Health Care No Vote March 24, 2017 Chart

Some astrology charts are simply too juicy to ignore.  The 3:35 pm March 24, 2017 chart cancelling the vote for the GOP’s version of Healthcare to “Repeal and Replace Obamacare” is a big, fat, ripe, juicy chart!  Cast for Washington, DC, it has an accurate time ~ Paul Ryan called Donald Trump to say he didn’t have the House votes to pass the Healthcare bill.  If the “loyal” GOP congress people came out and voted for it, they would be punished at the polls by their constituents ~ especially as the conservative wing of the GOP and the Democratic party members of Congress were refusing to vote for the bill.  Don’t make me put the loyal GOP folks on the firing line for a symbolic vote if the bill isn’t going to pass.


Suddenly, after years of Ranting and Raving about Obamacare and 60 some fake votes over the past 7 years to get rid of it OR 23 years if you prefer to start counting back when the Clintons tried to tackle Healthcare, there is silence in the land.  No vote.  Loud Silence.  There was no vote!  Deafening Silence.  Who Knew?  Turns out Astrology knew!  You can’t make this astrology stuff up!

The Aries Sun, ruler of the chart and the Leo ascendant is in the 8th house of death.  A few hours earlier, Venus and the Sun formed a new Venus Aries star point ~ starting a new 8 year cycle around money, value, desire and the inner heart of how those things will appear in the world.  Venus and the Sun are just separating in the 8th house of death.  Venus rules the chart’s  Midheaven of the direction we are heading.  Venus, too, is in the 8th house of death.  The Midheaven is on the Arabic part of Fatality ~ yes, essentially the health care bill was dead on arrival!  The Part of Fortune is out of bounds in emotional Cancer in the 11th house of Congress ~ answering to a chilly Moon in Aquarius in the 7th house of open enemies or  partners or the public.  Those volatile town hall meetings were duly noted by elected officials! Out of Bounds planets or points mean the behavior is NOT what is normally expected ~ it is over the top ~ either a home run or a line drive into the nose of a fan in the stands. Those Congress  people were paying attention, despite their protests to the contrary.  If the Part of Fortune is out of bounds you have very big shifts in Fortune!

Of course, if the GOP had an astrologer, they would have advised them not to vote with Venus retrograde in a sign she hates and in a house she is unhappy about!  Jupiter in the sign of Libra the law ~ normally Jupiter is all about luck~ Jupiter is retrograde (moving backwards against luck) and answering to that crabby cakes Venus in the 8th house of death.  Jupiter is in the third house of bills as well as votes ~ opposite the passionate star cluster of Mercury (children), Eris (angry folks who are going to be left out), and Uranus (unexpected events) all in the sign of warrior Aries!  No wonder Jupiter suggested and advised the better path would be to just skip the vote completely rather than going down, literally in flames ~ Jupiter too answers to Fiery Aries Venus in the 8th house of Death.

Sun and Venus in Aries are also inconjunct or quincunx to the stationing North Node of Fate in Virgo in the First House.  When a planet or the Nodes stop, every thing stops.  The North Node is on the Arabic Part of Nobility and Honor.  Virgo rules health.  Inconjuncts or quincunxes are aspects that DEMAND adjustment.  Adjust they did to take the Noble and Honorable path.  Ceres at the very top of the chart ~ is on the Arabic Part of Honorable Acquaintance.  Ceres is concerned with how we nurture or care for ourselves and others ~ again suggesting the Honorable Path will be followed.

Mars in his detriment in Taurus has just moved past the mid-heaven and is starting to descend.  Mars in Taurus is slow moving and stubborn. So a few moments before the 3:35 pm announcement, Mars in the form of Paul Ryan (a young man) had called the Mid-Heaven ~ the boss of the chart ~ Donald Trump ~ to say “We have to do something that will Mars”  you ~ (hurt, kill, wound, screw or cut).  The Paul Ryan Mars attack was not missed by Donald Trump who tweeted to his followers to make sure to watch the angry woman in a bright red dress (Aries AGAIN!) Jeanine Pirro demand that Paul Ryan must go.  In Donald’s world, sending a woman as the assassin to do the hit job on Paul Ryan shows how low and weak he thinks Paul actually is!


There are other things in the chart that continue to describe the health care vote story ~ the volatile cardinal grand cross; the separating square from Saturn to Chiron in the sign of sickness blocking, oppressing and depressing changes to the original bill; Mars on the asteroid Sisyphus suggesting Paul or the GOP was pushing a big rock up the hill only to have it roll back down.  Saturn is parallel to Icarus advising the inexperienced NOT to fly too high or too close to the sun.  If you ignore the warning, the wax on your wings will melt and you’ll crash into the sea.  We witnessed a GOP crash into the sea!

As Paul Ryan said “We were a 10-year opposition party where being against things was easy to do.  We are not yet prepared to be a governing party.  We will get there, but we weren’t there today.”

From my perspective, aside from the anti-climactic moment of walking away with no vote ~ kind of like sex with a bad lover who leaves you very unsatisfied ~ the “that is IT? moment” and they shrug!  My take away was keep on fighting for what you believe in.  Make those phone calls.  Show up at your elected officials’ offices.  The entire House of Representatives and 1/3 of the Senate is elected every two years.  They ARE paying attention despite what they say.  Join an Indivisible group and make your feelings know.  Get active.  The GOP folded their cards and left the game.  Time for the rest of us to sit down at the table, pick up the cards and start playing our game!


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