground me through it all. Also, a lot of your predictions have been dead-on in ways I would never have imagined! I would love to tell you all about it!” — Bo

“It was such a pleasure meeting you. I have gone to many astrologers but you really are exceptional. In a league of your own….. Thank you for all of your very insightful information.” — Kristina

“Thank you for your time and advice Anne!  You really are an amazing astrologer!  I am pretty sure we knew each other up in the stars before we came here.

Thanks again. Love and Light.” — Regina

“You rock!!! Thank you for the in depth, thorough reading. I love your style.”
XO — Michael

“Thank you for giving it to me straight and for giving me so much to think about.”
— Amanda

“The next day after speaking to you I felt so much lighter and freer. I don’t know how you did it exactly but you made it possible for me to look at my feelings, handle them, think about them and then put them away in box. Up until then I just felt swamped by them. Now I’m working on my new plan and feeling very happy.”
— Penny

“Wonderful meeting you Anne, thank you for a fantastic reading, can’t wait to get my recording and report.  See you again soon!” All my best — Jonathon

“Anne, what a great reading, session & so much clarity you gave me yesterday. I’m on purpose & know exactly what is going on & what I need to do to create Prosperity, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally & Spiritually. What a great servant of the God’s you are. Thank you.” Love, Julian

“Anne would be the astrologer for The New Yorker.” — Margaret

“You have a knack for identifying the opportunities and timing for self-healing.”
— Elizabeth

“I keep telling all my friends how great you are, and it occurred to me that maybe I should tell you directly.” — Mara

“It is important that you are recognized and thanked for sharing your gift with all the souls that are seeking guidance. Our successes are yours too as without you our journeys would be more challenging. You are an extension of heavenly love watching over us.” — Rebecca

  “I just wanted to say thank you again for the amazing reading you gave me. When I left your apartment my head was so light and clear and my belly was warm and full like the seeds of something good was growing. Thank you for that! When I finish massage school, I will definitely come to take lessons with you.”
Warmly, Nansa

“Thank you for your wit, wisdom and pragmatic perception! You are a joy and a wise counselor.” — Anne

“I have listened to your observations several times now and wanted to thank you for the surgically precise observations. it will take me a while to absorb them. you have an amazing insight into human nature. while may you think anybody can learn to do what you do, from my perspective it is the difference between playing chopsticks and mozart.”— Carol

“Just wanted to say it was lovely talking to you today! You really are wonderful.”
— Annie

“I don’t know if you remember me but i came to you in june,– the one you told to go to Denmark and ride a bike…Well, you had told me I would meet a man and be in a relationship by dec 25th and that I would be married by JUNE. WELLLLLLL it all happened!! Anywho, you are a star and you are an amazing astrologer. Thanks again. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE .”— Lori M

“I found myself in an unforgiving situation regarding work, and all I wanted to do was harmonize with the Universe’s plan instead of trying to change it…but I needed verification.

You blew me away with your ability to see the course I’d plotted for myself, and you explained my situation in astonishing detail. At one point, I remember saying, “I feel like you’re reading my mind!” To which you replied, “I’m reading your chart!” We laughed a lot during our session.

But your reading covered so much more than just my job. You also explained things that have perplexed me my entire life. I have clarity on so many levels about things that I never understood until now.

One issue you helped immensely with was finances. My husband and I were in the process of refinancing our home, and I asked you if it looked like it would go through. You said, “yes – but you’ll probably have to re-do some paperwork.” It was good to know that, because as the do-overs began, we didn’t stress. Over the course of the next 30 days, however, the amount of do-overs became surprising, then alarming, then just flat-out laughable. We were asked to verify things that clearly made no sense.

You helped us through the grueling process, and yesterday we went to sign the papers.

We got such great terms on this loan that I asked the title company officer how the process would have gone if we had had one black mark on our credit. In other words, “if this is how it goes for people with perfect credit – how does it go for everyone else?” His reply was interesting: “It would have been much shorter,” he said, “we would have denied you long ago.”

When we were ready to give up, your words kept us on course. I’m sure we would have lost our way, had you not given us such a clear picture of how it would unfold. Thank you again and again for your unique talents in Astrology. Your service truly is priceless!” — Deb F.

“I have done a couple of readings with you in the past, and in one of them you told me that I would get married again, and that this would be the ‘kid wife’. At the time I was going through a divorce and getting married again was not on my radar.

Well, fast forward a few years, and here we are. I’m engaged, and my fiancee and I are planning our wedding. Good call Anne! Which leads me to the reason for my email: can you help me determine which day would be most fortuitous for our upcoming wedding day?  Hope all is well in your world! Thanks again, Anne.”
— Adam

“If you ask a person: Who do people go to in order to help them understand the mental and behavioral cycles effecting the decisions they make? Most would probably answer a Psychologist before an Astrologer. Which is why when I heard Anne Ortelee refer to herself as a “watcher of cycles” she caught my attention. Yes, Psychologists do study and interpret the patterns of human behaviors, but maybe an Astrologer is able to take it one step further. By going straight to the source, and observing the Governors of human cycles, the planets themselves. Don’t believe the planets are the one’s in charge of humanity? Have Anne do a reading for you. Her accuracy will stir your emotions as she reveals personality traits and significant events that have defined who you are. And unlike a psychologist, she can do this before ever even meeting you, because it’s already been written in our astrological charts.

Every week Anne reports on the “aspects from the sky” and how we can “align ourselves with them instead of fighting against it”. She often uses examples in the patterns unfolding within the nature closer to home: earth’s fruits, trees, flowers, water, vegetables, seasons. These analogies reminded me of the wisdom in eastern philosophies that uses references to nature as a means for gaining insight into Self and Life. These kind of connections can be especially useful, for the moments when we think spiritual knowledge is beyond us, low and behold, there it is playing out in the very environment we live in.

This week I was finally able to do a phone session with Anne, and it was everything I hoped it would be. One thing I’ve noticed about the indications that a person can have spiritual significance for you, is when what they say happens to answer a question that you haven’t asked anyone but God. I wasn’t surprised that this happened for me as I talked with Anne about my astrological chart. What’s interesting though, is right after my session with Anne I found myself suddenly wanting to listen to “Pink Moon” by Nick Drake. I know this sounds random, but if you know that everything happens for a reason, you become curious when these internal suggestions surface. So I did a quick google search of the symbolism of a Pink Moon and found out that it connected to everything Anne had told me about the role of my sun sign Scorpio being here to help people with endings, death, and transformation. Pink Moons are a sign of the Apocalypse which I can’t think of any larger event known for death, endings, and transformation. I am still marinating on the significance of many of things she saw in my chart.

People say, “God works in mysterious ways” but maybe God’s wit is just above our heads. Astrologers like Anne Ortelee are right there keeping up with God’s wit, watching and interpreting the planets as they spin mysteriously in synchronicity with the cycles we’re living in. For me all the alignments within my phone session were comforting. They were a reminder of our innate connection to that bigger plan, God’s plan. I think if more Astrologers were like Anne, they could even transform the role of psychologists into a “Cycle-Ologists” – someone who instead of earning a master degree from the still evolving human Universities, masters their understanding of the planetary degrees influencing us in the largest school of all, the universe of Life. This can get even deeper if we look at our solar system, as being directly connected to the karma of our souls, especially if we spell it soular system, and see it as a dial for the time given to work out the actions we have or haven’t taken in our Life.” — Mali

“It was awesome seeing you yesterday. Your insights are really valued by Dan and I. I am sure we will be chatting soon.” — Michael V.

“During our last consultation, you pointed out that I had a very strong past life connection with my boyfriend. We have a finger of god in our synastry and it has something to do with his fear of me leaving him for academic exchange, as well as my fear of losing him if I left for exchange. You suggested that I dig deeper into the past life stuff and ask the guides for a dream. I took your advice and had a past life regression done. It was pretty amazing. I didn’t exactly see who we were. But the regression took me to a pivotal point in our relationship in a past life. It was during the middle ages and we had a secret affair. We had planned to elope together during the night by boat but were caught. I saw us kneeling in front of the king in a dungeon and surrounded by friars. Later he was executed by hanging on the gallows but he sacrificed his life for me to live. I’m thinking it had a lot of religious overtones because of the friars, and it was kept very hush hush because of the dungeon. I find that fascinating because one leg of our finger of god is in sagittarius which rules religion, and the apex (his chiron) is in taurus which rules the neck right? Anyways, the emotions i experienced were extremely powerful right before the execution took place and the guards were trying to separate us and I started sobbing during the session. Take care.” — Luyi

Testimonials for Column and Podcasts

“I just wanted to let you know how much your weekly weather reports & pod casts mean to me. A friend introduced me to your work over a year ago and I look forward to your guidance every week. This week was particularly potent and encouraging. I actually had tears of relief streaming down my face as I read… (not the first time one of your forecasts has made me cry!)

The last year of my life has been extremely challenging and FULL of lessons from the Universe. Without even knowing it, you have been an enormous source of comfort, clarity, and inspiration to me…

Anyway, just wanted to say thank you so much for doing what you do.”
— Jane S.

“I forgot to tell you I listen to your weekly radio shows, all three. I love how you explain things.” — Christy

“Your weekly weather has given me the strength to go on. I have been feeling quite unable to go on caring for my beloved, deserving and wonderful, but also elderly and needy, parents in the last week, and this week the feeling has got unbearable. Now I know why (the culmination of the cardinal cross) and I can let the guilt and negative feelings go, because this too will pass. Thanks for all the advice and direction your columns have given me over the years.” — Judy C.

“I just want to thank you for what you do for free for us ‘out here’ in cyberspace. I love your images and metaphors and good plain old-fashioned advice. My life circumstances – as those of many others, I suspect have been so well delineated in your weeklies, I feel like I have a psychic friend who is helping me to traverse my path. And your upbeat tone, when possible! and little funnies really make a positive difference. And your examples, like poor Mel (Gibson) help too. Compassion and humor will get us through a helluva lot.” — Sabina

“Thanks for the laugh this morning. After reading the section in your weekly weather about Neptune invoking the energy of February 8, I looked back in my journal to refresh my memory. I was buried under the snowpocalypse dreamscape! There was an epiphany, though, that I recorded in my journal then and I’m very glad your column prompted me to look back. None of my usual people showed up to dig me out, eventually I had to come to the realization that no one was coming to rescue me, and that “I was the one I was waiting for.” — Cath P.

“I wanted to take a minute to tell you how very much I enjoy your column. I’ve been reading it for a couple of years now but I’ve never written before. I am so grateful that you share your thoughts and insights each week. Thank you so much for making the columns enjoyable and easy to read and understand, filled with metaphors that just size up the situation perfectly and for making them earlier in the week now. I like to read it on Sunday to get an idea of what the week could hold. Your time and effort is very much appreciated.” — Deb

“I came across your newsletter through the Linda Goodman Forum, and I just wanted to say that rarely have I read such a useful tool. I love the use of the analogies to understand how to make changes and today’s story about the three-year-old whining instead of asking hits the nail on the head SOOOO clearly. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience!” — Erika

“Just wanted to say that you do an incredible job in interpreting the movement of the planets and being right on the pulse of what is happening in mass consciousness. I have been visiting your site regularly over the past year and have found your writing to be extremely helpful in a spiritual and practical sense in my life, helping me move through some especially traumatic events. You truly have a gift and bless you for your wonderful insights.” — Marie

“Anne, your columns are truly amazing and I cannot give them and you enough accolades! Each week I am blown away by how RIGHT ON your words, guidance and insights are for what is happening in my life and by how well you make sense of both my personal reality and the greater reality.” — Tasha

“I personally love your kick-ass way of writing. If it weren’t so down to earth I doubt that I’d bother reading it. Keep it up and thanks.” — Thea

“Thank you for your wonderful weekly astrology updates. I study both Vedic and Western astrology and often surf the ‘Net to see what other astrologers are reporting. Yours is some of the best analysis I’ve seen on the web. I very much appreciate your writing style, pop-cultural allusions and wit.” — Elizabeth

“I LOVE Anne! I am so grateful to you for your work. Thank you for your service.”
— Lori

“Your description of the week ahead with your brilliant analogies just had to be applauded! Thanks for the clarity.” — Louise

“Your column this week is spot on…and just on schedule, I get a threatening lawyer note last night from the writer! What an interesting time individually and in the collective…but I did my day of the dead ritual clearing that Saturn in 12th one person at a time. Many, many thanks for all your wisdom and guidance.”
— Antonia

“Not a question, just a thank you. THANK YOU. You’re saving me here, girl. You really are.” — Davida


Testimonials for Classes and Workshops

Palmistry 2016: Course Evaluation Comments

‘Fun, interesting [information] that I will incorporate into my healing and coaching practice. Thank you!’ – Class Participant

‘Thank you for teaching and sharing your knowledge with a sense of humor.’ – Class Participant

‘Anne is gifted as a teacher because she led the class well and conducted the conversations with [an] authority that is natural and almost soft!!’ – Class Participant

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