Jupiter in Libra and the Saturn-Neptune Square

Woo hoo! This is it! We are almost, almost, almost out of the woods.

Jupiter enters Libra early tomorrow morning – on Friday, September 9th at 7:18 AM Eastern US time. The God of Good Fortune has spent the past year (since August 11, 2015) schlepping through the humble sign of Virgo. Now, he follows Venus into blissful Libra, which is altogether a MUCH happier, easier placement for him. And he’s scheduled to remain there for just over a year, till October 2017.

Virgo is one Jupiter’s least favorite signs in the Zodiac. Jupiter lives for connection and expansion; Virgo just wants to be left alone with her work. This isn’t an easy combination of energies – and the result is that many of us have been feeling unusually stressed and broke (or else, in the higher form, unusually dedicated to super-demanding creative projects) for the last 13 months.

As of Friday morning, we all catch a break. If you didn’t do it last week, this is REALLY the time to kick off your shoes and dance in the moonlight.

Whereas Virgo is solitary, Libra relates. Being in Libra reminds Jupiter that, in the words of John Donne, “no man is an island.” Rather (as artist Alex Grey has so beautifully depicted in his paintings, including the one pictured above), we are all connected energetically. We live in perpetual cosmic relationship to everything and everyone around us. “Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind.”

Libra is the sign of the scales, of balanced partnerships and face-to-face communications. This year, the Universe is offering us an opportunity to stand tall and connect with each other as equals – neither subservient nor selfish – in our romances, marriages, business partnerships, creative collaborations, and close friendships. Jupiter in Virgo showed us that we could be okay on our own. Now Jupiter in Libra teaches us that we can be even better with other people.

Think back to previous Jupiter-in-Libra transits in your lifetime. (The most recent was fall of 2004 to fall of 2005, and others are listed below.) Which areas of your life expanded during those periods? What important partnerships were formed, or questioned? Where and how did abundance flow to you? In what ways did you gain wisdom and understanding? Expect to re-examine those stories within the next year.

Because Jupiter tends to act like a big magnifying glass, we can also expect expansion in an assortment of other Libran matters: the arts, literature, music, fashion, sweets and baked goods, the law, the courts, diplomacy. And because Libra is the first above-the-horizon sign in the Zodiac, all of these expansions are taking place in the PUBLIC sphere. Poke your head out and look around. Share what you’ve got with the world around you. (Note to self – if you’re going to write the darn book, Anne, this is the year to do it!)

The other HUGE event this week is Saturn in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces for the third and final time. For the past year, I’ve been speaking and writing about the 2015/2016 mutable T-Square series with Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune (whom I called the Architect, Contractor, and Client in my Setting Your Intentions for 2016 Webinar). On Saturday morning, September 10th, 2016 at 9:10 AM Eastern US time, Saturn in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces.

This is the last, last aspect of that T-Square story. Since September 2015, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune, have been negotiating, arguing, compromising, and collaborating – working together to help you build your Dream House. After one last consultation between Client and Contractor on Saturday morning, it’ll be time to send everybody home and move into your new space.

Saturn-Neptune squares have a bad reputation in some circles; some astrologers call this aspect “dissolving the dream.” In my experience, it’s usually more accurate to think of it as “moving on to a new dream” rather than a loss or defeat.

I recently spoke with someone whose father passed away when he was five years old, plunging the family into poverty. As a result, he devoted his young-adult life to creating economic security for himself and his family. He achieved that. Now, standing on the brink of his forties, looking around and thinking about what comes next, it’s time for him figure out his new dream.

The thing is, during our conversation, this very nice and very smart guy completely failed to give himself any credit for the dreams he had already brought to life. It is SO easy to forget about our own accomplishments once we’ve moved on to the next thing.

Don’t treat yourself with a “what have you done for me lately?” attitude. Take some time on Saturday to reflect on what you *have* built in your life, and ESPECIALLY within the last (rather challenging) year. Pat yourself on the back. You did it.

A friend of mine, a fellow astrologer who is 70 years old, just rode her bike 36 miles through Nova Scotia with her husband. When I commented on how happy she looked in some photos, taken at mile 24, she said, “I was happy! I didn’t think I could do it, but I did!” She was spurred on by the stunning landscape and the pleasure of being with (partnering with) her husband.

“If it’s in your heart, it’s in your chart” is my favorite motto (as well as the title of my soon-to-be-written book!). You already know what you’re here on earth to do. Your DESIRE is the clue.

To do it may require a leap of faith – or, in the true spirit of Saturn-in-Sagittarius square Neptune-in-Pisces, it may even require you to “Jump” for your love through a ring of fire into the ocean (check out the imagery in the video – gotta love the Pointer Sisters).

Whatever it is, the time is now. The next chapter begins. Onward!


Recent Transits of Jupiter in Libra
December 12, 1956 to February 19, 1957
August 6, 1957 to January 13, 1958
March 20, 1958 to September 7, 1958
November 15, 1968 to March 30, 1969
July 15, 1969 to December 16, 1969
April 30, 1970 to August 15, 1970
October 27, 1980 to November 26, 1981
October 10, 1992 to November 10, 1993
September 24, 2004 to October 25, 2005
September 9, 2016 to October 10, 2017

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