Weekly Weather October 2, 2016

Weekly Weather Version 2.0  October 2, 2016

After a year and a month sabbatical, my Weekly Weather column is making its entrance, it reappearance, and emerging from silence ~ here it is Weekly Weather Version 2.0.  

The Weekly Weather Version 2.0 column will be a bit different going forward. Hopefully, it will have content you still find useful. I’ll be shifting the content towards what I am interested in writing about.  There are plenty of astrology columns out there on the world wide web that talk about the aspects in the heavens and how they manifest on earth.  My column doesn’t need to repeat that information.

Instead, I would like to talk about how to use the energy in higher forms and transform the lower forms of energy as it shows up in your life. Obviously, we can’t transform every bit energy but we can try. Now that is a Virgo goal! How can we productively work with the energy rolling around in the world!?? 

As a country, the United States is approaching our Pluto return.  We are in orb now ~ meaning we will be learning how to deal with our Pluto return as it comes back to our natal Pluto in the Second house. I use the the Sibley chart set for July 4, 1776, 5:10 PM lmt, Philadelphia, PA. The USA Pluto return actually happens in 2022 but we are soon within 10 degrees so we are in the approach phase now.  As a Plutonian myself, in my astrology sessions I often help people with their Pluto transits.  I discovered astrology during a very big Pluto transit in my own life. Astrology transformed my life.

The Thing To Remember ~ we all chose to incarnate to go through the times ahead together. 

I know, a few of you will protest that phrase ~ if I knew what it was going to be like I wouldn’t have come in! ~ but still, YOU ARE HERE!  As Ram Dass says, Be here Now.  And we are here now.  And so we begin again, where we are now.

The week ahead harnesses the energy of the New Moon in Libra setting off Jupiter’s recent entrance into Libra. When the Sun and Moon link up with a planet that recently entered a sign, we learn the lessons of the Planet in that sign. So we officially begin our Jupiter In Libra lessons.  The New Moon was September 30, 2016 on Friday night. The early part of this week is terrific for having a ceremony to celebrate and commit to what you want to partner with for the next 30 days, 2 ½ years and 12 years.  Yes, 12 years.

Jupiter will spend a year in Libra and set off a 12 year growth cycle for every Libra planet in your chart. It will spend the year expanding your Libra house.  Libra is where we partner, relate and commit to the other.  It is a relatively egoless sign ~ some call it passive aggressive.  Libra has to rely on the other to get what it wants. Seeking balance, it can seem indecisive ~ even as it weighs the choices. Underneath the smile, Libra knows exactly what it wants ~ it just doesn’t expose those wants when it sits down at the table.  Ruled by Venus, Libra tends to be polite and chivalrous. Don’t be fooled or misled, Libra is a steel hand in a velvet glove.  Libra is the sign of Generals ~ the ones who stand safely behind the firing lines and send the Aries soldiers to fight the physical war.      

Take time at the beginning of the week to marry an idea, project or commitment.  Powerful energy out there if you choose to harness it!  Stand in front of a mirror and promise to love, honor and commit yourself to…..

Libra is also the sign of mirrors ~ dance with your inner child ~ remember the innocence and hopefulness of your heart.


The end of the week features Saturn squaring the Nodes of Destiny ~ marking times when important relationships shift, change, end or begin.  Pay attention to who arrives and who leaves ~ you are either finished with the Karma of that relationship or connecting to important folks for your future!  The next time this aspect happens is 2028 ~ so this a 12 year cycle arriving or ending in your life!


Void Moons in the Week Ahead:  When the Moon is Void, it is wise to avoid making important decisions as they tend to be unrealistic, and subject to false starts, errors or unexpected hassles.  Avoid being concerned with things beyond your spiritual center.  It is time for subjective, spiritual and non-materialistic concerns.  Kick back, let life flow, and center yourself.  Connect into your essential oneness with the Universal Forces.

Moon Enters Scorpio on Sunday Oct 2, 2016 at 03:43:49 pm EDT.

Moon goes void sextile to Mercury on Tuesday, Oct 4, 2016 at 09:05:22 pm EDT.

Moon Enters Sagittarius on Wednesday Oct 5, 2016 at 04:27:13 am EDT.

Moon goes void trine to Uranus on Friday Oct 7, 2016 at 02:26:41 am EDT.

Moon Enters Capricorn on Friday Oct 7, 2016 at 04:40:58 pm EDT.

Moon is void most of the day Friday.

Moon goes void Square to Uranus on Sunday Oct 9 2016 at 12:52:06 pm EDT.

Moon is void Sunday afternoon and evening.

Moon’s day Monday October 3, 2016 Moon in Scorpio goes void sextile to Mercury on Tuesday making today, and Tuesday very intense, emotional and passionate.  After a slow, languorous start due to Moon’s flowing aspect to Neptune, making emotions strong but perhaps depressing, Moon meets up with both Venus and Pluto adding intensity to the day’s mix of feelings. Venus also gently aspects the Nodes of Fate inviting important connections or realizations into the energy. Actions from your past seem to flow freely in the present ~ or realizations about actions from your past.  If you didn’t support it in the past, it might not support you now.  If you were very attentive, you reap what you’ve sown.   Pay attention to any health aspects. Words can fail you now. Emotions and the heart space are where you need to focus. Patterns and seeing the bigger connections are part of the days energy!

Mars’ day Tuesday October 4, 2016 Moon in Scorpio goes void sextile to Mercury at 09:05:22 pm EDT.  There can be separations with or from family members. Mercury is at the last degrees of his recent retrograde so a few more ghosts can appear to have a chat with you between now and Friday.  Chat them up!  Pay attention to any health issues ~ to the doctor without fooling around.  Mercury’s aspect to Pallas points out something you didn’t realize before but which is important followed by his aspect to Ceres suggesting you take a new approach to nurturing and care-taking.  Your ego is working cooperative with your vision of what you want to do next ~ so focus on it and get going!  Organize your systems and support so that it actually supports you!  Strategically, you might want to shift your partnerships or relationships a bit to be better able to accomplish the goals or dreams.  Old wounds can surface tonight as you go to bed ~ understand the source of the pain.

Mercury’s Day Wednesday October 5, 2016   Moon Enters Sagittarius at  04:27:13 am EDT. Moon goes trine to Uranus so today and Thursday are very creative and positive in their outcomes as well as fast and feisty!  Some health aspects early in the morning so move rapidly if there are current issues. Mercury at the last degrees of his recent retrograde will throw a punch of some magnitude and deliver news you don’t much like.  That said, on some level, there is clarity because you get the news!  So forward, regardless of content.  Venus works in a cooperative manner with Pluto offering a solution to rather tenacious issues around power and dynamics.  Mars square to Jupiter kicks everything into high gear.  Mars is out of bounds so he’s a bit over the top and amplified by his aspect to Jupiter.  Expect an argument later today as someone feeling excluded unloads or unleashes their temper.  Lots of fire and passion.  Hold your tongue and go higher.

Jupiter’s Day Thursday October 6, 2016 Moon is in Sagittarius and goes void trine to Uranus. A fun and productive day, you can rock and roll and get all sorts of things accomplished!!  Dreams last night should be recorded so you can work with them later.  Good for writing, talking, communicating, and self promotion. Connect with people you want to partner with.  Hades stations to go retrograde so endings taking place today are permanent.

Venus’ Day Friday October 7, 2016 Moon in Sagittarius goes void trine to Uranus at 2:25 am EDT. Moon Enters Capricorn at 04:40:58 pm EDT. Moon is void most of the day Friday. Saturn moves into tight orb and squares the Nodes of Fate so watch who you meet over the next few days ~ they are arriving for the next 12 years of your life!! And you may find you release people now too.  This is the last bits of the eclipse and the recent Mercury retrograde journey. Your journey with them is truly finished.  Mercury enters Libra making conversation more intense and focused with an emphasis on balance. Sun’s square to Pluto wraps up a long journey with a realization about power, triangles, drama and struggles.  You can let it go now if you would like to. Just lay it down by the side of the road and keep walking.  Suddenly patterns you hadn’t noticed before seem very clear to you.  Words seem a bit inadequate. Sometimes you just need to spend time with people.

Saturn’s Day Saturday October 8, 2016  Moon is in Capricorn and goes void Square to Uranus on Sunday suggesting you release things you don’t want or that are no longer useful in your life. Capricorn moon can hold on to things that still have some life in them ~ today you can separate from them.  Saturn’s square to the Nodes yesterday and today offers you important connections as well as choices. Major opportunities for things to leave your life or arrive.  Get their business cards.  Choose the path of your heart!  Saturn squares the Nodes every 12 years ~ the next square is April of 2028. Today is quite productive for finishing up tasks and getting things accomplished. Cappy Moon has supportive aspects especially if you are working on setting up or detailing your dream. Sun’s dream aspect  with Neptune gets a great deal accomplished.  It is a good day to end marriages, partnerships and relationships you don’t want to continue ~ especially if they are wounding.

Sun’s Day Sunday October 9, 2016 Moon in Capricorn goes void Square to Uranus at 12:52:06 pm EDT. Moon is void Sunday afternoon and evening.  Lots of energy about clearing out the house or releasing and cleaning things that are blocking you from moving forward. There can be a breakup energy mid-day that invites you to change or release a situation that makes you angry or upset. You don’t have to do it any more!  Chose a different reaction!  Several ideas will be tugging at your insides, seeking a voice or a hearing.  Allow them to speak. Listen carefully! The end of the day has a burst of energy and clarity as Moon and Mars collaborate to get things accomplished.



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