The New Moon in Aquarius, and Our Place in the World

The New Moon in Aquarius, which perfects this evening at 7:07 PM Eastern US time, marks the start of a brand new two-and-a-half-year cycle around clarity, vision, community, wishes, and humanitarian ideals.

Together, the Sun, the Moon, and the asteroid Isis are holding the space for your next great creation. You can’t SEE it yet, but you can FEEL it, there amid the chaos. Watch it wax now till October 2017, face a test, then culminate in July 2018, then wane and finish its cycle in April 2019.

Where does the New Moon degree, 8 Aquarius, land within YOUR natal chart? Which of the Houses does it fall in? Seeds are being planted in *that* room of your life.

New Moons are always a powerful time for planting what you want to see flourish – and today, the Moon’s closing aspect is a sextile to Saturn, helping her work productively with existing institutions and structures. I strongly urge you take full advantage by spending a few minutes this evening (or really, any time through Tuesday morning) doing a ritual to manifest your vision.

Aquarius is an Air sign, so writing and speaking are encouraged, as are working with smoke, wind, or feathers. Invent something unique and meaningful to you, something that stirs your subconscious. (For more ideas and a deeper analysis of the chart, you might consider purchasing my recent Aquarius New Moon Manifestation Circle Webinar. See details below!)

The Sabian Image for the degree between 8 and 9 Aquarius is “A Flag Seen Turning into an Eagle.” As astrologer Lynda Hill writes, this symbol “represents nationalistic ideals and values being taken to their highest level.” The flag, she explains, is “a pictorial representation of a nation’s or country’s spirit, [while] the eagle is the physical manifestation of that spirit. As the flag turns into the eagle, the feeling of spirit is transformed into a physical expression of the ideal . . . This symbol reflects the need for our inner thoughts to become manifest into daily life practice.”

Questions of national and cultural identity are central to this 30-day and two-and-a-half-year lunar cycle. How do you see yourself and your place in the world? What is your society’s role, and your role in society? How do you walk your talk, or talk your walk?

For those of us in the US, we are collectively being asked to reconsider the vision of our country. Will we (as our new president said in his inaugural address) put “America first” in all things, or will we (in the words of Emma Lazarus, emblazoned on the Statue of Liberty) welcome the “huddled masses yearning to breathe free”?

And whichever side we lean towards, how do we put that into practice? How can each of us, in our own lives, strike a healthy balance between (as President Obama described it) our human need to “chase our individual dreams” with the social “imperative to strive together . . . to achieve a common good.”

Today also happens to be International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which the UN instituted in 2005, to remind us “of the dangers of hatred, bigotry, racism and prejudice” (and which President Trump has chosen to spend banning Syrian refugees and threatening to publish an official weekly list of crimes committed by immigrants).

Quoting Lynda Hill again: “You may find that you are being asked to no longer just project an image, but to own your true power.”

You, dear reader, have more power than you know – and (in your chart) a blueprint for how you can to use it. Pick up your planets, and forward we go!

If it’s in your heart, it’s in your chart.

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