The New Moon in Cancer and a Webinar Tonight

Dear friends,

The New Moon in Cancer is scheduled to take place at 10:52 PM Eastern US time this evening, Tuesday, June 28. The chart (scroll down for image) forms a “bowl” configuration, with all of its energy concentrated in one hemisphere. The planets are hanging out together, looking for partnership and balance from the other side, and not sure where to find it.

The conjunction of the Sun and Moon in Cancer — the sign of mothers and birth — suggests that we’ll still be talking about what we’re talking about now, in the month ahead. The New Moon in Cancer, moreover, is conjunct two other major goddess bodies: the Mother asteroid Ceres, and Lilith, a sensitive point formed by the Moon’s elliptical orbit. Both Lilith and Ceres are in Cancer too, and both evoke mythical archetypes of femininity, fertility, and abuse of power.

Ceres, of course, had her child snatched by the Lord of the Underworld. Lilith, in some tellings of the story, was the first wife of Adam, the first man. He divorced her because she refused to be subservient to him, subsequently marrying Eve and talking trash about his ex: she was accused of stealing mens’ seed in nocturnal emissions and using it to create demon babies. Lilith is often active in event charts relating to abortion and also in the natal charts of midwives and doulas.

The presence of all these figures in the sign of Cancer and in the Fifth House of Children (when the chart is cast for Washington, DC) emphasizes the very-fraught topic of reproductive justice.

Saturn retrograde in the First House suggests a reversal and retreating to the past, while Pluto in the Twelfth forms a powerful trine to Pallas Athena offering opportunities for potent, strategic communication. The Goddess of Love is in a sextile to Jupiter, making her optimistic-despite-everything and ready to harvest good ideas from other people. Keep your mind open and your plans flexible.

Neptune stations today. Like Saturn, he’ll be going retrograde through the fall, so that the two planets remain in a semisextile aspect to each other for most of the year. Saturn is reevaluating some of the structures he’s created and Neptune is reminding him to ask himself, whether they serve the larger dream? Hard conversations lead to deeper understanding on all sides.

When Neptune is stationing, we can feel foggy and at-sea for about five days before and after. Keep your eyes open, and the path will look clearer next week.

Mars recently had a consultation with the Goddess of Discord, who got him all fired up and ready to go to war with Pluto. Keep an eye out for conflict in the Aries and Capricorn houses of your chart.

To learn more about tonight’s New Moon and how you can make use of its energy, please join me for a webinar tonight at 7:30 PM Eastern. Hope to see you there!

Big hugs,

P.S. The portrait above shows Ring Young, 24, demonstrating outside of the Supreme Court in DC. Photo by Alex Brandon for AP.

P.P.S. My wonderful assistant Rose just started her own not-for-profit theatre company, and she’s organizing an online panel discussion on July 14 as a fundraiser for the next production of her play Persuasion! Jane Austen fans and others, please support her if you’re so inclined!



The New Moon in Cancer
Tuesday, June 28, 2022 at 10:52pm Eastern
Chart for Washington, DC