The New Moon in Aries and Mercury’s Station

Dear friends,

This Sunday features two BIG astronomical events: first Mercury stations to head direct, after a long and hard retrograde in Aries; then the New Moon in Aries perfects in the heavens, kicking off spring with a bang.

Mercury entered Aries on March 6th, and stationed to go retro on March 22nd. In Aries, the Lord of Communications is smart and keen, receiving and expressing information, with a high degree of insight, speed, wit, and panache. When thwarted — as he was by this retrograde journey, which included rough squares to Mars and Saturn in Cap — Mercury in Aries might become rather irascible. His intelligence here is like a sharp knife: either murder weapon, surgical instrument, or both. Have you noticed an increase in arguments over the past month? Mercury in Aries is to blame!

All this is amplified by the fact that Uranus, Lord of Chaos, is STILL in Aries (and will be for another month). The Moon and Sun, after they meet and kiss on Sunday evening, will each do lunch with him next week. It’s a week of unexpected plot twists, volatile events, excitement, freedom, and perhaps joy — as we ride the cosmic energy off into the fiery heavens . . . or else descend deep into the underworld to face the consequences of our actions.

Watch for revelations. Yes, it’s true!

The Mercury station takes place at 5:21 am Eastern US time on Sunday, April 15th, at 4 degrees Aries, in the day of Saturn and hour of Jupiter, inviting us all to listen closely to what we’ve been told since Mercury started this retrograde journey. Next week will be his third and final pass through that section of sky, offering us one last chance to understand what he’s been trying to say.

On Sunday night, the New Moon emerges at 9:57 pm Eastern US time, at 26 degrees Aries, in the day and hour of the Sun, inviting us to step forth and shine.

There’s a “monkey-in-the-middle” energy to Mars’s placement in these charts (scroll down for images!), as the God of War is stuck, literally, between Saturn and Pluto in Cap. Whichever side you pick, know that the other side is equally dug in.

I’m reminded of the scene in the recent Wonder Woman film, where Diana enters no man’s land, after the two armies have been stuck there, facing off, for more than a year. She decides that something’s gotta give, so she hops onto the battlefield and marches across it, bouncing the bullets off her bracelets. That’s what the Aries energy is aching to do now. Take unexpected, provocative action, just to get everything moving again. And Mars, as the ruler of Aries, wants to respond, but the other Capricorn planets — Pluto and Saturn — hold his hands and tell him to cool down. Capricorn wants us to know that our actions have consequences.

Where will it end? Well, Pluto is on the Part of Death in the New Moon chart cast for Washington, DC. Something’s gotta give, and set Mars free to act on his instincts. It’s a great time to launch, or to bury. Whichever route you choose, know you’re totally supported.

Because the Sun and Uranus are conjunct right now, anybody who has that aspect in their natal chart will be especially triggered. If this applies to you, make sure to build in extra self-care. Donald Trump, who has the Sun and Uranus conjunct at 22 and 17 degrees Gemini, respectively, will continue to rant and rave: watch the news, and Twitter!

And whatever you do, DO take some time this weekend to do a New Moon Manifestation ritual — invent it yourself, or join me for my Sunday night webinar to get more ideas and details about the energy.

Big hugs,


The Mercury Station
Sunday, April 15, 2018 at 5:20 am EDT
Washington, DC

The New Moon in Aries
Sunday, April 15, 2018 at 9:12 am EDT
Washington, DC