Quick Update: Pluto, Baby!

Greetings, friends!

It’s another big one.

Pluto stopped to go direct on the World Axis on Sunday, October 4, and we’ll feel his reverberations for the rest of this week. Big events, prominent and unprecedented, will continue to unfold in the culture around us; expect some big news in your own life as well.

Pluto is the God of the Underworld, and his stations often signal earthquakes, eruptions, ruptures. Dramatic, swift changes can destroy longstanding structures overnight, or perhaps completely reconfigure the balance of power.

This particular Pluto station takes us back to January 12, when Pluto met up with Saturn at 22 degrees Capricorn: the same degree where Pluto’s lodging now. Events that took place back in January will be resurfacing.

This Pluto station is made especially bonkers, by the fact that Mars and Eris — his fellow malefics — happen to be buzzing around him and stirring him up. Mars and Eris joined one another in Aries on the same days Pluto’s station, Sunday, October 4. Next up: Mars will form a square to Pluto on Friday, October 9 . . . the same day that the Pluto-station energy could normally be expected to dissipate.

Eris smites us through hubris. She sets people up to fall, in a way that corresponds to their own past bad behavior. Where have you gone out on a limb that you shouldn’t have gone out on? This is not a time for heedless risks.

Venus, meanwhile, is thoroughly settled into Virgo, one of her least-favorite signs and she’s acting as the handle of a Hammer of Thor. Mars and Eris, squaring the COVID Clump (Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, oh my!) collectively form its business end.

Venus in Virgo answers to Mercury in Scorpio, who in turn is busy getting ready for a station of his own; he’ll go retrograde on Tuesday, October 13.

In Scorpio, Mercury has two rulers: both Mars and Pluto. Whichever side Mercury picks, he’ll get roped into the Hammer. He, Venus, and the Sun are all being called on to make big decisions all this week. Do your best to duck the hammers swung in your direction. And, more positively, use the hammer to break through to pastures.

On Wednesday, October 7th, Mercury will oppose Uranus in Taurus. It’s a good day for a crash. Mercury is the God of Knowledge, of course, while Uranus rules chaos and disruption. Look for shocking revelations, news, and look out for your health and well being. Please don’t be careless. Wear a mask.

Beginning this Wednesday, also — Sun in Libra will pass through a series of squares to the planets in the COVID Clump. You may feel frozen, inadequate, or indecisive; and yet, still, you must take action. The waters are rising around you.

Move to higher ground. Tune into whatever it is that you know to be true. Give grace to other people: no, they shouldn’t have acted that way, but it wasn’t really about you. It’s a tough time here on planet earth, and (as so many others have pointed out) we can’t even hug one another. These are transits. They will pass. You’re loved.

For a quick boost, honor Neptune. Put on some music and dance, dance, dance.

For more on the aspects of the last several days and of the several days to come, please check out my free Weekly Weather podcast and my AstrologyHub video with Amanda Walsh.

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Wishing you all health and hope.



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