Weekly Weather Dec. 28, 2015

2015-2016 We wrap up 2015 and drive off into 2016 this week! I don’t know about you but I am ready to put 2015 in the rear view mirror and not look back. It was an interesting year for sure.

Many people cite the quote “May you live in interesting times!” as a Chinese curse.

According to the internet the origins of the Chinese curse appear to be dubious. The closest translation “It is better to be a dog in a peaceful time than a man in a chaotic period.”

John Ikerd said “In the original language, the word for “interesting times” is the same as the Chinese word for crisis that is commonly interpreted to mean both danger and opportunity. Scholars tend to agree on the “danger” half of the word, but suggest the meaning of the other half is closer to “a critical point in time” than to “opportunity.” I like Webster’s definition of crisis as a critical point in time when we are forced to make choices that will fundamentally change the future, for either better or worse. Living in interesting times may be either a blessing or a curse. Regardless, we most certainly are living in “interesting times” today.

A long, long time ago, my Uncle Neil and his family visited me and my dad in New York City right after my mom died. My cousin Stephen was 7 and touring a big city for the first time. Stephen kept looking at the various denizens of New York City and saying “Boy is THAT weird!” His father got increasingly nervous about Stephen’s loud pronouncements as we walked through the “wilder” sections of New York City. Finally, Uncle Neil took Stephen aside and instructed him to say “Interesting” instead of “Weird”. So Stephen continued his journey saying “Boy is THAT INTERESTING!”

So depending on how you want to define interesting: a curse, better than a dog in peace, chaos, danger, critical turning point, weird or just plain old different than your usual environment, take time to focus on Interesting and wrestle with it a bit before putting it away in the 2015 box.

In March 2016, INTERESTING will return, in FULL FORCE. In our immediate Future, we get a bit of a break to process all that has gone on lately. Make sure to use your break time productively!

Our week ahead features the personal planets, Mercury,Venus and Mars each changing signs and focus. As the personal planets shift signs, the t-square of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune separate and go their own ways in the heavens above us. We have an opportunity to take a fresh approach to an old situation as our personal planets enter signs they like better than where they are now. We’ll feel more in “control” as the personal planets are better behaved.

Venus and Mars are in signs of their detriment through Wednesday and Sunday respectively, they can switch into signs they rule if we work to consciously apply them in the early part of the week.

Mercury Trines Admetos, Venus opposes Admetos, and Mars inconjuncts Admetos this week. These aspects all marking endings, endings, endings. But gentle endings. Just turn away. Let go. Release. Adjust and shift towards the change you want. It is time for things that no longer serve you, aren’t kind to you, were detrimental, or were cruel to leave. Bid them adieu. If the relationship served its purpose, lived its life, did its time and fulfilled what it was supposed to do, you don’t owe it anything else. You can move on. They can move on.

Venus enters Sagittarius on Wednesday for 25 days. She’s brighter and happier in Sadge but she is answering to Jupiter in Virgo which puts her to work on her tasks. Give her things to organize, clear up, process or clean out. Take her out dancing, hiking, or exploring. She’s feeling freer. She’s done with getting bad news!

Mercury is in his shadow for his upcoming retrograde in January. Pay attention to Mercury issues that started since December 19 when he entered his shadow. Communication, siblings, keys, tickets, papers, emails, neighbors, equipment, cars, cellphones, computers, travel and all things ruled by Mercury want to be “re” ~ revisited, revised, reedited, redone etc. Mercury enters Aquarius the sign of his exaltation on Saturday for a few days of clear sighted brilliance and vision before his retrograde on January 5. His retrograde continues to January 25 and he clears his shadow on February 14.

Because Mercury rules both Virgo and Gemini, he’s in charge of Jupiter in Virgo.  Mercury helps Jupiter connect with his future. Mercury instructs Jupiter in his union the Nodes of Fate in January. It is kind of a role reversal as Jupiter usually runs the sky but he’s in unfamiliar territory.  He’s listening to Mercury act as his GPS.  Listen to the messages you receive this week as they signify important things you will need to pay attention to down the road a bit.  Very important decisions will be made in the next month about your future and your life! A huge turning point seeds this month.  It probably won’t be realized in full until the fall 2016 but the seeds for it are being planted now! Use that brilliant and precise Mercury wisely to listen and guide your actions and help Jupiter get his act together!

Mars enters Scorpio, one of his favorite places to be, on Sunday January 3. He’ll be in Scorpio, due to the spring Mars retrograde, until August 2. Yes, you read that correctly, August 2. Normally Mars spends two months in a sign. With the upcoming retrograde Mars will split his time between Scorpio and Sagittarius. He’s going to link all the decisions made during Saturn’s journey in Scorpio to our new life of Saturn in Sagittarius. And Mars will make sure any unresolved issues from Scorpio get handled by the last week of June when he stations on 23 Scorpio to turn direct. Do pay attention to where Mars directs your gaze or asks you to take action. Mars is also waking up the Fall of 2012 energy when Mars was in Scorpio before Saturn entered Scorpio in October. Think back to end of August, September and early October 2012 to see issues from 2012 surface now. And you thought you’d handled them! Not quite. But you ARE almost there!  One more time with gusto!

We are going to be asked to commit to our service, to our path, to our future, as Jupiter proceeds towards his retrograde station on January 7 and his long running union with the North Node of fate the rest of January.  Watch for ANYONE who arrives in your life this next month. Get their business card or contact information.  They are your future!  (if you want them to be)

Sun works positively with Neptune, to light up our dream. Sun and Neptune invite us to settle down and hang out with the dream we have for our life ~ especially the unfinished parts or parts we neglected, ignored or didn’t pay attention to because we were busy doing other stuff! That dream of yours needs your attention and gentle love. You were busy with the rest of your life. Now the universe turns to you and asks what is undone? Unfinished? Needs your attention? Missing? Yearned for?

Take time this week as the planets shift energy to focus on what you want to do with your life. Connect to your soul. Sit with your heart. Let the world spin while you focus on what you want to do.  Float gently in your life and listen to the song of your heart, your soul, your divine within….


Bob Krasner


Void Moons in the Week Ahead:  When the Moon is Void, it is wise to avoid making important decisions as they tend to be unrealistic, and subject to false starts, errors or unexpected hassles.  Avoid being concerned with things beyond your spiritual center.  It is time for subjective, spiritual and non-materialistic concerns.  Kick back, let life flow, and center yourself.  Connect into your essential oneness with the Universal Forces.

Moon is in Leo.

Moon goes void square toVenus on Tuesday, Dec 29, 2015 at 12:39:07 pm EST.

Moon Enters Virgon on Tuesday, Dec 29, 2015 at 01:59:18 pm EST.

Moon goes void Trine to Mercury on Friday, Jan 1, 2016 at 00:34:36 am EST.

Moon Enters Libra on Friday, Jan 1, 2016 at 01:41:45 am EST.

Moon goes void opposite Uranus on Saturday Jan 2, 2016 at 11:23 am EST.

Moon is void Saturday afternoon, evening and Sunday morning.

Moon Enters Scorpio on Sunday, Jan 3, 2016 at 02:37:05 pm EST.


Moon’s day Monday December 28, 2015 Moon is in Leo and goes void square toVenus in Scorpio making the day have a bit of an overdoing and decisions or conflict between creativity and passion. Try to do both! Why should one win over the other? Moon in fire passion trines Uranus in Aries ~ lately this has meant some shooting someplace as the fire planets are just not giving us a break. It can also be a creative breakthrough, an ah moment, a sudden understanding of what beloved or loved situation you need to let go of…. Or a beloved may leave you as Venus opposes Admetos, the sign of endings, releases and departures (among other things).

Mars’ day Tuesday December 29, 2015 Moon is in Leo and goes void square toVenus 12:39:07 pm EST. Moon Enters Virgo at 01:59:18 pm EST and goes void Trine to Mercury. The morning is dedicated to processing what went on yesterday. Today, you take steps to put the plan into action as Sun’s working aspect with the dream of your heart comes forward. Focus on your dream. That is what you are to do next! Moon and Mercury both work productively with Mars in taking action to get things accomplished. Health matters need prompt attention. There can be arguments or fights about how to proceed but the important thing is TO PROCEED! Venus encourages you to delve deeper into your options. Once the Moon enters Virgo you have three days of exceptional productivity and getting things accomplished. Mercury in Capricorn says it doesn’t need to be fancy, keep it moving, see the end result and rock your world by moving a mountain!

Mercury’s Day Wednesday December 30, 2015 Moon is in Virgo and goes void Trine to Mercury. Another day to get massive things accomplished. Early in the morning, Venus changed signs into Sagittairus. She is answering to Mercury in Capricorn and charging through her tasks. All the earth energy in the sky is quite productive. Old issues can surface but don’t let them distract you. I had a boss who used to say “NO and don’t bring that idea back dressed in a new outfit!” Affirm the no and keep moving. Mercury’s trine to Admetos is polite but firm that the situation is finished, done, and over!

Jupiter’s Day Thursday December 31, 2015 Moon is in Virgo and goes void Trine to Mercury giving us one more day to push the productive energy out and into the world. We are just rocking with all the earth energy of mutability and getting things done. Sun’s opposition to Kronos invites you to take a fresh approach that isn’t based in security needs. Base the new approach on what you trying to create that serves your future, your dream and what you are trying to build. Mars is parallel to Neptune inspiring or defeating a dream ~ either way you have an answer and now you proceed to next. Venus’ sesquiquadrate to Uranus offers you a unique approach to the situation which should be explored or discussed. Listen to the opportunity being presented. It will change form but within the structure is the answer. Hop on health matters promptly! Mars has an Virgo type adjusting aspect to Admetos perhaps highlighting health, employee or pet issues but also inviting you to change the way you traditionally do things. Change is in the air (and easy to accomplish!) Mercury’s union with Pluto by declination tonight encourages commitment and a positive energy as these two buddies connect the celebrations of a new year around the world. Commit to your dreams! Commit to anything as the energy is very sticky!

new year 2016

Venus’ Day Friday January 1, 2016 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Moon is in Virgo and goes void Trine to Mercury on 00:34:36 am EST. Moon Enters Libra at 01:41:45 am EST and goes void opposite Uranus at 11:23 am EST. If you’ve ever been in Times Square on New Year’s Eve ~ one of the first things that happens after the ball drops and the drunken revelers roll out is the clean up crew, New York’s Strongest, shows up to start taking out the trash and cleaning up the cross roads of the world. While we traditionally make New Year’s resolutions, I encourage you to wait until the New Moon on January 9 ~ especially for revisions to existing behaviors. For starting NEW behaviors, or letting go of old behaviors (stopping things for good) go with the traditional start day. For REVISING existing behaviors (the way to real, permanent change), wait another 9 days and put your stake in the ground then while you release and organize between now and then. Back when I first learned astrology, my eminently practical astrology teacher with a pile of Capricorn in his chart suggested picking an auspicious day to start a resolution!! It works that way, he said. And it does. Pattern seeing Pallas squares Eris and invites us to understand that the situations we have in our lives are there because we have created them and invited them into our lives. Now is the time to evaluate what gives you joy, support and comfort. If it doesn’t do those things, suggest it move to the curb to make room for what is nurturing to you. Mercury enters the sign of his exaltation Aquarius ~ he loves flying high and seeing the solutions to problems. Listen to his wise words. Vesta’s union with Black Moon Lillith indicates a bit of tension around being subservient in relationships. That old energy just isn’t working the way it used to. Subservient is so 2015!

new year 20161

Saturn’s Day Saturday January 2, 2016 Moon is in Libra and goes void opposite Uranus at 11:23 am EST. Moon is void Saturday afternoon, evening and Sunday morning. We have a kick back kind of day as the Moon is void most of today making it a lovely day to hang out with partner or people that you like and chat/catchup. Convivial, communicative and connected ~ time for relationships that inspire us. Or art. Or movies. Or music. Or culture. Or connecting. Dreams last night were interesting and informative. Make sure to write them down.

Sun’s Day Sunday January 3, 2016 Moon is void in Libra Sunday morning. Moon Enters Scorpio at 02:37:05 pm EST. The morning is mellow and slow moving with a bit of passion as Mars enters Scorpio bright and early. Great day to spend extra personal time in bed exploring partner and love. Venus is quintile to Jupiter making her desire deeper connection and frisky explorations. Try some new things! Explore unknown neighborhoods. Create delicious, delectable delights. Embrace the passion of today. Any arguments can be quickly defused by focusing on the connection space. Sun’s quintile to the South Node invites an escape and change. Get out tonight to watch the Quadrantids meteor showers. Make a wish on a shooting star ~ what is your dream! Our week ahead has oodles of energy so early to bed for a good night’s sleep.


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