Venus Star Point Next Week

Dear friends, 

As many of you know, my father Mark Ortelee died early Thursday morning, at the age of 90. I was with him in Florida. I’m back home in New York City now and doing fine, though I’ll be taking the weekend off to process. Many thanks to the clients we had to reschedule this week, and to all who sent your good wishes.

I will probably talk a bit about his exit chart on my podcast on Sunday. One thing that’s pretty interesting (to me, at least): he went into the hospital on my late mom’s birthday, August 4th. Back in 1983, my mother died on the day before *his* birthday. So there’s certainly some fiery synastry between his Aries and her Leo . . .

I know there’s been a lot of big news in the world this past week, too. More to come at a later date.

For now: we have a Venus Star Point next Wednesday, August 14th at 2:07 AM Eastern US time. It’s a great chart, and it sets off a new 8-year cycle around love, money, beauty, and values. I hope that we all can make the most of it!

Every 9.5 months, the Sun and Venus meet up in the heavens. The Sun uses his energy to recharge and amplify the Goddess of Love. He also sets forth new tasks that Venus will work towards, until the *next* Venus-Sun conjunction in the same sign and same direction (i.e. retrograde or direct) takes place, about 8 years later. So this Venus Star Point, direct in Leo, will influence us here on earth till August 2027, the next time that the Sun and Venus meet while direct in Leo. 

In addition, though, to marking the beginning of a new 8-year Venusian cycle, each conjunction of Venus and the Sun (regardless of sign or direction) ALSO switches Venus from Morning Star to Evening Star mode. Venus has been operating as a warlike Morning Star since the last Venus Star Point (it was retrograde, in Scorpio) on October 26, 2018. Now, she shifts into her more gracious Evening Star persona, helping everybody calm down, till she and the Sun meet again in June 2020. 

It’s all a bit complex, I know! My friend Arielle Guttman literally wrote the book on Venus Star Points, which I highly recommend, if you’re interested in learning more; her work informs a lot of my teaching on this subject.

But this Venus Star Point is especially important to us, because it’s the first one to occur since Uranus entered Venus-ruled Taurus on March 6, 2019. Uranus in the Venus Star Point chart is in a volatile T-square with Mercury and the Moon, suggesting that communications may be over-the-top, disruptive, inspiring, and highly stimulated. The Lord of Chaos asks us to work consciously with feelings, while challenging us to operate from a position of love. He wants to express his newfound lovey-dovey nature, but he isn’t quite sure how to do it (think Ferdinand the Bull, in a china shop).

Mercury, meanwhile, is at the very end of his retrograde shadow. He’ll pass it early on Thursday morning, and we finally shake off the dust of the summer’s retrograde. Past ghost stories can be put to bed; communications and technology flow better. We open our eyes and everything looks clearer. Don’t forget what you learned in the shadows.

And finally, Venus and the Sun in this chart form the apex of a Finger of God with Neptune and Pluto. It is a fateful time, and we’re asked to make some big choices. Naturally, choose love.

I’ll be discussing this chart in more detail, as well as sharing information about how Venus Star Point cycles work in general, during a new webinar on Wednesday, August 15th at 8:30 PM Eastern. (Click here to purchase the recordings and slides.) Scroll down for details!



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