Tonight’s New Moon in Libra: Commit to Your Desire

This evening at 8:11 PM Eastern US time, the Universe resets with a gracious New Moon at 8 degrees Libra, conjunct the graceful fixed star Diadem. Grace is upon us, like a breath of fresh air.

Like all New Moons, this one kicks off both a 30-day and a 2.5-year cycle in the Libra House of your chart . . . AND (because it’s the first time the Sun and Moon have been together in Libra, since Jupiter went into Libra earlier this month) tonight’s New Moon is ALSO closely linked to the upcoming 12-month and 12-year Jupiter cycles.

In other words, this is your moment to commit. You DO know what to do! Your mind, your heart, and your guardian angel are all on the same page right now. “Marry” yourself to the project or person you most want to share your life with.

Libra is the sign of commitment – of partnership and marriage – as well as of romance, the arts, and one-on-one communication. Collaborate, connect, integrate, unify, and befriend. What we plant now can blossom in our lives, long-term.

Tonight’s New Moon creative energy is especially potent, because (as I discussed earlier this week) the planets in Libra answer to Venus, and Venus is now traveling through Scorpio. Creation requires intense focus; and whereas Libra can sometimes be diffuse or distracted or wait for the other guy to make the first move, Scorpio is eagle-like in its focus.

Venus in Scorpio knows what she wants, and she isn’t afraid to go after it. In the New Moon chart, moreover, she has both a trine to Neptune and a sextile to Pluto. What you desire now is aligned with your purpose, springing from the depths of your soul.

Sing the song of your soul. “Sing a Song” with Karen Carpenter. “Make it simple, to last your whole life long.” This is your chance to choose your partner (Sun and Moon in Libra), claim your crown (Diadem) and make a wish for a committed, productive, benefic relationship with something or someone you love (Jupiter in Libra).

So please DO make time at some point during the next six days to do a New Moon ritual. Today and Saturday are ripe for releasing what’s not working anymore (because the Libra Moon’s closing aspect is an opposition to Uranus), while the Scorpio and Sagittarius Moons next Sunday afternoon through Thursday are brilliant for bringing in what you want.

Wishing you everything your heart (and chart) desires!

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