The Piscean New Moon Eclipse

What a week! As many of you know, my Sunday night podcast got *eclipsed* (due to bad cell reception at the NCGR conference in Baltimore) but I re-recorded it yesterday evening. Because this is NOT a time to do without astrology!

It’s Eclipse season, baby. The next one (and last one – phew! – for another six months) takes place on Sunday, February 26th at 9:58 AM Eastern US time.

This Eclipse emerges at 8 degrees Pisces, whirling and eddying between the South Node and Mercury on one side and the Lord of the Oceans on the other. Like Odysseus navigating the waters between Scylla and Charybdis, we have only a narrow channel to pass through. And, chances are, we won’t make it out of this entirely unscathed.

These five bodies – the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Neptune, and the South Node – together form a powerful stellium in Pisces, calling on us to release and let go of what no longer serves our soul’s growth.

That is a good thing! Pisces is the sign of the mystic, the martyr, and the artist. Planets in Pisces don’t care much for the things of this world; they have a higher calling in view. Whatever gets removed from your life in the next couple weeks, know that it has served its purpose. Bless it, and let go. You have become the person you needed to be: a fact that will be even MORE abundantly clear, by the time the story gets wrapped up in August.

The Sabian Image for the Sun and Moon at 8 to 9 degrees Pisces is “The Race Begins: A Jockey Spurs His Horse to Great Speed.” Events are unfolding rapidly, and it may be difficult to keep up. What is brought to your attention needs to be noted down, so you don’t forget it. If you’re not careful, you might miss things in the kerfuffle!

Mars has been catching up with Uranus lately, ping-ponging through the Big T-Square of Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto. Mars perfects his square to Pluto prior to the Eclipse (on Wednesday, more on this below), and in the Eclipse chart he is almost exactly conjunct the Lord of Chaos and Change; they’re just a few minutes apart.

As Mars travels through the T-Square, he brings up buried passions and emotional reactivity. Let it come up, then drop off – like a snake shedding its skin, or a hermit crab moving from one shell to another. We’ll feel flabby and vulnerable during the transition, as we skitter across the cosmos toward our new home.

In the chart cast for the East Coast of the United States (which rules the whole country, as our nation’s capital is located here), this Mars-Uranus conjunction falls in the Twelfth House of secrets and undoing. Additionally, the Ascendant for the East Coast chart lands on Algol, the fixed star of beheading. People around here are losing their heads!

Keep calm, and go to the doctor if necessary.

I was pleased to be right, earlier this month, when I predicted that the first Eclipse would bring more “aha” moments about the new presidential administration. It was on Thursday, February 9th, the night before the Full Moon Eclipse, that The Washington Post broke the story of Michael Flynn’s secret and illegal collusion with the Russian ambassador regarding US sanctions (which, incidentally the Department of Justice had informed White House lawyers of, even as the Vice President and other administration officials continued to repeat Flynn’s lies). Then, on Friday, February 10th, CNN reported that US intelligence agencies had corroborated some of the details in the infamous Steele dossier. And finally, on Tuesday, February 14th, The New York Times revealed that multiple members of Donald Trump’s campaign had communicated with Russian spies during the year leading up to our election.

It’s Eclipse season, baby. The swamp-secrets are crawling out from under the rocks where they have been hiding. You can’t make this stuff up!

I expect that this drama will continue to unfold over the next two weeks, and that Mars and Uranus in the Twelfth House will play a key role. It’s a good thing. As they say, you are only as sick as your secrets.

The other thing to watch out for is the Mars-Pluto square, which takes place tomorrow, Wednesday, February 22nd and will continue to be felt for the next several days. The God of War is in his home sign, Aries – while Pluto in Cap brings governments and other institutions into the story. This is a warlike, volatile aspect. Keep your head down, and listen for explosions. (My recommendation? Spend Wednesday night hiding under the covers while tuned to my New Moon ECLIPSE  Manifestation Circle webinar!)

As I look on these aspects, I am reminded of Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If —“. Do strive to keep your head, even as all about you are losing theirs. Do trust yourself. Do make every minute count.

Do check in with friends and family who are going through hard times. Do double-down on the self-care: baths, foot rubs, swimming, singing, meditation. Do be careful with old addictions. Do ride the waves of cosmic energy, in all its ups and downs.

You’ll be a woman, my daughter, or a man, my son!