Today’s Wild, Inspiring New Moon In Gemini

This afternoon, Thursday, May 25th at 3:44 PM Eastern US time, we’ll encounter a wild, inspiring New Moon in Gemini, setting off fresh 30-day and 2.5-year cycles around Gemini matters such as writing, communication, truth, lies, news, siblings, neighbors, cars, and technology.

This is the first New Moon to occur since the Nodes went into Leo-Aquarius two weeks ago – and last week’s potent Grand Trine in Fire is still definitely in orb. The energy is volatile, hot, and multiplicitous: projects begun now can take off like wildfire. Plus, the Gemini Moon’s closing aspect is a sextile to paradigm-shifting Uranus. So, seize the moment! Change is in the air. You may be on the verge of a breakthrough.

But, of course, change can be hard. The New Moon chart cast for the East Coast – which rules the whole of the United States, since our capital is here – features Libran Jupiter and the Part of Fortune conjunct on the Ascendant. Relationship stories (Libra) are prominent (Ascendant) right now, and we’re seeing changes that are healthy, if not always easy.

Jupiter is still moving retrograde and (being in Libra) he’s answering to Venus in Aries, the sign of her fall. He’s been much less jolly than usual lately – though he’ll start to feel much better when Venus enters Taurus on June 6th, and more so when he stations to go direct on June 13th.

In the New Moon chart, Jupiter is the apex of a Finger of God, or Yod, where he makes stressful aspects to both Mercury and Neptune. This configuration asks us to evolve. Jupiter is feeling pressure to reconcile the dream-version of the situation (Neptune in Pisces) with truth and practical reality (Mercury in Taurus).

The Sabian Image for the Sun and Moon between 4 and 5 degrees Gemini is “A Radical Magazine, Asking for Action, Displays a Sensational Front Page.” We can expect shocking news in the world around us, as well as in our own individual lives. The news you receive will prompt you to take action, in a way that you didn’t really plan on.

To add to the unstable, exuberant energy in the sky, we have Mars in flighty Gemini, out-of-bounds. When planets are out-of-bounds, we experience their energy “past normal.” Mars has been out-of-bounds in Gemini, kicking up our drive and argumentativeness, since May 14th; and he won’t come in again until June 29th. In the New Moon chart, Mars acts as the tip of a Kite – a major configuration with a Grand Trine and a fourth planet – which sweeps him off his feet, flies him around, and drops him off somewhere new. When this happens to you, enjoy the ride. Take in the view – the Kite is offering you a different perspective. Look to see both sides of the story. And know you’ll receive your next marching orders soon!

Big hugs,

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