Marie Forleo B-School Registration March 2023!


Back on March 4, 2014, I signed up for the Marie Forleo B-School program. I was at a crossroads in my astrology practice. I’d watched a few of her videos, and liked her direct, Sagittarian style with her sassy and quick Aquarian Moon. Plus, Marie was born at a time in MY life (my senior year in college) that was particularly juicy, jam-packed with life, and very, very fun.

I was incredibly impressed with the content of B-School. Once you sign up, you have lifetime access to her program. Each and every March since 2014, I have gone back for a “tune-up.” I always learn new things, new approaches and easily “figure-out-able” techniques to implement and make my astrology practice grow.

As I’d purchased the course for my business, my two assistants Rose and Kate attended with me. I planned the next chapter of Anne C. Ortelee Astrology Services with them. If you’ve been along for the ride these past nine years, you’ve noticed how my business has grown and my offerings have expanded.

During consultations with clients since 2014, I have frequently suggested Marie’s free videos as well as B-School to my astrology students, clients, and friends, as they bring their unique gifts into the world. Marie’s stuff is really solid and high quality. Everyone I know who has signed up for her program reported back that they loved it.

My gross revenue in sales has gone up 7,692% since 2014. Revenue has increased drastically each and every year. In March 2021, I purchased a condominium overlooking Boca Ciega Bay in St. Petersburg, Florida. Currently, I am a snowbird with apartments in New York and Florida. I thank my hard work and Marie Forleo’s B-School techniques for my new winter home. Last year, I launched Cup Full of Stars ~ AstroAnne arrives in Your Pocket emails every morning, often with a song to set the theme for the day.  Cup Full of Stars is daily voicemails, a chart and aspect list delivered directly to subscribers about the astrology of the day.  This spring, I am opening my Predictive Astrology School. Growth continues!

My assistant Rose applied the Marie Forleo B-School techniques to her dream of becoming a produced playwright. Her first play Persuasion was produced Off-Broadway Fall 2021; it started previews on September 11, 2021 and had its opening on September 28. Rose wrote her play based on Jane Austen’s Persuasion.

In 2021, the Marie Forleo B-School folks approached me about becoming an affiliate. I said yes, based on my own and Roses’ results. Plus, I have listened to numerous clients and students who signed up for Marie Forleo’s B-School reporting success using her techniques.  Over the past two years, a few dozen of my clients and students have signed up with excellent results.  Marie’s program has been attended by over 80,000 entrepreneurs.  Yes, it WORKS!!

B-School is open for registration until February 23, 2023.  It starts February 27, 2023. It’s a six-week online program. You can get a complete refund if it doesn’t work for you. No risk at all! It also is great if you’re considering STARTING a business as it offers numerous things to think about.

The aspects in the heavens are particularly juicy for creating the life of your dreams, launching, or growing your business right now!

Here’s the link to register. I will receive a commission if you register using this link.

Here are some other links that may be helpful in making a decision to bet on yourself by attending B-School:

Program tour.

B-School FAQ.

Thanks for considering Marie Forleo’s B-School! I am positive you will absolutely love it! Keep me posted on your results.