Comey, Jupiter, and the Full Moon in Sadge

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Jupiter, Lord of the Heavens, stations this Friday morning, June 9th, at 10:04 AM Eastern US time. He’s been travelling retrograde since February 6th, and in the sign of Libra, which rules law, marriage, partnerships, diplomacy, and one-on-one communications.

For the last four months, all Libran and Jupiter-related matters have been undergoing reassessment and renegotiation. Now that the King is turning direct, he wants us to stop reflecting and get ourselves in gear. You’ve talked it out; what are you going to DO with it, from this moment on? Enough with the dithering. Be ready to answer big questions, when Jupiter asks.

When planets station – especially the big ones – we feel their energy more strongly than usual, becoming more aware of their influence in our life. We’re in orb of the Jupiter-station energy already, and it will certainly color the testimony of former FBI director James Comey to the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, June 8th. Comey, on Wednesday, released a draft of his opening statement, which describes notes he took after nine one-on-one (Libra) conversations between himself and Donald Trump, from January 6th and to April 11th, in which he describes pressure from Trump with regard to the Russia investigation that, arguably, amounts to obstruction of justice.

The hearing is scheduled for 10:00 AM on Thursday in Washington, DC. In the chart cast for that start-time, the stationing Jupiter lands in the Third House, while the Third House cusp is on the World Axis degree of 0 Libra. Breaking all this down, it looks as though we can expect big (Jupiter), famous (World Axis) news and communications (Third House) about legal matters (Libra).

Also in this chart, we see Jupiter at 13 degrees Libra and the Ascendant at 12 degrees Leo, working together to form a Finger of God with Neptune at 14 Pisces as its apex. Neptune, the planet of illusion, falls in the Eighth House of secrets and power. It’s a fated moment. Hidden things will be revealed, illusions dispelled, and news shared.

The birth charts of James Comey and Donald Trump have some interesting synastry together. Their Suns, in Sagittarius and Gemini respectively, are exactly opposite, creating a face-off in the sky; and Comey’s Uranus is conjunct the Donald’s Mars, causing unexpected flares of anger, action and reaction between them.

Comey will be testifying with Pluto (now at 18 Capricorn) approaching his natal Saturn (at 17 Capricorn), asking him to speak truth to power.

His Saturn and transiting Pluto also form an inconjunct to Donald Trump’s natal Uranus (at 17 Gemini), demanding an adjustment to understand the truth. Karma is at work here (Pluto, Saturn, Capricorn), while deceit and erratic behavior (Gemini, Uranus) are forced to shift (inconjunct) to power (Pluto) and authority (Saturn).

Comey’s Pluto and North Node in Virgo squares his Mercury in Sagittarius, meaning that his “excessive” secret writings and attention to detail could hurt his boss’s reputation. He will speak truth to power, but whether he’s believed or not will depend on other information as it comes in over the next few months.

Comey’s and Trump’s Mercurys are inconjunct, so there will be contention about who is speaking the truth. But Comey’s formerly-hidden memos (Neptune in Pisces) tell a larger story, which will be resolved when we get to the fall.

Immediately before Friday’s Jupiter station – at 9:09 AM Eastern US time on June 9th – we have a Full Moon in the truth-telling sign of Sagittarius. This Full Moon takes us back to the New Moon in Sagittarius in December 2015, when the story was seeded, and to the opening square last September. Look for a reboot of situations from those months in your life, as well as the world around you.

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon between 18 and 19 degrees Sagittarius is “Pelicans, Disturbed by the Garbage of People, Move their Young to a New Habitat.”

As astrologer Lynda Hill points out, pelicans were mythically thought to feed their young with their own blood, and they often represent Christ in Western art. It’s an image of self-sacrifice as well as self-protection: understanding that what is good for others is often, ultimately, good for ourselves – because of all the ways we are connected.

This image also suggests a need to rethink our behavior. Lynda writes, “You may need to move, physically, mentally, or emotionally, to a new situation that will provide a better way of life with more nourishment, and less danger . . . a change of heart and mind can lead to new beginnings.”

And, quite literally, these beautiful birds ARE finding their homes disturbed by humans. According to the Audobon Society, North American brown pelicans are likely to lose more than half of their coastal habitat by 2080, due to melting ice caps and rising sea levels – an issue that many of us thought about last week, when Donald Trump cancelled the US federal government’s commitment to the Paris Climate Accord. “I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris,” he said, in defense of his decision: a pretty irrelevant statement, considering that both Pittsburgh and Paris are on the same planet. Guess what! We are all connected.

In the midst of all the drama going on our world, this can be a helpful thing to remember. No one in your life – no matter how much grief they may be giving you right now – is not human, or “not even people” (though that is how Eric Trump recently described his father’s opponents).

Hang in there, savvy reader. Hang onto your compassion. And may this week’s Full Moon show you the answers you’ve been searching for.

Let’s all watch, with popcorn, with butter and parmesan cheese!

Big hugs,


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