The Big Shift (and Two New Webinars)

Dear friends,

Merry (post-) Samhain! There’s a big shift ahead.

Next week, four major events will unfold within a space of only three days. Any one of them could be a newsletter unto itself.

Because there is so much to cover and time is short, I’m going to present a quick overview here — and I hope I’ll get the chance to write a more in-depth follow-up soon!

I’ll also be teaching two webinars, Sunday (recordings and slides now available for purchase) and Monday (ditto), each focused on a different element of next week’s story.

Here goes:

First we have the ingress of Uranus into Aries, coming up on Tuesday, November 6th, i.e. Election Day here in the US. Uranus is traveling retrograde right now; he had just made it into Taurus (as of last May), when he stopped and decided to go backwards on August 7th.

From next week till January 6th, the Lord of Chaos will return into the sign most associated with conflict, “scraping out the mayonnaise jar” of the past 8 years. We have got precisely two months to wrap up our personal Uranus-in-Aries stories (which began in May 2010), before moving on to new pastures for the rest of our lives. (Uranus won’t return to Aries till 2094.)

In which House or Houses does the sign of Aries fall in YOUR chart? These next two months (till January 6, 2019) offer an opportunity to revisit decisions you’ve made regarding THAT part of your life. Then, between January and March 6, 2019 (when Uranus re-enters Taurus) you’ll dig into the work of correcting any mistakes, before we set off on a new 8-year Uranian cycle.

Also on Election Day, November 6th, the Nodes of Fate move retrograde back into Cancer-Capricorn, leaving the Leo-Aquarius axis where they’ve livedfor the past 18 months. The North Node of Fate points to our direction, our mission in life. When the North Node went into Leo in May 2017, he called on us all to step forward and own our power, to rule. In Cancer, the North Node will ask us to be kind, to nurture one another, and also to tend our own garden. Now that you have clarified your vision, cultivate it . . . till the Nodes change signs again in 2020.

The following day, Wednesday, November 7th, features a magical New Moon at 15 degrees Scorpio, on the World Axis. Scorpio is the sign that rules psychologists, trauma, and all subterranean psychic issues; the World Axis turns up the volume to eleven. I invite you to join me for my New Moon Manifestation Circle Webinar on Monday, during which we’ll discuss this New Moon chart in depth and do a ritual for psychological healing — pulling the old weeds out by their deep-seated roots! This New Moon sets the trend for a new 2.5-year Lunar cycle, running till February 2021.

And finally on Thursday, November 8th, Jupiter enters Sagittarius, beginning a new thirteen-month journey in his favorite sign. Last year, when the King of the Gods went into Scorpio, we witnessed the #MeToo housecleaning: fed-up women “outed” hundreds of high-ranking men (Jupiter) as sexual predators (Scorpio); and many of these men were removed from their positions of authority. (Precious few, of course, have faced any legal consequences for their actions, while at least one won a huge promotion. Nevertheless.)

Jupiter in Sagittarius (Gods willing!) means it is time to right the ship. Jupiter in Sadge is Superman, boldly fighting for “truth justice, and the American way.” Expect to encounter Jupiter’s “magnifying glass” in the Sagittarius-ruled Houses of your chart and in any and all projects on Sagittarian themes, such as hope, optimism, freedom, diplomacy, international relations, organized religion, publishing, etc. Can’t we all just get along? Yes, if we choose.

I know I said above that there were four events ahead — but there’s actually one other “bonus” shift in the air, and it happened Wednesday, October 31st at 3:42 pm Eastern US time, when retrograde Venus went backwards from Scorpio into Libra. Underscoring everything else, next week, the Goddess of Love will be reevaluating emotional commitments. If something is not working out, you are allowed to change your mind. After November 16th, when she stations direct, you’ll be set to move forward towards that which you truly desire.

All this being said: please, please be a voter, if you can. Regardless of outcome, the action itself reverberates. It matters more than we can know. For civil rights, for our children’s planet, for simple kindness . . . what we do matters, it matters a lot.

Change is afoot, and I’m SO ready. How about you?


P.S. The image above was created by Hilma af Klint, Swedish mystic and abstract painter, in 1907. Her work is on display at the Guggenheim Museum this fall.

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The Uranus-Aries Ingress
Tuesday, November 6, 2018 at 1:59 PM
Chart Cast for Washington, DC

The New Moon in Scorpio

Wednesday, November 7, 2018 at 11:01 AM

Chart Cast for Washington, DC

The Jupiter-Sagittarius Ingress

Thursday, November 8, 2018 at 7:38 AM

Chart Cast for Washington, DC