The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Dear friends,
We enter eclipse season with a New Moon Solar Eclipse on July 12, 2018 at 10:47pm EDT in Washington DC. This is followed by a very potent Full Moon Lunar Eclipse July 27, 2018 at 4:20pm EDT, and another Solar Eclipse on August 11, 2018 5:57am EDT. This means eclipse season runs from June 29th-August 25th this year-it’s gonna be a rockin’ and rollin’ summer!
In this newsletter we’ll cover the New Moon Solar Eclipse, and the other two in subsequent newsletters. But think of them as a threesome.

First up the Partial Solar Eclipse July 12th takes place on the day of Jupiter in the hour of Jupiter, right after Jupiter stationed to go direct (the day before). Jupiter is virtually stopped in the sky. In this chart Jupiter rules the 6 degree Pisces rising sign and the Midheaven at 16 degrees Sagittarius, and is placed in the 8th house of Death in the sign of Scorpio (ruling reproductive parts, transformation and psychological breakthroughs). That’s a lot of Jupiter! Jupiter rules the Justice System, foreign matters, religious beliefs and moral positioning.

The Sun and the Moon are joined at 20 degrees Cancer in the 5th house of children and creativity. They are opposed by retrograde Pluto in the 11th house of other people’s children. The 11th house is ruled by Capricorn, and Saturn is in the 12thhouse of the 11th house (i.e. the 10th house at the top of the chart). This suggests a power struggle and standoff around our personal creativity, stories around our own and other people’s children, and our relationship to personal and government authorities. There is a great opportunity for personal undoing on this New Moon, especially if you fail to take responsibility for your choices. Venus conjunct Ceres in Virgo forms a Grand Trine with Uranus and Juno in Taurus in the 2nd house, and Saturn in Capricorn in the 10th house. This forms a fighting (but very productive) energy around what we create and allows us to manifest powerfully (Earth planets in Earth houses are incredibly fertile, fruitful and creative). Retrograde Mars is out of bounds at 24 degrees South declination conjunct the retrograde South Node in the Aquarius-ruled 12th house of undoing, suggesting the reversal of things that undermine us and the opportunity to release them.

Neptune is on the Ascendant at 16 degrees Pisces, forming a Grand Trine with the Sun and the Moon in Cancer and Jupiter in Scorpio.The Moon and the Sun are conjunct Castor (one of the twins in the Gemini constellation). In mythology, Pollux was the son of Zeus and therefore immortal, and mourned the fact that his mortal twin brother Castor would die. The Gods solved the problem by immortalizing them both as the constellation of Gemini (the sign of children and twins) in the sky. The mythology of children and creative choices (even life and death) is incredibly active in this eclipse chart.

Uranus and Juno square the South Node of Fate and Mars, and the North Node of Fate and Athena. This offers us a choice between conflict and demise or strategic opportunities for creation. Because Uranus is parallel Regulus, we are each being asked to listen to our heart’s path, and make the appropriate choices for ourselves. The partnership planet Juno is opposite the part of Danger or Peril, so beware of treacherous choices that invite you to partner but turn out to be dangerous. Use strategic thinking and choose the path of personal responsibility. Mercury at 17 degrees Leo is parallel Nemesis and inconjunct Neptune, suggesting we’re not always going to make good choices and could accelerate our own decline.

As mentioned in my last newsletter, this summer is all about releasing what we no longer need or want in order to move forward. This eclipse is really set up to illuminate the choices before us. As always, the personal choices we face are reflected in the heavens above and the Earth around us. This New Moon will invite us to examine our belief systems and challenge the beliefs that cause us problems or lead to our downfall.

We’ll discuss both this New Moon Eclipse and the Full Moon Eclipse later this month in my upcoming webinar this Sunday Night! Click HERE to claim your spot.

This next part is political, so skip it if you don’t like my politics!

This Lunar Eclipse in the house of children and the sign of the mother takes place against the backdrop of not only a controversial Supreme Court pick, but also the recent suffering of migrant children separated from their parents due to the Trump Administration’s policy. We have to think of the heavens as inviting us to pay attention to these stories and apply them to our own lives.

As Mars entered his shadow we learned of children being separated from their parents after fleeing their home countries to seek asylum in ours. On the day Mars stationed to go retrograde (until the end of August), several notable things happened: 1) Supreme Court Justice Kennedy announced his retirement, 2) The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Trump’s Muslim Ban (preventing families from reuniting and banning visitors based on their religious beliefs despite the supposed separation of Church and State) and 3) Several lower court judges ordered the Trump administration to reunite the migrant families they’ve separated (returning the children they’ve kept in cages to their parents). The apparent dichotomy in the heavens should not be lost on us: The next Supreme Court Judge appointed will have the power to overturn Roe Vs. Wade (which gives women and families the right to control their reproductive choices), while at the same time we’re taking existing children away from their mothers and families (thanks to the Muslim Ban and newly enforced immigration policies).

Recently a 6’4″ man came to me for a reading, sat at my table and burst into tears. His grief was triggered by the children in cages, which reminded him of his own childhood experience. As we work with this eclipse energy, childhood wounds involving predatory experiences will be activated (particularly experiences that occurred between the age of 2 and 9 years old). It will feel similar to the way sexual predatory wounds were activated by the #MeToo movement last Fall, and previously activated by Trump’s ‘grab them by the pussy’ comments revealed in October of 2016.  Expect high emotions and very active dreams.

The beauty of astrology, and why you just can’t make it up, is often shown to us in experiences we are expected to compare and contrast. ‘There but for the grace of God go I.’ Don’t be surprised if you’re asked to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes under these eclipses, or if you’re invited to examine where you have an unresolved conflict that’s preventing you from leading your best life. Cosmic clearing ahead! Full steam running backwards! We can’t see where we’re going until we look at where we’ve come from. Wishing you illumination and sending you gentle love during this eclipse season. Remember to be kind…


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