Happy New Moon Day and a Farewell to Eclipses

Dear friends,

Hope you’re having a happy and meaningful Memorial Day weekend! Since I sent the newsletter with so little notice before last night’s webinar, I decided to bump it up again. (Gotta love that painting of Phaeton.)

Scroll down to the bottom of this text box to read my take on the New Moon this morning at 9 degrees Gemini.

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The New Moon in Gemini webinar last night went well (though my NUC overheated and I had to get him an ice pack). We talked about Mercury’s transit to Algol, and then this morning my client Celeste alerted me that Nancy Pelosi’s husband got picked up for drunk driving. She has Mars (i.e. a male partner) conjunct Algol in her natal chart!

The recordings and slides from last night’s webinar are available to purchase here.

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7:30am EDT: New Moon at 9 degrees, 3 minutes Gemini, marking the end of our Spring Eclipse Season and ringing in a new 2.5-year cycle. Self-knowledge is the key. Keep steering your life toward what you KNOW you want. (If you know what you *don’t* want then flip it.)

9:00am EDT: Moon in Gemini semisquare Eris in Aries. Unexpected discord in the post-New Moon energy. Take advantage of this opportunity to stop what you’ve been doing, take a chance on trying something new. 09°Ge47′ D 24°Ar47′ D

3:07pm EDT: Moon in Gemini square Juno in Pisces. It’s a hard ending, a bitter goodbye. Painful, but we need another chapter. It’s difficult for Juno in Pisces to let go. Comfort her as you can. 12°Ge50′ D 12°Pi50′ D

4:12pm EDT: Moon in Gemini sesquiquadrate Pluto in Capricorn. Stressful energy around power and control. Old paradigms are not serving you well. Speak truth to power. Set a boundary. Say no and mean it. 13°Ge22′ D 28°Cp22′ R

8:18pm EDT: Moon in Gemini sextile Chiron in Aries. The energy is being pushed forward on a deep level, inviting us to tune into ourselves and understand our wounds. If it’s hysterical, it’s historical. Good time to heal. 15°Ge24′ D 15°Ar24′ D

8:38pm EDT: Moon in Gemini quintile Jupiter in Aries. When you understand what the trigger really is, you can react more consciously. Choose wisely — apply greater consciousness to your reaction — as you’re being triggered now. 15°Ge34′ D 03°Ar34′ D

9:22pm EDT: Mars in Aries contraparallel Juno in Pisces. It’s another breakup aspect. You just don’t want to do the work of dealing with this person anymore. There doesn’t need to be a door-slam, but you’re ready to walk away, toward something else.

Dear friends,

This is just a quick note about tomorrow’s New Moon in Gemini, which marks the end of Spring Eclipse Season, 2022.

But don’t breathe that sigh of relief QUITE yet. This is an extremely fierce New Moon, marked by a cycle-launching Mars-Jupiter conjunction in warlike Aries, and a retrograde Mercury on Algol, the Fixed Star of “beheadings.” Watch for falls from grace.

As a matter of fact, the famous “fall” from grace of Phaeton is evoked in the New Moon chart as well. Uranus is conjunct his namesake asteroid. Look out below! The son of the Sun God Helios in Greek mythology, Phaeton rashly made his father let him drive the chariot of the Sun across the sky. But he couldn’t handle the horses. Hold your horses!

The Nodes of Fate are on the points of the recent Eclipses, finalizing all that big shift energy. Stories seeded under this New Moon pop up again in February 2023, November 2023, and August 2026.

For more information about the energy of tomorrow’s New Moon, I invite you to join me in just a few short hours for my monthly New Moon Manifestation Circle webinar.

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