The Eclipse’s Sabian Image: Here Comes the Sun

Dear all,

Well, can you feel it? There’s a crackle of excitement, a charge in the air, as we spin ever nearer to the Eclipses on August 7th and August 21st.

Seems fitting, because the Sabian Image for the Sun between 15 and 16 degrees Leo is “Brilliant Sunshine just after a Storm.”

As Lynda Hill eloquently writes, sunshine often appears more brilliant than usual after a storm, when “the moisture that is still in the air . . . acts to amplify and intensify light,” creating an effect that may be “mystical” or supernatural. “Everything around looks more vivid and beautiful,” she continues, “especially compared to how it seemed during the storm. Things that have felt threatening or charged-up can dissolve and disappear, sometimes very quickly.”

The quality of this first Eclipse (being Lunar) is emotional and interior. Our feelings will be stirred by unexpected revelations, or we may be called on to process past events. We’ll then sit with these feelings for the next couple weeks, till it’s time to take action around the Solar Eclipse on the 21st.

There is so much to talk about in the webinar tonight! The Lunar Eclipse (being a Full Moon) also presents the culmination of the story from February 8, 2016.

Me, I’m looking forward to the storm — and the sunshine after.

Big hugs,