Merry Mercury And The Mars-Neptune Conjunction

Dear friends,

The big day is here! This morning saw the New Moon arrive at 15 degrees Sadge (which I discussed earlier this week), as well as a wonderful, epoch-initiating conjunction of Mars and Neptune. Meanwhile, yesterday afternoon, Mercury stationed to go direct — winding up the retrograde journey he’s been on since mid-November — while in an intense conversation with the North Node of Fate. Pick up the phone, answer the door, open the mail. Destiny is beckoning to us all.

Whenever Mars and Neptune meet together in the sky, as they do about once every 24 months, we begin a new cycle around dreams, spirituality, art, self-discipline, and action. The next great adventure starts now. Neptune falls in love and Mars builds bridges. Take a few minutes to envision and devise your strategy.

This is an especially great time to begin a new practice around mental and physical health: if you have have been meaning to start yoga, or meditation, or swimming, start today. The Mars-Neptune energy is especially potent for beginnings because of the two planets’ tight square to the New Moon, and also because the old year is coming to a close and a new one is beginning; it’s a moment of reflection all around.

In honor of this transition, we have just made my 2018 year-to-come webinar, recorded last December, available at no cost in my online store. You can download it free here, if you’d like, and enjoy looking back at the successes (and tribulations!) that you’ve already achieved and made it through.

I’m also just opening up registration for the next year-ahead webinar, Setting Your Intentions for 2019, on December 30th. I invite you to join me there, or for my in-person lecture on the same subject at the Broadly conference this weekend.