The New Moon in Libra and a Webinar TONIGHT

Dear friends,

Happy Autumn! We have a New Moon in Libra coming up this Sunday, September 25 at 5:45 PM Eastern US time. See below for an image of the chart cast for Washington, DC.

The Washington chart, which governs the whole of the US, has Pisces Ascendant on a World Point, squaring an argumentative Mars in Gemini on the Fourth House cusp — which means he has elevator access to the tip-top of the Midheaven. He’s enmeshed in a T-Square with Neptune in Pisces and Venus in Virgo, sending a rush of powerful energy into the Sagittarius section of the sky and of your own natal chart.

There’s very little Fixed energy here and a whole lot of Mutable, which means that plans, happenings, and communications bounce off the walls and all over the place in a very destabilizing way. Watch them ping-pong back and forth: wow, wow, wow! (With the Mars in Gemini as the referee.) Everything’s in flux right now, especially since Mercury and Jupiter are retrograde!

There’s a lot to do, and re-do, with major undertakings uncertain, which can cause a bit of stress. Yet you have some brilliant ideas! So write them all down. You’re not going to get them all accomplished, and they’ll change down the road, but there’s a seed of SOMETHING great there.

Mercury is opposite the Part of Death while Venus opposes the Part of Sudden Advancement, and Saturn is resting on the Part of Marriage. Dramatic changes to long-term relationships in the public eye, especially change that leads to a woman stepping forward.

The Moon and Sun in Libra are talkative and over-the-top so you’re going to hear a whole lot of gossip. May or may not be true!

I love this video of Celine Dion as James Corden’s guest on Carpool Karaoke, as an illustration of the best of this New Moon’s verve and style. Dancing fountains, goofy wigs, and romantic music. Bring it on!

Big hugs,

P.S. My next New Moon Manifestation Circle Webinar is TONIGHT . . . Friday, September 23 at 7:30 PM Eastern. Join us for a more in-depth discussion of the New Moon and how it impacts YOUR natal chart! [UPDATE: Here’s the link to purchase the recordings and slides!]

P.P.S. I’m teaching THREE OTHER TIMES within the next week: giving a workshop and lecture outside Cleveland, Ohio (there’s also a Zoom option!) with the Lake County Astrological Association, plus an online talk for the Las Vegas NCGR group. All are open to the public.


The New Moon in Libra
Sunday, September 25, 2022
5:54 PM Eastern US time
Chart for Washington, DC