Venus’s Weekend and the New Moon Today

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Hi friends, 

This is just a quick note from Lily Dale, New York, where I’ll be speaking on Sunday, June 2nd, at the Church of the Living Spirit. It is exquisitely beautiful here (I’m staying with the gifted medium and astrologer Patricia Bell), and it’s reminded me that — in addition to the Mercurial New Moon energy that I discussed in my previous newsletter, which is still just ahead of us — the Love Goddess Venus is having a moment this weekend.

For one thing, all day Friday and Saturday, the Moon is in Venus-ruled Taurus, her favorite sign. On Sunday, the Moon moves into Gemini, approaching her New-Moon conjunction with the Sun. Both the Taurus and Gemini Moons include great closing aspects, making this a rich time to sow the seeds of new projects and connections. 

Venus herself is also in her home-sign of Taurus, and this weekend she makes a series of important aspects to the Big Guys in the sky: most notably, a trine to Saturn earlier today (Friday, May 31st at 11:26 AM Eastern US time) and another trine to Pluto on Sunday night (June 2nd at 11:41 PM Eastern), just about six hours before the New Moon on Monday morning.

She’s also still in orb of an easy, flowing sextile to Neptune, which perfected on Thursday, May 30th. Neptune and Venus have conspired to bring forth the dream; now Venus is taking it to authority-figures Saturn and Pluto to sign off on. She is coming out of her cantankerous mood from early May (when she met up with Uranus and had an epiphany about what she wants to CHANGE in the world); now she’s willing to cooperate with existing structures and powers-that-be, whatever it takes to get it done.

Whatever blew up, cleared out, changed, shifted, and revised earlier this month — smooth it over, pat it into place, give it the old college try. This is a time to shine. Aren’t you ready?

Big hugs, 

P.S. The recordings and slides from my recent webinar on the Gemini New Moon are now available to purchase and download through SendOwl. The actual New Moon’s not till Monday, so you still have plenty of time to do your ritual!

P.P.S. The following weekend I’ll be teaching my course Mapping Your Life in Toronto: June 4 is the deadline to register!

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