This Delicious New Moon in Taurus

She’s here! She’s here, as of Friday, May 6th, at 3:29 pm Eastern time.

The most prominent feature of this New Moon chart is a delicious and decadent Grand Trine in Earth: the Sun and Moon in Taurus singing in harmony with Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. The sky is chock full of Earth energy right now, with no fewer than NINE of our planets, points, and major asteroids in the three Earth signs. The element of Earth is all about manifestation, physicalization, or making things happen in the so-called real world. Earth is where we find the vision (Fire), the dream (Water), and the idea (Air) descending from the ethers of our imagination and taking on their own independent shape.

This Taurus New Moon offers us a beautiful opportunity to set the wheels in motion. It’s time to get serious about your next adventure, a moment for preparation and research.

Looking for a new relationship? Clear out the space you’re going to need in your closet and in your schedule. Uranus, Neptune, and Jupiter all aspect the asteroid Amor in the New Moon chart, making this a prime time for love to come knocking at your door. Dreaming of a project you want to create? (A book, a baby, a sculpture, a garden . . . ?) Start getting your ducks in a row. Set aside 15 minutes a day, figure out what the first step is, then take it!

And because the sky has so much retrograde energy right now (an almost-unheard-of SIX planets and major asteroids are currently moving backwards) . . . this Earthy New Moon can also be used for reversing the course of things, releasing what holds you back, or preventing that which you do NOT want to have happen.

Not one of the planets in the sky right now is in an Air sign, so this energy lives in the deep-feeling, wordless spaces of our being. It’s not about thinking or communicating, it’s about feeling and doing.

I would strongly encourage you all to do a releasing and manifestation ritual in honor of this very-fertile Taurus New Moon. We have great aspects all weekend – any time between now and Sunday will work well! Rituals help us align our conscious and unconscious minds, and make creation easier. Follow your instincts and do something meaningful to YOU.

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Below, I have included Lynda Hill’s Sabian images for the New Moon’s degree.  Her work appears with her permission.  You can check her out at It’s well worth it!

The Sabian images are evocative of this Moon and make wonderful subjects for meditation.  They may also show up in the world around us.

From Lynda Hill –


The SWORDS show weapons and strong-arm tactics, whereas the TORCHES are the instruments that bring truth and light. This suggests a split between using power and strength, and using reason and intelligence. Arguments over ideals can easily lead to battles and war.

ORACLE: At the moment, there is a struggle between practical needs and the underlying reasons for having those needs.  It can be that someone has become so caught up in WHAT they are trying to achieve and have probably lost sight of WHY. The endeavor to bring enlightenment to people often meets with resistance, particularly when this enlightenment will disrupt the usual process of things. One can see examples of this in places where the media has a stranglehold on information. In some instances, it is for political agendas, and in others it is for commercial reasons, but the effect is the same: to achieve or to maintain a particular agenda by persuasive force.

Battles are only truly worth fighting when the ideals behind them are clearly believed in or understood. To do this, it is often important to pause and reassess why you are doing what you are doing. When fighting becomes a habit and loses its purpose, the soul of person can become confused and therefore weakened. This confusion inside you is a powerful indicator that the outer world needs to be reconsidered. How can things be transformed and brought into the light of acceptance and understanding, so that the SWORD can be dropped?

KEYWORDS: The battle of might versus light. The Spear of Destiny. Spiritual differences. Arguments. The story of Hitler. The Inquisition. The Crusades. Bringing love and light to war zones. The pen being mightier than the sword. Peace marches. Candles, torches, weapons.

THE CAUTION: Controlling those around with rational or brute force rather than with inner enlightenment or knowledge. People arguing over ideals. Forcing opinions on each other. Religious conflicts. War rallies. Propaganda.