New Moons and Old Books

Hi everybody,

This is just a quick note to let you know that we’ve posted the recordings and slides from the webinar on yesterday’s New Moon in Leo. In case you couldn’t make it to the live class, those materials are now available to purchase here!

While the Leo Moon from yesterday and today has a harsh closing opposition to Saturn, this weekend’s Virgo Moon is a GREAT time for goal-setting and creativity. The Moon enters Virgo at 2:10 PM Eastern on Saturday, July 30 and sticks around till Monday evening at 6:29 PM Eastern, when she goes void with a super-impactful closing trine to Pluto. If you want to BANISH something, do your New Moon manifestation ritual tonight; if you want to bring something in, use the Virgo Moon TOMORROW.

And speaking of tomorrow — there are still some spaces available for the astrological reading of Jane Austen [EDIT: here’s the link to purchase the recordings!] to benefit my assistant Rose’s new theatre company and their workshop production of Persuasion this summer! Come hear me talk with Miss Austen (as channeled by Laura Rocklyn) about art, love, life, and posterity. We’ll be digging into her relationship with Tom Lefroy, looking at the Harris Bigg-Wither proposal, the first publication of P&P, and what’s next in the wide world of Jane.

If you can’t make it tomorrow afternoon, you are still most welcome to register and get the recording — and/or make a tax-deductible donation to the project.

Big hugs,