Friday’s Venus Star Point, Today’s New Moon

Dear all:

In addition to the seasonal ingress and Eris activity discussed in the last post, we have two MORE big Aries events going on, within just a couple days.

Friday morning, we encountered a Venus Star Point, the annual conjunction of Venus and the Sun, which triggered new four- and eight-year cycles around Venusian matters in your chart, and transformed the Goddess of Love from a placid Evening Star to a passionate Morning Star.

As a Morning Star, Venus rises before the Sun, which tends to make her more aggressive and determined in her approach; this, on top of the fact that she’s already in warrior-princess mode in Aries, and will be for most of this spring.

The ancient Mayans saw Morning-Star Venus as a war aspect. There is an even greater tendency to conflict, all around the world, for the next nine-and-a-half months, as Venus declares that she’s not gonna take it anymore. Be sure to do the higher form! Be direct, precise, and honorable, as opposed to prickly and mean.

This Venus Star Point at 4 degrees, 57 minutes Aries also sets off new love-and-money cycles in the Aries house of your chart. Think back to what went on in late March or early April four years ago, and in four-year increments before that (2013, 2009, 2005, 2001, etc.). How did your sense of love, money, and desire evolve over those periods? How did your focus shift and change?

The Venus Star Point chart (cast for Saturday, March 25th at 6:17 am Eastern US time) features the Nodes of Fate on the Ascendant / Descendant, and the Moon setting off the Eclipse degree from February. If you had a great idea for a business or creative project in early February, now is when it starts to pan out and MAKE MONEY.

Tonight, the second Aries event takes place: a New Moon at 7 degrees Aries. The Sun and Moon will meet at 10:57 pm Eastern US time on Monday, March 27th, with Venus still definitely in orb of her recent conjunction to the Sun. So we have a benefic stellium in Aries, which falls in the Fifth House (creativity, children) in the East Coast chart. This will initiate an exciting burst of energy in all the areas of life associated with what you want to create.

The North Node of Fate is at the top of the chart, inconjunct (a stressful aspect) to an impatient Venus. Can’t we make this go faster?! No, but take notes. Inspiration abounds, for getting your work out into the world. Destructive feedback must be ignored; don’t let criticism deter you!

The Part of Fortune, too, is on the Ascendant, inviting you to claim your authority, your authorship. Stand by what you have created. It’s good.

As with all New Moons, I recommend taking some time on Monday, or within a the next few days, to meditate on your desires and what you want to manifest. Do some kind of ritual that’s meaningful to you. And if you want some ideas, and more analysis of the New Moon chart, you can purchase last night’s Aries New Moon Webinar!


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