Phaeton and the New Moon in Aquarius

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Dear friends, 

There’s a New Moon this Monday, February 4, at 4:03 PM Eastern US Time. The Sun and Moon will meet at 15 degrees, 45 minutes Aquarius: closing up the Eclipse energy of the Full Moon two weeks ago and winding down our winter Eclipse season. 

When the chart is cast for Washington, DC (and this is the chart that rules the whole of the United States, since the nation’s capital is there), we find the Nodes of Fate tightly conjunct the Ascendant and Descendant. For those of us in the USA in particular, events right now are prominent, fated, destined to pull you out into the world. Somebody else is initiating situations and stories, circumstances that have a strong, direct effect on YOU. It feels like you’re not in control of your life. Yet the New Moon, as always, offers an opportunity to hone in on your desires, and plant the seeds of what you wish to manifest in your life. (More on that in my Aquarius New Moon webinar!)

The New Moon chart still shows Mars and Pluto in orb of their square from this week (which perfects tonight, Friday, February 1). It also finds Saturn sextile Neptune, at 15 degrees of Capricorn and Pisces respectively, with both semisextile the Moon and Sun at 15 Aquarius. The Saturn-Neptune sextile offers a lot of creative flow (the elements of Water and Earth make rich, fertile mud), yet the other aspects suggest stress: a cosmic push-me-pull-you in our psyche.

Mars and Pluto in their square form a highly action-oriented (sometimes violent energy) which continues into the New moon, as Mars approaches Uranus carrying the energy from Pluto, making these next few days particularly potent for action to achieve your goals. 

The Greek mythof Phaeton is heavily represented in this chart, with Neptune conjunct the fixed star Achernar, which is named for the mouth of the river into which young Phaeton and the Sun-horses fell – while Saturn is conjunct the fixed star Vega, an Arabic word that means “the Falling Eagle.” Vega is the brightest star in the constellation known as Lyra, the lyre, instrument of the Sun-God Apollo. In addition to all of this, Pluto in the chart aspects asteroids Phaeton and Apollo.

Phaeton’s story is, of course, a cautionary tale, a warning against human hubris. Make a realistic self-assessment; don’t bite off more than you can chew. If you don’t have the strength to drive the chariots of the Sun, or the bandwidth to take on another commitment: there’s no shame in that, but you do have to own it!

This week’s Mars-Pluto square can make you THINK you have more power than you do . . . but as Mars approaches Uranus over the next two weeks (perfecting on February 13), there’s probably a big crash yet to come.

This myth and the Nodes discussed above do, however, make the Aquarius New Moon a great time to set boundaries. Try it – you might find that it’s easier than you anticipate! Aquarius LIKES to take an attitude of cool detachment. Brainstorm how to work within your (Saturn) limitations, and you’ll probably be surprised by the creative innovations you come up with. 

As I discussed in detail in my recent podcast, the energy for the last bit of this week (Friday and Saturday, February 1st and 2nd) is rough. Take extra good care of yourself and your loved ones this weekend, and get ready for a whole new cycle starting early next week.

Big hugs,

The Aquarius New Moon
Monday, February 4, 2019 at 4:03 PM Eastern US Time
Chart cast for Washington, DC

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