It’s a Gemini New Moon to Be Reckoned With

Dear friends,

There’s a New Moon this weekend, coming overnight on Saturday or in the wee hours of Sunday morning depending where you stand. The Sun and Moon will meet up at 26 degrees, 43 minutes Gemini, conjunct the partnership asteroid Juno and square to Neptune. We feel an intense compulsion to take action towards realizing our dreams, maybe with an attitude of recklessness. Damn the torpedoes.

All week, Jupiter and the North Node of Fate have been parallel Rasalhague, one of the more “dramatic” Fixed Stars in the firmament, whose associations include “mental depravity” and the tarot image of The Tower.

Mercury meanwhile, the ruler of the Sun and Moon in Gemini as well as of Ceres at the last degree of Virgo, is aspecting the Arabic Part of Treachery, and he’s on the Fixed Star Phaeton, or Falls from Grace. There’s a slow-motion quality to this energy: I’m reminded of the portrayal of “The Bullet” in Hamilton. Fate is dancing inexorably towards us, whether we seek to engage with it or not.

Of course, there’s always something you can do with your free will. This New Moon chart is asking us to be extra cautious, conscious, and of course conscientious around communications. Are you sure that the person you’re confiding in is trustworthy for you? Are you in integrity, speaking the truth as you truly perceive it?

Saturn, the God of Karma, is sitting on a World Point (something that tends to make him extra loud) AND he’s stationing to turn retrograde (when the giants dance, everybody shakes) AND he’s conjunct the Ascendant in the New Moon chart cast for Washington, DC.

The recent Eclipse energy is triggered, so we’re looking out for the continuation of “to-be-continueds” from April and May, and from last November.

Follow the Golden Rule and/or the Categorical Moral Imperative: do unto others as you think people in general should do unto others.

Be wise in what you wish for under this New Moon, and remember that the Universe doesn’t hear negations. No use telling the Heavens what you DON’T want; tell it what you DO. Identify a positive, distinct, and deliberate vision of success and do what it takes to align yourself with that.

And for more information about the upcoming New Moon and how you can work with the energy *productively*, I invite you to sign up for my webinar tonight, Friday, June 16 at 7:30 PM Eastern! [Edited to add: Please click here to purchase the recordings and slides from the webinar.]

Big hugs,



New Moon in Gemini
June 18, 2023 at 12:36 AM Eastern US Time
Chart for Washington, DC