Spring News and The Pluto Return of the USA

Dear friends,

Can you feel it? Spring is springing, and so are the kittens, and your friendly neighborhood astrologer is beginning to emerge from hibernation! There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes at AO HQ, including some new offerings that I want to tell you about in this newsletter.

But first: I want to talk a bit about the Pluto Return for the United States, which began on February 20 and runs for the next three years. There are many very-scary doom-and-gloom interpretations regarding the US Pluto Return floating around on the internet. I hope you find my take helpful in understanding what is about to arrive on our doorstep.

Astrologers use charts to analyze and predict the future. The natal potential of any chart describes the purpose intended. Charts evolves and ripen over time as things grow and change. The United States chart often used is the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The chart is 5:10 pm, July 4, 1776 in Philadelphia, PA. The chart is called the Sibly chart because Ebenezer Sibly, an English physician, Mason, Astrologer and writer on the occult, published the USA Declaration of Independence chart after a visit from Benjamin Franklin, a high Mason, following the Revolutionary War.

John B. Earley, an American astrologer, wrote on the margin of his ephemeris in July 1776, “Declaration signed July 4, 10:10 pm.” As ephemerides are based in GMT, that would correspond to 5:10 pm LMT or LAT.

The Sibly chart is an “Aspirational” chart. It lays out what the Founding Fathers thought the United States could become as they declared their independence from Great Britain and King George. Many Astrologers assume the Founding Fathers actually CHOSE the chart, elected it for a specific time, due to how closely it hews to the Declaration of Independence as well as the Masonic Code. Many of the Founding Fathers were Masons. Masons practice astrology. As astrologers we know the Principle of Correspondence says, “That which is above is like to that which is below, and that which is below is like to that which is above.” At a minimum, the Founding Fathers noted the time the Declaration was signed. They were good astrologers after all!

Pluto returns to its place of origin every 248 years. The Declaration was 246 years ago. We are having the Pluto return to the Declaration of Independence chart. We are definitely looking at a very profound time for the United States of America. Any one who has experienced a Pluto transit to one of their natal planets knows the power of Pluto to bring about massive, intense and transformational change in a manner you simply cannot miss.

Keep in mind all the OTHER countries that have had known Pluto returns before us: the Roman Empire, the British Empire, Spain, France, Egypt, Greece, the Aztecs, Portugal, China, and The Netherlands. Basically, ANY country older that 248 years (that would be the world!! Yes?) has had at least one and often times many Pluto returns. So, time for no despair. Consciously working with Pluto is challenging but not impossible or out of the realm of our understanding.

On February 20, 2022, the USA Sibly chart had its first of three Pluto returns in 2022. I predicted in my Weekly Weather podcast on February 20, 2022 that Vladimir Putin would start the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 23, 2022 . . . and of course he did.

Pluto rules war, power, destruction and obsession among other things. We have officially started our Pluto return as the USA helps to organize the world in response to Putin’s attack on Ukraine’s Independence. You can’t make this astrology stuff up!

I recently recorded a 90-minute presentation on the US Pluto Return — which I’m considering as the first offering of my new school (more on that in the coming weeks!) — in which I lay out the various charts we will be working with over the next three years as we go through our Pluto return as a country. There are three Pluto returns in 2022. We process and expand our deep transformation in 2023. In 2024, there are three MORE precession Pluto return charts to help us psychologically implement the energy of change in our lives and world.

Astrology is an extremely helpful tool as it encourages us to understand what is actually taking place. Astrology is a blessing as it outlines how to work with the Plutonic energy as it impacts our individual charts, the United States’ chart and the rest of the world.

During the presentation, I will also help you determine where Pluto is impacting your life as well as what lessons Pluto wants you to learn about in this lifetime. Come learn how to work with the transformative power as Pluto rolls through our world and your chart!

As above, so below. As below, so above.

Big hugs to all!

Anne Ortelee

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