Neptune: the Death and Rebirth of the Dream

On Thursday, November 17th at 5:09 PM Eastern US time, Neptune plunged into the South Node of Fate – releasing, releasing, releasing the last wisps of the dream he’s been dreaming since August 2015 – and also calling us back to February 2012 when Neptune went into Pisces.

The first phase of our 14-year Neptune-in-Pisces cycle is over.

Neptune represents our dream, the idealized image of what our life could be. The South Node is the spot in the heavens that shows us our connection to the past, and points out the need to let go. When a planet dives into the South Node, as Neptune just did, it indicates death and rebirth. In this case, it’s the death of Neptune’s old dream; he has to come up with a whole new dream now.

Since the summer of last year, Neptune has been swimming in and out of squares with Saturn and Jupiter. In previous articles, I have discussed their dance, which officially ended with the third and final Saturn/Neptune square just a few months ago, in September 2016. I used the analogy of building a house – calling Saturn “the Contractor,” Neptune “the Client,” and Jupiter (when he was still in Virgo) “the Architect.”

As of Thursday’s Neptune/South Node conjunction, the Client is finally settling into the house – or else, discovering that *this* house will never get finished. Either way (whether the dream came true or not) it’s over now. So Neptune needs a new project, a new outlet for his creative imaginings.

This isn’t necessarily easy. Neptune is the planet of nostalgia, of sentimentality. He doesn’t like to say goodbye. He tends to look at the past through rose-colored glasses, and has difficulty living in the cold, bright present. This is the moment when the party is over, and the lights turn back on, and you take off your make-up in the mirror.

Neptune hates that. He may be tempted to hide out in his underwater grotto, or numb his sense of reality with alcohol, sugar, and other mood-altering drugs.

Fortunately for us – some of his friends in the heavens are conspiring to help him move forward. Yesterday morning, Neptune received a square from Mercury: a stern talking-to, in which Mercury in Sagittarius asked him to face facts and look toward the future. Then, this evening at 6:03 PM Eastern US time, he’ll receive a sextile – a big hug – from Venus in Capricorn.

And finally tonight, Saturday, November 19th at 11:37 PM Eastern US time – Neptune will station at 9 degrees Pisces, and begin to travel forward towards his next dream.

So now, what’s it gonna be? What will you and Neptune dream up next? And if you have recently been stripped of some illusions, how will you adjust to meet the newly-revealed reality?

Most sharks cannot pump water through their gills; they have to keep moving in order to breathe. The nautilus cannot slip backward into the chambers she used to occupy; as she grows, they become too small for her. The ocean never quits; its tides roll in and out, forever.

Take some time tonight to turn on the inspiration. For now, let it be as grandiose as your heart desires. Like the Man of La Mancha, allow yourself to “dream the impossible dream.” (I like the Frank Sinatra version here.)

Because the quest itself is the most important thing.

Onward and upward.

Big hugs,

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