Mercury, Pluto, and the Aquarius New Moon

Dear friends,

It’s a bold, exciting week in the heavens, as we move towards Lunar New Year and the first New Moon of 2023.

Mercury stationed yesterday, Wednesday, January 18 at 8:11 AM Eastern US time. The chart (see below) finds Mars out-of-bounds in Gemini, answering to the stationing Mercury, at the apex of a Finger of God with Mercury and the South Node. Things that need to leave will leave under these aspects — let them go.

Mercury is inviting you to look back at the past month: he entered his retrograde shadow on December 12 and stationed retrograde on December 29. Now he’s moving forward, retracing the same patch of sky for a third and final time, before exiting his shadow in the first week of February.

When Mercury shifts direction, all the planets that he rules (in Gemini and Virgo) follow him. He and Mars are having a bit of a power struggle, as Mercury tries to get the God of Action into harness.

Out-of-bounds, newly-direct Mars wants to roam, but Mercury says — you have to pay attention to the details! Time to get work.

Stationing Mercury also forms a trine to Uranus, who is just beside the World Point of 15 degrees Taurus. The God of Change is retrograde now — but he’s preparing to shift, too, when he stations direct this Sunday, January 22.

After this weekend, all 22 planets will be direct, moving full steam ahead till Pluto’s station in the spring. This weekend also features a New Moon, a juicy New Moon in Aquarius. It’s a particularly GREAT time to initiate projects, set goals, create. (For more on that please check out my New Moon Manifestation Circle webinar — here’s the link to purchase the recordings and slides!)

The Sun and Pluto recently met up in Capricorn, for their last conjunction in that sign for 250 years! You have a stronger sense of the power dynamics, what your intentions and your lines-in-the-sand are.

Think of everything you’ve learned and how much stronger you’ve grown since Pluto entered Cap in 2008! His lessons are clear, and you’re ready to make change more effectively than you ever did before.

If you’d like to learn more about these power dynamics, and Mercury, and the frisky New Moon, and how you can best use the energy in YOUR chart and life — I invite you to listen to the webinar recorded Friday, January 20.

Big hugs,


Mercury Stations Direct
Wednesday, January 18, 2023
8:11 AM EST
Chart for Washington, DC