The Eclipses are Here! New Moon in Taurus!

Dear friends,

A partial Solar eclipse takes place on April 30, 2022. Visible in South America, over Peru, Chili, Argentina and the Antarctic, the eclipse takes place at 4:27:54 pm in the chart cast for Washington, D.C. Eclipses herald changes in the areas they appear over.

Eclipses increase the urgency of EVERYTHING! We feel COMPELLED to take action, any action, to address the issue. As with every thing astrological, with the stars shouting out “The eclipses are coming! The eclipses are coming!” it is always helpful to take a beat, break, pause or stop before moving forward. The heavens particularly encourage it this week.

The eclipse on April 30 is complicated by Pluto stationing to go retrograde at 28:35 Capricorn the day before. We feel the effect of stations 5 days before and after so the Pluto station is intrinsic to the eclipse chart. Pluto is in an out of sign trine to Mercury in Gemini. Mercury entered his shadow for the upcoming retrograde at the degree of 26:05 Taurus on April 26. We can expect oodles of trickster energy as Mercury trines Pluto in earth and then air. Double check or triple check everything you hear, write or say. Pause before sending that email. Imagine screen shots of your texts published wide and far. That video going viral. You get the idea.

Mercury is cooperating with the Lord of the Underworld ~ they ARE buddies after all. Mercury’s the only one Pluto invites into his house, being the intensely private guy Pluto is. If you think of the saying “Make a bargain with the devil” ~ Mercury is the planet ruling bargains. Mercury is out negotiating for the devil. Caution is advised.

Additionally, Pluto and Mercury are sextile to Neptune, Jupiter and Venus in Pisces. They form a minor grand trine which makes it very easy to slip into situations you might otherwise avoid. If you slip, pick yourself up and continue. If you see situations that are too good to resist, proceed with eyes open and senses active as you glide into them. Might be magical and fabulous. Might be a delusion and illusion. We need our dreams to fuel our vision and how we connect with the world. Jupiter and Neptune are starting a new 13-year cycle at 23 Pisces. Venus activates their conjunction during the days leading to the eclipse. We are wrapping up the cycles that started in December of 2009 and January 1997. Don’t just focus on the ending energies. Pay attention to what is arriving or inviting you.

Out of bound Ceres is leading the parade of planets encouraging us to plant seeds for our future. She has a trine to Saturn in a new section of the heavens. Saturn was last here in March of 1993. Uranus is plowing a patch of the heavens he visited 84 years ago in March of 1939. New chapters beginning!! All last year Saturn and Uranus fought about the changes you needed to make in your life. Now, Ceres wants to grow things. She reports to Mercury in Gemini. You’ll probably grow multiple things which will eventually narrow down to fewer choices a bit further down the road.

Last but certainly not least, is the actual eclipse. It is a new moon taking place at 10:28 Taurus. Right next to the New Moon is Uranus in Taurus in a section of the sky and our charts he has not been in for 84 years. Uranus bring sudden, fast, chaotic and often unexpected changes that alter our lives forever. Think catalyst in Chemistry class! The catalyst remains unchanged but we are. Uranus rules lightening bolts, chaos, crazy choices, expanded options and shocks to the system. The eclipse energy promises to bring shocking and dynamic changes to our world and your life. Stay tuned!

And for more information, I invite you to join me for a New Moon webinar on Friday, April 29 at 8:30 PM Eastern. (ETA: the webinar recording is now available for purchase here.) Slightly later start time this month as I’m in Tucson for OPA’s iAstrologer conference.

Big hugs,


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