An Aquarius New Moon and the Asteroid Isis

Things are moving swiftly on our planet right now.

Mercury, Eris, and Uranus each went direct within the last several weeks, and no major heavenly body is retrograde now; the next to go retro will be Jupiter, who stations on February 6th.

It can be hard to keep up – to stay present – as we hurtle forward, amidst rapid changes. THAT is your mission, however, should you choose to accept it!

There’s a chance for a brand new beginning this week, when we meet a crisp, well-aspected New Moon in the sign of Aquarius. The aspect perfects at 7:07 PM Eastern US time on Friday, January 27th, when the Sun and Moon meet at 8 degrees, 15 minutes Aquarius.

They are joined by an important asteroid, Isis. Named for the most central goddess of the ancient Egyptians, Isis has an energy resembling the Zodiac sign Virgo. In mythology, Isis descended to the realm of the dead (like the Greek underworld-travelers, Orpheus and Persephone), to rescue her husband Osiris.

After a rival chopped Osiris up into fourteen pieces, Isis gathered thirteen and meticulously reassembled his body. The fourteenth part, his phallus, had been eaten by a fish, so Isis replaced it with a golden substitute – and managed to conceive their son, Horus, after the fact.

Isis is a repairer, a healer, a fertility goddess and supportive partner. She wants us to hold out our hands to the “other,” to give our friends and family permission to change.

Who have you been fighting with lately? What’s the karma? This might be time to wipe the slate and start fresh. The Sun, our Ego, is in the sign of his detriment; he’s capable of looking towards the collective good. In the East Coast chart, moreover, the Sun, Moon, and Isis all fall in the Sixth House of service.

Isis is also associated with care for oneself. As the Buddhist teacher Ethan Nichtern has written in a very helpful article: “In times of fear and stress, sleeping, eating well, and exercise are the first things to evaporate.” He asks us to “be stubborn about taking care of our bodies.”

Do what you can to get your ducks in a row, because this New Moon also ushers in the Chinese year of the Fire Rooster. As anybody who’s ever spent time around roosters can tell you, they like to make a lot of noise and fight. The element of Fire only amplifies this tendency, and we can expect a lot of fiery crowing; for the next twelve months, the whole world will be in the mood to cockadoodledoo.

Stay tuned for more on this powerful New Moon.

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