A Webinar On Jupiter And Uranus, Every 14 Years

Dear friends,

Two of the biggest of the big guys, Jupiter and Uranus, will be meeting up next weekend at 21 degrees Taurus, initiating for us a new epoch, that will run until their next conjunction in Cancer in 2037 . . . and I’m giving a webinar TONIGHT, Friday, April 19 [ETA: here’s the link to purchase the recordings!] on what we can expect and how to make the most of the energy.

Juicy opportunities abound: Jupiter is the planet of expansion and growth, while Uranus indicates upheaval, the shattering of roadblocks and restrictions. When they meet, they set off a highly-charged, highly-visible new creative cycle in whichever House of your chart they happen to land in. This is a fruitful time for transformation, especially if you have Jupiter and Uranus aspecting one another natally.

Uranus is a generational planet, taking 84 years to cycle through the Zodiac (more or less a human lifetime) while Jupiter can do it in 12 (so that people born the same year as you tend to have the same Jupiter sign).

Think back to the period between June 2010 and January 2011 (because of retrogrades, they actually met three times, the last time). What ideas, insights, projects, and relationships began absorbing you then? It’s time for them to either level up, or (if you prefer) to leave your life.

This is the beginning, and the end, of an era. It’s a paradox of the human condition that we tend both to resist and yearn for change. But rather than being rigid (an unfortunate Taurus-energy tendency), the Cosmos invites us to hop on and take the ride.

How awful it would be if life stopped moving. How great that we can seize this chance — always, but ESPECIALLY right now — to make the world anew.

Sign up for my webinar to learn more about this exciting Jupiter-Uranus springtime-of-the-soul energy, including how to figure out exactly what it means for YOUR chart. I hope to see you there!

Big hugs,


P.S. In case you missed it, here’s the link to purchase the recordings and slides from the New Moon Eclipse class last week. xoxo