The Return

Hi, everybody!

So nice to see you!

I am back from my walk through the valley of COVID . . . full of gratitude for everybody’s thoughts, prayers, warm wishes, and reiki.

My body seems to be healing and my temperature has been normal for the last two days — and although my energy levels are nowhere near where they used to be, I’m beginning to ease back into work this week.

In case you missed it, here’s the link to my Weekly Weather podcast from Monday and here’s the link to today’s AstrologyHub video with Amanda.

One thing I’ve learned from this experience: a temp of 103 does some funny things to one’s consciousness. Ten days ago, I was in the midst of a fever doze when my lovely assistant Rose came to check on me and drop off some supplies. She has keys to my apartment, which she used to let herself in, and she happened to be wearing a black trench coat as well as (of course) a mask and gloves. I opened my eyes and found her standing by my bed, and my first thought was: “Oh! Death is a WOMAN!”

And then I realized it was Rose, and I was not dying . . .

There were many similar moments, as I rolled around in my sticky sheets and got very, very familiar with the inside of my brain. (I actually threw those sheets away last weekend, because by God I am RELEASING whatever I sweated out, for GOOD.) I was lucky to have Rose bring me a thermometer and Pedialyte (the elixir of life, though it tastes vile) and I’m forever indebted to my amazing nurse friend Cathy Crandall, who came to look after me several times last week.

It’s very comforting to have people take care of you when you’re really really sick: Rose, and Cathy, and my two neighbors.

Now that I have fought the virus and (knock wood!) won, I’m beginning to realize just how much fear I’ve been living with these last few months. I feel strangely alive and I’m incredibly grateful for the love. Though I was too sick to check the many messages of support that you all sent through email and social media, I was very aware of the flow: I would hear my cell phone ping and feel the love, prayers, and compassion.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

As I discuss in the podcast and video linked up above, we have some tough and contentious aspects this week AND we also have a beautiful, creative New Moon in Leo on Tuesday, August 18, with the Sun and Moon and Mercury trine to Mars, and with Venus-sextile-Uranus also in the chart. I suggest that you harness its passion with a meaningful and personal ritual (which could be as simple as writing down some goals in a journal!) any time after next Tuesday.

I also invite you to join me, if you’d like, for a New Moon webinar on Sunday.

Massive hugs,


P.S. Death *might* be a woman? Who knew?!