The Venus Star Point & Scorpio New Moon ECLIPSE

The Venus Star Point & Scorpio New Moon ECLIPSE

Dear friends,

There’s a big shift ahead. Between the Venus Star Point on Saturday and the New Moon Eclipse this coming Tuesday, we can expect the next several days to be rocking and rolling, intense and inspired, as the cosmos ushers in a new epoch in our lives.

My regular New Moon Manifestation Circle Webinar is scheduled for TONIGHT — Friday, October 21 at 7:00 PM Eastern US time — and it will include discussion of both the Venus Star Point and the New Moon Eclipse . . . so it’s one you don’t want to miss! You can register here now to attend live and receive the recordings and slides afterwards. We’ll also have the recordings and slides available for purchase through SendOwl tomorrow. [Edited to add: This message went out yesterday as a newsletter to my mailing list. Click here to subscribe, and please click here to purchase the recordings and slides from the webinar!]

In the New Moon Eclipse chart cast for Washington, DC (see below) we find Mercury conjunct the Ascendant on a World Point. That means the Eclipse is especially prominent for those of us who live in the United States.

But wherever you’re standing on this planet, Jupiter is on a World Point too: the King of the Gods is retrograding back through 0 Aries, the very first degree in the Zodiac. Unfinished business reemerges and what happens now gets KNOWN.

Eclipses on the South Node often mean loss and leaving. It’s the kind of thing that makes everybody stand up and say, wow.

Stationary Saturn is still holding court with Uranus. There’s some tension there as the square between them invites us to change our habits and routines and the structures that undergird our lives. It’s a GREAT time to stop doing something that you know you don’t want to keep doing.

The Sun-Venus conjunction on Saturday is a friendlier energy, but no less potent, what with Saturn’s station taking place on the very same day. The Venus Star Point finds the Sun and Venus at the last degree of Libra, closely conjunct the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of November 7, 1982, potentially bringing up old issues from that period of our lives (or our parents’ lives, if we weren’t born yet).

It’s a profoundly relational energy, between the activated anoretic degree of Libra, and Juno (the partnership asteroid) stationing as well. We’ll talk about all this wild action above our heads (as above so below) in my webinar, and for more context about Venus Star Points, I HIGHLY recommend this recent episode of Chris Brennan’s Astrology Podcast, in which he interviews my friend Arielle Guttman, who literally wrote the book on Venus!

Looking forward to the changes.

Big hugs,

P.S. Some of you may have known Kirk Kahn, a beautiful member of the New York City community who often used to stop by Access Astrology when we held it in person and who ran his own astrology meetup as well. He recently died, all too young, and his parents and sister Are hosting a memorial gathering this Saturday, October 22 at Moving Body Resources Yoga Studio between noon and 3:00 PM. It would be lovely if you came.

The Scorpio New Moon Eclipse
Tuesday, October 25, 2022 at 6:48 AM EDT
Chart for Washington, DC