Weekly Weather December 8, 2015

Weekly Weather December 7, 2015

“When the situation was manageable it was neglected, and now that it is thoroughly out of hand we apply too late the remedies which then might have effected a cure. There is nothing new in the story. It is as old as the sibylline books. It falls into that long, dismal catalogue of the fruitlessness of experience and the confirmed unteachability of mankind. Want of foresight, unwillingness to act when action would be simple and effective, lack of clear thinking, confusion of counsel until the emergency comes, until self-preservation strikes its jarring gong–these are the features which constitute the endless repetition of history.”

—Winston Churchill House of Commons, 2 May 1935, after the Stresa Conference, in which Britain, France and Italy agreed—futilely—to maintain the independence of Austria.

photo: Julio Larraz

Our week ahead features more opportunities for terrorist attacks, especially by airplanes, computers, or electricity, as Mars opposes Uranus in the sky building their tension all week until Thursday night, December 10, when it perfects! After last week’s Mars square with Pluto, Mars finishes stimulating evolutionary square by opposing Uranus. Saturn laughs as he leaves his square with Neptune ~ so what exactly are you going to do about it? Look closely at the reality you’ve created!

Similar to Winston Churchill’s quote above, there WERE things that could have been done! There ARE still things to do! But they need to be done sooner rather than later. Perhaps NOW? I think it is instructive that we are having this opposition as the Climate Change conference takes place in France. Hopefully, they are paying attention! On a mundane, world-based level there isn’t a whole lot we can do as we don’t run the world and because the energies often act out in the lower forms. As both Mars and Venus are in signs they hate, we are not going to have a great time of it on a world level right now.

In your world Pay particular attention . . .Mars and Venus, while in signs they hate, are also in Mutual Reception ~ meaning with attention and effort, they can switch to a higher form of being and action. Your job as a conscious human being is to apply intelligence to the energy and move it to a higher level rather than letting it roll around on the ground in the mud.

It’s a week of endings and releases. Probably a few dramatic door-slams. All part of the journey to get us to the next chapter, even if it’s not always pleasant. The Mars-Uranus aspect perfects on Thursday night at 8:30 pm ET. We feel Mars aspects BEFORE the perfection, event, so the war and separation should show up in the early part of the week ~ probably Monday and Tuesday. Because fire and air planets are involved, please be very attentive to candles and other situations where fires can burn out of control. These are aspects that can get hot very, very quick and flare out of control.

On a personal level, the situation you’ve been muttering under your breath about since last April wants to be resolved. You’ve had a few passes at it when Mars and Uranus and Pluto met up before. Now you will have an opportunity to resolve it and move on with your life. That’s the good news. Take decisive action and attempt to elevate it to solution and release rather than going to war!

Our week features Mercury going over the Galactic Center and entering Capricorn on Wednesday until January 1st. Mercury in the last degrees of Sadge is a bit over-the-top and a bit of a yeller but he also TELLS THE TRUTH!! In the early part of the week Mercury is deeply psychic and communicative. It’s important to pay attention to the messages you receive from the world around you. Talk to your guides. Ask the Universe for help. They can’t help unless you ask for it. Pray! Lots of psychic hits, psychic consciousness, illuminations, daydreams, and images, trying to get you information you need to move in the correct direction. Once Mercury shifts into Capricorn, the North Node of Fate and Jupiter, in Virgo and ruled by Mercury, become very practical, disciplined, and very driven. All the Gemini and Virgo planets in your chart will stand at attention, ready to take disciplined action and direction from Capricorn Mercury!

Juno enters Scorpio on December 10th, making partnerships intense and passionate,with an opportunity to connect on a new and deeper level. Time to merge creatively!

Chiron aspects the Nodes of Fate on the 10th, bringing an opportunity to release old wounds into the void and let them go. Truly you don’t have to carry those wounds anymore. If you face what owns you or your deepest fear, this is a great week to release it and not stay connected as Ceres aspects the Nodes on the 10th as well. Understand that what you feed, focus on, pay attention to, grows. What you don’t feed or water, doesn’t grow. Be aware of the potential for very obsessive thinking this week.

On Friday, December 11th, Pluto joins Pallas Athena, allowing you to see something you never saw before. Very old, ingrained, deep behavior, emerges from the shadows and the underworld. You’re understanding very ancient patterns that no longer serve you, deciding whether you’re willing to give them up. Take this moment to go back and reread the Winston Churchill quote at the beginning of the column and ask yourself the following questions: What situation am I neglecting because I think it is still manageable? What remedies could be applied now to effect a cure? Where can I apply foresight, willingness to act, clear thinking and clear counsel, so that I don’t have to repeat history yet again? Got the answers? Then DO IT!!

Right after Pluto and Pallas meet up, Pallas has an aspect of brilliance with the Node of Destiny, inviting her to take practical, concrete actions, to change the situation before history repeats itself. You CAN fix this if you want to! If on the other hand you don’t want to fix this – which is also entirely possible – your approach needs to be crystal clear that you’re done with the situation as it exists now. Instead of taking a warlike approach, adjust your energies to approach the situation with the understanding that the other person has deep wounds in this area, which are somehow being activated. While you can’t control what they see or how they react, you can certainly point out the truth to them as you understand it. Be clear, be concise and make them aware of the consequences of their actions. Be aware of the consequences of your actions and choices too.

Fortunately or unfortunately, this week is a great one for projection. The events that take place this week (and last week) push our own buttons in the areas we’ve been struggling to improve, change, or control. Apply consciousness to the situation when your buttons are pushed. Stop, drop and roll if you catch on fire! Stand back and take a deep breath before speaking. Recognize that the person you’re having the conflict or the encounter with is somehow reflecting for you an area you need to work on and grow up with or around.

Yes, you can certainly walk away or do your “old behavior.” Or, you can think about what you learned from Saturn’s journey through Scorpio, lean in, and take a new approach. If traditionally you talk, listen instead. If you normally avoid, approach. If you’re a door slammer, sit quietly and listen. If traditionally you yell and scream and walk away, no yelling, no screaming, and no walking away. If traditionally you hide, no hiding. The whole idea of this energy is give us a new set of options, a new set of skills to help us build the dream we want to build. Saturn pressing on Neptune and Mars arguing with Pluto and Uranus invite us to go back to our old ways of doing things that didn’t accomplish what we wanted. It’s a much better option this week to flip the energy and try a new approach. That way we get to break through and can move on.

Whatever you traditionally do, make a conscious effort to change that behavior this week. Like exercising any new muscle or trying anything new, you’re not going to be good at it at first. This is how we change ~ flexing those new muscles, teeny tiny steps and being conscious of what we didn’t do so good before which we are now interested in changing! And change it we can. Otherwise, history repeats itself!

Take time this week to focus on what YOU can do. Don’t be distracted by the crazy. What is YOUR dream? Don’t be distracted by the critical (although do listen to it to see if it has helpful suggestions ~ if not, press delete! )! What is YOUR direction? What is your Service? What brings you healthy Peace?   In any transaction with others, attempt to figure out who is Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Neptune in Pisces. Switch roles if you don’t like the part you’ve been assigned!! Go to the Neptune in Pisces and find a place to curl up with your dreams if you are overwhelmed!

Void Moons in the Week Ahead:  When the Moon is Void, it is wise to avoid making important decisions as they tend to be unrealistic, and subject to false starts, errors or unexpected hassles.  Avoid being concerned with things beyond your spiritual center.  It is time for subjective, spiritual and non-materialistic concerns.  Kick back, let life flow, and center yourself.  Connect into your essential oneness with the Universal Forces.

Moon Enters Scorpio on Monday December 7, 2015 at 6:36 am EST.

Moon (8) goes void sextile to Jupiter on Wednesday, December 9, 2015 at 01:40:04 am EST.

Moon in Scorpio is void all day Wednesday.

Moon Enters Sagittarius on Wednesday, December 9, 2015 at 05:26:10 pm EST.

Moon goes void Square to Jupiter on Friday, December 11, 2015 at 11:06:47 am EST.

Moon is void Friday afternoon and evening.

Moon Enters Capricorn (10) Saturday, December 12, 2015 at 01:47:37 am EST.

Moon goes void Trine to Jupiter on Sunday, December 13, 2015 at 06:08:28 pm EST.

Moon is void Sunday night.

new moon dec 11 2015










The New Moon chart for Friday at 19 Sagittarius features an out-of-bounds Mercury in early Capricorn and an out of bound Ceres in Aquarius. It’s a Moon that invites us to think about the future and what might be scarce and to be aware of the plenty of right now. It’s a planning Moon and has a lot of energy about what is the thing you’re trying to create. Sun and Moon approach a square to Jupiter and invite us to experience and revel in the abundance of the moment as opposed to the poverty consciousness we might otherwise bring. Wherever we are feeling a lack right now, it’s an illusion. If you actually look at it, you have everything you need. You might not, however, have everything you want. Having a temper tantrum this week is not going to get it for you.


Lynda Hill’s interpretation of the Sabian Image is:

Commentary: ‘In Winter People Are Cutting Ice From a Frozen Pond for Summer Use’ speaks of the value of planning ahead so people can have what is needed when it is needed. Food, water, materials, all kinds of provisions may be more available some times than at others and it is sensible to ensure supply of what is going to be needed in the future.

Oracle: It may be necessary to take into account the reality of seasonal fluctuations and the resulting times of scarcity. This Symbol shows that it’s important to think about what will be needed, or useful, in the future, or at least, making the best possible use of available materials to provide what is needed when it is needed. Storage of things, or adaptations of available materials, for a “rainy day” can ensure that life will be easier to manage. This can point to storing food, water, money, or other types of goods. Money can be saved by having a savings plan for retirement. Things such as pension funds and savings can be a good idea as there is no way of knowing exactly what your resources will be later in life. By saving some kind of resource, and allowing for shifts in time and seasonal variations, you’ll have what you need. Also, making building repairs and renovations to allow fluctuations in the weather or to allow for varying atmospheric changes can also lead to an increased level of safety and comfort. Watch to see if you feel that you have lost touch with your emotions by creating an icy barrier to future possibilities or eventualities. Also, someone may be working toward appropriating or plundering someone else’s resources or savings. Any threats to future happiness or success can be overcome without great difficulty, just a little awareness, planning and action.

Keywords: Overcoming difficulties ahead of time through creative solutions to problems. Strategies for survival in harder times. Stocking up and storing supplies. Savings and funds. Pension plans. Retirement plans. Work and renovation. Planning for changes in external or internal realities. Seeing shortages ahead of time. Snow. Ice. Freezing conditions. Divorce settlements.

The Caution: Stoic acceptance of difficulties. Not seeing ahead of the times. Failing to plan for the future and just hoping that all will work out okay. Sitting on your hands when you should be working for future possibilities. People storing up hurts or insults for later. Extortion.

It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark. — Howard Ruff

The rich man has his ice in the summer and the poor man gets his in the winter. — Scottish Proverb

If I had 8 hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend 6 sharpening my axe. — Abraham Lincoln

Some people are making such thorough plans for rainy days that they aren’t enjoying today’s sunshine. — William Feather

Discover a well before you are thirsty. — Chinese Proverb

A penny saved is a penny earned. — Proverb

For age and want save while you may: no morning sun lasts a whole day. — Romanian proverb

They that have got good store of butter may lay it thick on their bread. — Romanian proverb

Moon’s day Monday December 7, 2015 Moon enters Scorpio at 6:36 am EST and goes void sextile to Jupiter. Today is an intense yet productive day as Moon in Scorpio amplifies all the energies around us. Mars contraparallel to Jupiter invites a vision of how we can approach and get what we want. Go for your dream! Sun’s union with Cupido suggests this is your new tribe or group of choice. Lots of energy and discussions around how to nurture yourself . LISTEN to the ADVICE! Mercury takes a strategic approach to partnerships (good and bad) as well as war. The Mars opposition to Uranus starts to build up in tension and anxiety. Listen to your dreams tonight!

Mars’ day Tuesday December 8, 2015 Moon is in Scorpio and goes void sextile to Jupiter. Today we settle down to serious and intense negotiations. Dreams last night were intense but prophetic. Mercury’s union with Ceres invites you to work with folks that nurture and support you. Mom, sister, brother, coach, or grandfather ~ who has supported you and taught you. What would they want you to do. Jupiter’s square to Vulcanus offers a bit of an eruption ~ it serves to clear the air. If you are dealing with a bad king who is ineffective in his or her leadership, they are going to be a bit out of control today. Mercury’s square to the Nodes of Fate while on the Galactic Center suggests the guidance you receive from the Universe is the path to follow today! Mercury’s trine to Astraea brings a health matter into focus later tonight. Sun’s trine to Uranus offers a unique yet satisfying approach to the situation! Take it!

Mercury’s Day Wednesday December 9, 2015 Moon is in Scorpio and goes void sextile to Jupiter at 01:40:04 am EST. Moon in Scorpio is void all day Wednesday. Moon Enters Sagittarius at 05:26:10 pm EST. This is a contemplation day. Moon in Scorpio wants you to contemplate the past few days and months. Go deep into your feelings and understand where you could have changed your choices. Listen to your inner voice and focus on what and how it is guiding you. It is about not being subservient and taking the road less traveled. Mercury has an inconjunct to Admetos on the Galactic Center ~ it is a story as old as the hills that needs to be changed. You are the agent of change for the universe! And YES, you ARE that person. Just takes one to stand up and be the Change the world needs. Sun’s square to Chiron pushes hard on the dream and what is right versus wrong. Venus trine to Hades suggests the underworld can feel a bit overwhelming right now. Focus on your visions. This is where you want to direct your attention. Pallas is sesquiquadrate to Admetos ~ it is stressful to approach this strategically but definitely worth it. Mercury’s sextile to Juno encourages you to partner with what you want to do. Mercury enters Capricorn until January 1, so communication gets serious and focused. Ceres square to Poseidon points out what you can do and not do.

Jupiter’s Day Thursday December 103, 2015 Moon is in Sagittarius and goes void Square to Jupiter. Strategic decision day! Pallas Athena approaches her conjunction with Pluto and Mars opposes Uranus. You make choices that affect the rest of your life. No pressure! Just choose wisely. Choose towards love and the heart path. Juno enters Scorpio to make the passionate partnership part of the decision. Sun’s sextile to Zeus suggests you think about your dreams and what you need to do to make them come true. You will be asked to get out of your comfort zone and try a new approach. Mercury’s biquintile to Sedna suggests the ocean Goddess doesnot want to be disrespected any more. Watch the news for ocean stories! Mercury has aspects of discomfort as he moves to make a decision. The key is what do YOU want to do. Not what anyone ELSE wants you to do. What do YOU want? How do you heal the wound? Can you heal the wound? What did you learn from your mother? What nurtures you? What doesn’t nurture you? Mars opposition to Uranus take place tonight at 8:30 pm Eastern so be careful of fire, travel and accidents around that time. It is a powerful aspect. Tonight as you go to bed, listen to wise counsel that has your best interest at heart. Back to the energy of the eclipse last March 20 and this September 13. Listen to your inside wise voice for guidance! Pay attention to health matters too!

Venus’ Day Friday December 11, 2015 Moon is New this morning at 19 Sagittarius starting a cycle that runs 30 days and 2 ½ years. Projects begun under this moon have their critical test on September 9, 2016, culminate on June 9, 2017 and wrap up on March 9, 2018. Moon is in Sagittarius and will go void Square to Jupiter at 11:06:47 am EST. Moon is void Friday afternoon and evening. Dreams are interesting and full of imagery about your new home and creating your dream come true… Pluto links up with Pallas Athena ~ expect a profound shift in energy and understanding as the God of War and the Underworld meets up with the Strategic Warrior Goddess. Today you GET IT!! Pay attention to break throughs, break downs, break ups, or breaks of any kind today! Venus links up with Apollon enlightening and encouraging. Mars has an adjusting aspect with Chiron ~ there is an old story about a wound that didn’t quite heal. You need to attend to it today and take a different approach. The Nodes aspect Poseidon by stressful aspect so tears can flow like the ocean! And things can course through your body in waves of feeling or emotions. As it should be.

Saturn’s Day Saturday December 12, 2015 Moon Enters Capricorn at 01:47:37 am EST and goes void Trine to Jupiter. Today is a great day to reflect on the week past and contemplate the future. Neptune’s aspect of brilliance to Cupido encourages you to take the long approach and decide what is best for you. Saturn’s quintile to the North Node of Fate asks what your best karmic path is. When you are 2 ½ years, 7 years, 14 ½ years, 22 years or 29 years from now, what do you want to look back and see? It is a profound choice point in your life. Make a wise choice for your soul, heart and path. Pallas in Capricorn quintiles the South Node~ the strategic Goddess of War is deciding what the best path forward is. Back to Winston Churchill’s quote at the opening of the column. History repeats itself because we fail to remember the lessons of the past (or we have a repeat of an earlier astrological cycle! LOL!) and learn from them. Sun’s contraparallel to Kronos lets us look at old, bad leadership and hopefully learn from it. Venus’ trine to Kronos offers an opportunity to change our approach if we are strategic. Mercury’s biquintile to Admetos offers an ending that helps and supports everyone.

Sun’s Day Sunday December 13, 2015 Moon is in Capricorn and goes void Trine to Jupiter at 06:08:28 pm EST. Moon is void Sunday night. Capricorn Moon brings the world down to the ground. Mercury’s aspects last night stimulated lots of dreams and action in your mind. Perhaps a bit of sadness too! Mars joins with Zeus bright and early bringing him a great deal of energy and WHOOSH!! Partner with the big picture and the overview of where you want to go. There is a bit of stress in your family or the group you are in during the day so approach it from the position of what is the vision we are trying to create? Where is the common ground? If we partner with the enlightened approach, what does it bring to us? There is a no fooling around health aspect tonight so take action on health matters promptly ~ to the hospital rather than waiting until morning!

If you have things you would like to see added to the Weekly Weather column 2.0 or lessons you’d like included going forward, please take a few moments and contact me. Thanks! Anne             

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