The New Moon in Gemini This Week

Dear friends,

The Gemini New Moon will take place on Friday, May 22, at 1:39 PM Eastern US time. It’s an expressive, and perhaps excessive, quick-moving, forward-moving chart, offering us multiple opportunities for fresh beginnings. The Sun, the Moon, and out-of-bounds Venus in Gemini all answer to out-of-bounds Mercury in Gemini . . . as does the 12-degree Virgo Ascendant, when the chart is cast for Washington, DC (see below). Mercury, like Venus, is the ruler of two signs; and on Friday he is doubly and quadruply the ruler of the United States’ capital.

Moreover, just a few hours before the Moon and Sun meet up at 2 degrees Gemini (forming the New Moon) — Mercury and Venus meet up at 20 degrees Gemini: two conjunctions in the same sign, the sign of twins, on a single day.

Venus influences her old pal Mercury to greater emotion. Not all is cool and flirty, as is typically Gemini. The Goddess of Love is moving retrograde: reminiscing, reassessing, readying herself to begin anew. It’s a good time to think through what you really, truly want with regard to Venusian matters (love, money, beauty) then write it all down and tell it to the relevant people in your life. Retrograde means reset; it’s a time to make amends and turn over a new leaf. Because of the air-sign Gemini energy, words flow more easily than usual. And with multiple quintiles and biquintiles blessing the chart, we are apt to get flashes of insight, gifts from the Muse.

Not far off, at 29 degrees Gemini, we find the North Node of Fate, moving towards the Sun as the Sun moves towards him. Under this week’s New Moon, Eclipse season officially begins. We’ll have our first Eclipse of three this summer with the Full Moon in Gemini-Sagittarius coming on June 5. Emotions get heightened (as if they needed any more heightening!) and we’re all in the mood to take action.

Mars is at 6 degrees Pisces, loosely squaring the New Moon at 2 Gemini. Pisces is not the God of Action’s favorite mood; it’s difficult to be direct and fearless in the sign of the fishes. Watch out for passive-aggression and underhanded tactics, as the consequences will be far-ranging. (Pisces says, everything is connected, we are all one!) And for Heaven’s sake, keep behaving responsibly with regard to novel coronavirus. It is real and it is deadly and it’s not going anywhere for a long time.

I remember after 9/11, when Christine Whitman and Rudy Giuliani told us that it was safe to go back to work near Ground Zero. It wasn’t, it was obvious it wasn’t with one whiff of the air, and the scientists said so at the time. Yet the government officials told us it was safe. You must trust your own intuition, your own common sense. Notice what you notice. The South Node is conjunct Acumen, a fixed star of seeing, while Mercury and Venus are forming a tight square to Neptune. This is not a moment for illusions. See what you see. Even if you aren’t sure what you’re seeing, keep looking. Like a painting or a movie, the more you look at it, the more you see.

I talked a bit about all this in my free weekly AstrologyHub video on Tuesday and I’m planning to go more in-depth during my New Moon Manifestation Circle webinar on Wednesday evening [UPDATE: Here’s the link to purchase the recordings!]. If you’re interested, please do come and join us! I’ll also get into how the Gemini new-beginnings energy will show up in our lives, depending on where it appears in each natal chart.

Hang in there.

Big hugs,


The Gemini New Moon
Friday, May 22, 2020 at 1:39 PM Eastern
Chart for Washington, DC