Intimations of Destiny: The Taurus New Moon

Dear friends,

This morning saw the dawning of a glorious New Moon in Taurus, the first New Moon since Jupiter entered Taurus last week, and the first since Mercury went direct. The Eclipses are GONE! It’s a juicy, fertile, and creative energy, perfect for bringing your bright dreams to fruition.

The chart (see below) features a lovely Mystic Rectangle with Mars, Neptune, Ceres, and Pluto at its corners, suggesting that the Universe has Big Plans for you, towards which you are now being pulled. It’s an opportunity to look within — tune into your inner sense of mission and destiny — then look without and see synchronicities thick on the ground.

Today’s chart also has a Mercury-Saturn sextile, the third of three passes of that aspect, with Mercury and Saturn finally beginning to see eye-to-eye now that Mercury is direct. Clear communication around structures and boundaries is paramount, if you want to collaborate creatively with this person or team. You have the skills and talents to make something beautiful together; this is just a question of getting yourselves all on the same page.

Keep talking to your ghosts, too! Mercury is in his shadow till the end of the month, so people from your past can resurface and perhaps be resolved.

This energy is productive if harnessed but can easily careen out of control if unskillfully driven. (Remember the Greek myth of Phaeton? His namesake asteroid is conjunct the New Moon.) Depending on whether or not you “count” the South Node, there’s either a T-Square or Grand Cross in the early degrees of the fixed signs: Mars is just minutes away from 0 Leo, Jupiter is at 0 Taurus, and Pluto at 0 Aquarius . . . in addition to which, we have the Nodes at 3 degrees Scorpio-Taurus.

The last time Mars, Jupiter, Pluto all talked together was late 2020 and early in 2021. As we did then, we might now be feeling we’re at a turning point. The pressure to take decisive action around questions of power is almost overwhelming. Don’t go to war unless you absolutely have to.

The key is to keep your attention on what you are creating. What’s your vision? Who do you want to be in all this? We’ve had a lot of ups and downs the last few weeks, but now the path is clearing, and it’s time to put all your might behind your clarified-and-clarifying dream.

For more on the New Moon and how it impacts YOUR chart, I’d invite you to join me in just a few hours for my next New Moon Manifestation Circle webinar. Hope to see you there!

Big hugs,


New Moon in Taurus
May 19, 2023 at 11:53 AM Eastern US Time
Chart for Washington, DC