Health Updated From Anne & Thanks For The Love!

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My health adventure started innocently. I was reading a history book in my favorite green chair at the end of July. I had a mild cramp at the top of my abdomen and said “hmm, that feels like a menstrual cramp!?” A day later, some blood appeared ~ day 4 or 5 for those of you who know about these things. Not normal for a 69-year-old woman!

A Saturn cycle ago, in the mid-90s, with Saturn on my Pisces moon, I was diagnosed with a submucosal (in the wall) uterine fibroid. The treatment options were hysterectomy or some bizarre beads fed into the fibroid’s vessels to cut of the blood supply so it would rot inside of me. Neither appealed to this Virgo.

Instead, I chose to treat my fibroid with my wonderful Acupuncturist Shane Hoffman. Needles and herbs worked!! Now, with Saturn on my Moon again, 29 years later, it seemed that fibroid wanted my attention!

Quite a bit has changed in women’s medicine over 29 years!! Several of my students were successfully treated at NYU Langone’s World Famous Fibroid Unit. I called and got the first available appointment, September 28 at 11 am with Dr. Kelsey Kossl.

Dr. Kossl is a Virgo with Venus in Scorpio and Moon in Aries ~ great planet positions for someone who operates on problematic Venusian parts with skill and talent.

After I met with Dr. Kossl, I got into the Cancellation Appointment Wild Ride ~ kind of like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride! I went for a diagnostic uterine ultrasound on October 9. The Ultrasound result recommended an MRI and a uterine biopsy. The MRI, another cancellation, happened on October 14 ~ same day at the New Moon eclipse! The eclipse MRI showed cancer in the left ovary. The uterine biopsy with Dr. Kossl, yet another cancellation, took place on October 24 was benign. Dr. Kossl referred me to my cancer gynecological surgeon, Dr. Whitfield Growdon.

I met with Dr. Growdon on Monday, October 30. Another cancellation offered a surgery date that Thursday. A quick presurgical clearance from my primary care physician as well as an echocardiogram and EKG on were completed on Tuesday. Surgery was Thursday November 2, 2023. Cancellations galore!!

Dr. Growdon has a great chart compared to mine ~ a late Libra with Venus in Virgo on my Sun trine his Taurus moon with an out of bounds Mars in Cancer opposite my OOB Mars in Capricorn on my nodes of fate. A fated encounter indeed! His Uranus in Scorpio was on my Venus in Scorpio so he literally was the embodiment of Uranus as he castrated me ~ can’t make the astrology up! He even knew his birth time!

My surgery was a total hysterectomy. The uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, cervix and omentum were removed. Everything was benign except the left ovary. The tumor was encapsulated, small, stage 1a (low is good), and extremely rare. There are 21,000 cases of ovarian cancer in the USA every year. My kind of cancer has 4 to 10 of us a year!! It was NOT epithelial (the kind that spreads cancer cells all over the place) so no nodes were involved.

I had asked people to pray for clean and clear surgery. It was clean and clear!! As the cancer is so rare, there is no standard follow-up treatment protocol. My doctor is going to meet with his colleagues to discuss options, if any, and get back to me.

I had a Sertoli-Leydig sex cord stromal tumor in my left ovary. It secrets both testosterone and estrogen. Back when I was in male dominated fields like sales and computer programming, people would often say to me that I had a set of brass balls. I would invariably reply, “No I have a set of brass ovaries.” Well, come to find out, I DID literally have a brass left ovary!

My doctor recommended I take 4 to 6 weeks off post surgery. I am being a good, compliant Virgo!! However, it IS pretty weird to not work. My energy level is returning and getting stronger every day. I will be back doing the Weekly Weather this Sunday, a month post surgery. I will start seeing clients again in January. I usually take the last two weeks of December as vacation time as my family visits in Florida so the six weeks bumped into the planned vacation time.

The astrology of my cancer diagnosis is pretty interesting too. The new Moon eclipse at 22 Libra and South Node at 24 Libra on October 14 was in my T-square and on my Neptune at 24 Libra ~ the MRI that eclipse day revealed cancer! The full moon eclipse on October 28 was right on my Venus in Scorpio which is on the degree of Ovaries/Testes and Saturn in Scorpio Fallopian tubes.

I want to thank all of you for your prayers, good wishes, reiki, cards, emails and flowers. I deeply appreciate them. I felt very, very, very loved and cared for. I will be sending out thank you notes and responding to you in December!

Here’s to further adventures in astrology together!

Blessings all around,

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