Monday’s New Moon in Cancer

Dear all,

Yesterday afternoon, on Monday, July 20, 2020, the Sun and Moon met up at 28 degrees, 26 minutes Cancer at 1:33 PM Eastern US time.

Though the exact moment of conjunction has passed, this vibrant New Moon energy lingers on for a few more days: if you didn’t get a chance to do your New Moon manifestation ritual yet, know that it is not too late! Take just a few minutes, sometime between now and Friday night at 10:00 PM Eastern, to concentrate on what you yearn to bring forth.

This is an exceptionally fertile New Moon, coming as it does at the tail end of Eclipse Season, and falling at the tail end (i.e. the intensest bit) of the maternal and creative sign of Cancer. It is furthermore our *second* Cancer New Moon in a row. The Cosmos asks each of us, what are you laboring to give birth to?

The North Node of Fate happens to be conjunct the Fixed Star Polaris right now, which may make it easier than usual to see and navigate towards your destiny. You know Polaris, right, the North Star? Close to the pole, this star has been a touchstone for travelers in the Northern Hemisphere for many centuries past. It also makes a wonderful metaphor.

Remember, we’re right in the midst of an epic transition: Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto’s year of dancing through the late degrees of Capricorn. (If you haven’t already, please check out the 2020 year-ahead webinar that I recorded back in January. It’s free now!)

Saturn and Pluto met on January 12, 2020, for the first time since November 1982. This year, in the wake of their conjunction (big planets have big orbs), we are laying the groundwork for the cycle that will run until the next Saturn-Pluto conjunction in June 2053. So get busy! Make a list of what you want to accomplish and experience in this lifetime, for the next 33 years. What areas of life do you want to grow into? What structures (Saturn) do we collectively need to transform (Pluto)?

Venus in the New Moon chart (see below) is located at 15 degrees Gemini, the very same degree as the Full Moon Eclipse on June 5. The Goddess of Love encourages us to look back over the past eight weeks of Eclipse Season, and reflect on the new information we’ve gleaned and connections we’ve made. What perspective (or perspectives, plural) do you see now, that you had never seen before?

Venus is approaching a square to Neptune, which will perfect on Monday, July 27, lending her an extra dose of inspiration, as well as the will to really WORK for what she wants.

Eris, the Goddess of Discord, meanwhile, is currently stationing, with a tight square to both the Sun and Moon in Cancer and Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn. Eris’s discordant nature may be unpleasant, but its essential function is to push towards truth and justice. If Venus in Gemini can’t persuade you to take a fresh look at whatever the troubling situation in your life is — then Eris will do it, not so gently.

People are feeling extra feisty right now, in case you hadn’t noticed! That is not necessarily a bad thing, though it certainly is stressful.

We’re all having to face our own shadow, which Carl Jung defined as the rejected parts of our psyche. Note: that is not to say the “bad” parts. Just the parts that we might be afraid of, because they don’t accord with our idea of ourselves. But the truth is, we are large, each of us, we contain multitudes.

When I was a kid, I wasn’t very sporty (unlike my all-star sister Mary!) and in school they’d always put me in the outfield, where there wasn’t much chance of my getting in the way of the ball. I was bored, so I’d dance with my shadow like Peter Pan. And then, of course, the ball would fly right by me . . .

Our job right now is to dance with our shadow: to see it, appreciate it, give it some love, let it let loose in the sunshine for a bit.

Capricorn is the sign most associated with the Jungian shadow, and right now, we have the Sun and Moon (i.e. “the lights) opposing Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto across the sky. Take a look at your shadow: the “things I can’t do because they’re just not me” (nothing wrong with that, but are you sure?) and the “old hurts I don’t wanna talk about” and the “things that I wish I had done better.” There lies untapped creativity.

This New Moon is waiting to bring you great gifts. Invite it, this union of the Sun and Moon, to join with YOU, in all your messiness and glory, and bring in a stronger, better world.

Dream big, friends.

Big hugs,


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