Big Cycles: The Aries New Moon Eclipse

Dear friends,

The big day is approaching! On Monday, April 8 at 2:20 PM Eastern US time, we’re expecting a Total Solar Eclipse, one whose path crosses the North American continent, which makes it extra potent for those of us located here.

In addition to finding the Sun and Moon exactly conjunct (as is always the case for a New Moon) at 19 degrees, 24 minutes Aries, and next to the Node of Fate (as is always the case for Eclipses) at 15 degrees, 37 minutes Aries . . . we ALSO have the Wounded Healer asteroid Chiron located on the same degree — down to the minute — as the Sun and Moon . . . AND, just over Chiron’s shoulder, the Goddess of Discord Eris and retrograde Mercury, conjunct, also down to the degree. (This is easier to see than to read: scroll down for an image of the chart!)

Such a lot of fierce, precise, poignant, passionate, impulsive Aries energy. The events and inner experiences we encounter now, all tend to jolt us out of patterns. Opportunities to wake and heal abound.

The New Moon Eclipse forms a tight semisextile to Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, both of whom are answering to Venus, who is answering to Mars in Pisces, who ALSO rules the Aries planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Eris, Chiron, and the North Node).

Right now, we’re becoming clear on what we want to do, though our enthusiasm outpaces our ability to act: it’s a bit like driving with the brakes on. The brakes will be released, however, when Mars and Saturn meet next week.

Venus, in the Eclipse chart, has just recently passed Neptune: so SHE at least is clear on what she wants to change, and excited to get started. What you love matters, go for it! Apparent obstacles can be overcome through focused sustained action over time.

Take the long view: do a little of everything you long to do, every single day. Mars and Saturn in Pisces can be passive-aggressive or simply passive (indirect, confused, and dithery) but that is not the archetype we’re after. Instead, be like Niagara Falls: wearing away the stones. You’ll gain momentum soon!

And there’s nothing wrong with finding inspiration in that which irritates you.

This Eclipse kicks off a new 19-year cycle around our identity and personal destiny, last triggered in April 2005, and before that April 1986, and before that, April 1967. How was your existence changed forever the last time around? How do you want it to change now? We’re being asked to take the LONG view.

To learn more about this extraordinary Eclipse (including where the Fingers of God are in the chart!) I invite you to join me tomorrow evening — Sunday, April 7 at 7:30 PM Eastern — for a very special edition of my monthly New Moon Manifestation Circle webinar on a new platform. (Edited to add: here’s the link to purchase the recordings and slides!)

Hope to see you there!

Big hugs,



The Aries New Moon ECLIPSE
Monday, April 8, 2024
2:20 PM EDT
Chart for Washington, DC