Leo Eclipse Magic and Your Natal Chart

Dear all,

Because the upcoming New Moon is THE MOST POWERFUL ECLIPSE FOR MANIFESTATION EVER IN YOUR LIFETIME (okay, a slight exaggeration . . . hey, it’s Leo!) I thought I’d share a bit more about how to work with it in relation to your personal natal chart. This is some slightly advanced astrology, but don’t panic! For a basic interpretation of this weekend’s events, please check out my post from last week, The Leo New Moon Eclipse and Your Super Power.

Now I want to walk you through some ways to harness the New Moon Eclipse energy by noticing how it activates the planets and points in your own chart. (Don’t have a copy of your chart? Email my assistants at admin@anneortelee.com with your date, time, and location of birth and they’ll send you a PDF ASAP.) I’ll use my own chart as an example.

To begin, find the New Moon Eclipse point (18 degrees Leo) in your natal chart. In mine, cast for my current home in New York City (and pictured below), the New Moon Eclipse falls inside my Sixth House, just before my Seventh House cusp at 21 Leo.

So, I’m looking at Eclipse events in my Sixth House. These include: new routines around my health, decluttering in my home office, career breakthroughs for me and my staff, and my cats being especially regal! How about you?

Find out which house 18 Leo “lands in” in your chart, and look up the keywords for that house. Start there, when considering what intentions to focus on this weekend. If you can do one thing, do this.

Then, if you’re up for more of a deep-dive into your karma, take a second look at the Eclipse chart (below) and notice what other degrees are represented: Mercury at 14 Leo, Venus at 4 Libra, Mars at 0 Aquarius, etc. Are any of these degrees repeated in your natal chart? If so, turn your attention there.

In my case, as you can see below, the dwarf planet Ceres in the New Moon Eclipse chart is at 18 degrees Virgo, and 18 Virgo also happens to be my natal Sun. Ceres, the Goddess of the Harvest, is sharing her creative and nurturing energy with my identity and self-expression (i.e. Sun). All the aspects that Ceres takes part in, are available to my Sun to USE in achieving his (my) goals.

This New Moon Eclipse chart happens to be chock full of major configurations, several of which include Ceres. She’s part of a Grand Trine with Pluto and Juno, a T-Square with Vesta and Neptune, and a Hammer of Thor with Uranus and the South Node. And the Ceres-Juno-Pluto Grand Trine *also* functions as the base of two Kites, one flying towards Neptune and one towards Jupiter. See below for a full list of the major configurations in the New Moon Eclipse chart.

A Grand Trine is an easy, flowing aspect that indicates cooperation between the planets involved. Ceres’s role in the Grand Trine with Pluto and Juno gives me an opportunity to create highly visible (Sun) new projects (Ceres) and profound transformations (Pluto) through partnership (Juno). As a result, I’m focused on collaboration: opening the mail and answering the door, and being aware of all the ways that input from other people can help me create what I want to create.

The T-Square is a tense configuration, with Ceres (18 Virgo) and Neptune (15 Pisces) facing off across the sky, while Vesta (22 Sadge) tries to keep the peace between them, and the excess energy shoots out into the empty leg of the T-Square (between 15 and 22 Gemini).

Vesta, Goddess of the Home and Hearth, is pushing me to treat my body as a temple of beauty (Neptune) by eating fresh vegetables from the CSA (Ceres). And I’m TRYING, but this healthy cooking thing is a lot of work! It requires my Virgo Sun to take some breaks during the day . . . and it causes my body to do a bit more Gemini “talking,” due to an excess of Neptunian gas.

As Shakespeare says, “Doth thy other mouth call me?” It does!

Ceres also functions as the handle of a Hammer of Thor, working with the South Node and Uranus to knock obstacles out of the way. This configuration is helping me clear unnecessary “stuff” from my apartment and life, shaking things up (Uranus) and letting it drain down the Node.

The two Kites in this New Moon Eclipse chart – both containing the Grand Trine of Ceres, Juno, and Pluto at the base; and with Neptune and Jupiter as the two heads – mean that, for all of us, this is a time of serendipity. Kites “fly” you into new situations, like Mary Poppins or Dorthy Gale. And they accelerate growth.

In my case, because of the connection between Ceres and my natal Sun, these Kites will influence how my identity shines out in the world. Jupiter rules foreign travel – and I’ve been offered three international speaking gigs in the last two weeks! Meanwhile, Neptune has me working more and more with the etheric world. We’ll see what else turns up.

Ceres conjunct my Sun also seems to be giving me a new role in the astrology world, which, like many fields, is currently coping with a history of sexual harassment and the reckoning of the #MeToo movement. In a few cases recently, I have acted a bit like Demeter/Ceres in the myth of Persephone/Proserpina. Ceres-trine-Pluto wants to draw a boundary around abuse of power.

And all this is just one small element of the way the Eclipse chart impacts my natal! The layers of interpretation are frankly inexhaustible – and they’re unique for each one of us. Spend some time with your chart, looking around for connections and strategies.

Remember, if it’s in your heart, it’s in your chart!


P.S. For more details about the upcoming Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse, and tips on how to work with it, you might want to download the recordings and slides from my recent webinar: MP4 Video, MP3 Audio, and PDF Slides for $17.

P.P.S. That gorgeous Leo art above? Created by reader Samela St. Pierre! You can find her on Instagram @SamelaArt. Rawwwr!


Anne C, Ortelee
September 11, 1954 at 6:02 PM Eastern
Chart Cast for New York, NY

Inner Wheel: Anne C. Ortelee (9/11/54)
Outer Wheel: Leo New Moon Eclipse (8/11/18)


New Moon Solar Eclipse Chart
Saturday, August 11, 2018 at 5:57 AM Eastern
Chart Cast for Washington, DC

Major Configurations in the New Moon Eclipse Chart


T-Square (1)   Venus, Saturn, Chiron
T-Square (2)   Mars, Uranus, North Node
T-Square (3)   Juno, Moon, Sun, Mercury, Pallas Athena, Jupiter
T-Square (4)   Ceres, Vesta, Neptune
Grand Trine (1)   Moon, Sun, Pallas Athena, Vesta, Eris
Grand Trine (2)   Pluto, Juno, Ceres
Hammer of Thor (1)   Sun, Moon, Mercury, Pallas Athena, Jupiter, Chiron
Hammer of Thor (2)   Venus, Saturn, Juno
Hammer of Thor (3)   Saturn, Chiron, Moon, Sun, Pallas Athena
Hammer of Thor (4)   Juno, Moon, Sun, Pallas Athena, Saturn
Hammer of Thor (5)   South Node, Uranus, Ceres
Kite (1)   Juno, Ceres, Jupiter, Pluto
Kite (2)   Ceres, Pluto, Neptune, Juno
Hele   Pluto, Eris, Moon, Sun, Pallas Athena, Ceres
Four-Point Stellium   Moon, Sun, Mercury, Pallas Athena
Diamond   Juno, Moon, Sun, Pallas Athena, Jupiter, Pluto, Neptune
Yod   Moon, Sun, Pallas Athena, Pluto, Neptune
Mystic Rectangle(1)   Venus, Mars, Chiron, North Node
Mystic Rectangle (2)   Jupiter, Neptune, Juno, Ceres