#Breaking: The New Moon & Uranus In Taurus (Pt. 2)

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Today, May 15th at 11:16 AM Eastern US time (just a few hours after the New Moon in Taurus), Uranus enters Taurus for the first time since the thirties: the most recent Uranus-in-Taurus transit ran from June 1934 to May 1942.

Uranus, despite his personality, is a slow planet: a dweller (with his fellow ice giant, Neptune) in the cold outer reaches of our Solar System. It takes 84 years for the Lord of Chaos to make his way through the whole Zodiac, spending roughly 8 years in each sign.

At this Taurus ingress, Uranus starts to wrap up his sojourn in Aries, where he’s been traveling constantly since 2010 — and looks towards new horizons. What revolutions took place in your life, in the months around May 27, 2010 (when Uranus first dipped his toe into Aries)? Between now and the Spring of 2019, look for big changes to emerge in these areas.

This sign-change brings an opportunity to revise EVERYTHING, but especially Uranus-ruled matters: the internet, television, radio, social media, progressive ideals, human rights, and the field of astrology itself. These things begin to take on a Venusian flavor, as opposed to the way they operated in martial Aries. It’s a mixed bag. What was quick gets slower, what was aggressive gets harmonious, what was competitive gets cooperative, what was free-flowing gets restricted, what was erratic gets more stable. Also note, Venus is fairly far out of bounds in Gemini in the Uranus Ingress chart, making comments and everything associated with Venus a little more over the top. Witness the recent hoo-ha over President Trump’s female White House Communication’s aide Kelly Sadler’s comments about ailing John McCain, and Melania Trump’s recent kidney surgery (kidneys are ruled by Venus)! Be aware that what you say will travel far and wide with this energy. Words matter!

All this does not bode particularly well for net neutrality (which the US Senate will vote on tomorrow, and which the Republican-led FCC let expire on April 23rd); I’m worried that corporate money (Taurus) will gradually transform the internet from an impartial public utility to a private property (Taurus) and slow bandwidth speeds (Taurus) for those who don’t pay a premium (Taurus, Taurus!). And remember, all the most famous dictators were Tauruses, so corporations will be dictating to us what we can watch and hear.

It does, however, suggest that our public discourse — especially online — will become more civilized and grounded in reality: as social media moves out of its rocky adolescence, towards maturity. In the wake of the Russian-propaganda-fueled 2016 election disaster, we’ve all had to become savvier about the information we read, like, and share. Ditto about the harm caused by online bullying.

And it goes both ways: with Taurus-related matters influenced by Uranus, just as Uranian matters get influenced by Taurus. Taurus is, of course, the Earth sign that rules land — real estate, national boundaries, the planet itself — and Uranus brings change and chaos. Hence the extraordinary volcanic activity in Hawaii over the last two weeks, and the recent eruption of protests at the Israel-Gaza border (with at least 60 Palestinians killed by Israeli forces so far) in response to Donald Trump’s bone-head decision to open the new US embassy in Jerusalem on Israel’s 70th birthday (May 14th, 1948 at 4:37pm in Tel Aviv). Israel is a Taurus country, so the fight since it’s founding has been over who rules the land? Uranus entering Israel’s seventh house right now, inaugurated with violence, suggests that seventh house of open enemies will be particularly volatile over the next 8 years.

Around the world we can expect more territorial and land use disputes to take place over this time. Conversely, more drive towards identifying what international cooperation looks like (along the lines of the European Union).  Should we stay together?  What are the financial or economic benefits of staying together?

This Uranus-in-Taurus ingress chart is particularly volatile, adding to the inherent volatility of any Uranus sign-change. As you can see (below) Uranus is already in orb of his explosive square to Mars — which will perfect tomorrow, Wednesday, May 16th, once Mars enters Aquarius. Due to retrogrades, we have a set of three Uranus-Mars squares coming up, with the other two on August 1 and September 18. Prepare for a rockin’ and rollin’ Summer as you’re asked to take action and blow up or release whatever doesn’t serve you in peace, harmony, beauty, stability and finance.

If you’ve been listening to my podcast, you’ll know that I have been describing this series of aspects as “scraping out the mayonnaise jar.” A number of people have reported emotional eruptions, acne eruptions, and breakthroughs these days.  Imagine Mars scraping out that South Node attempting to detox your system of the residue of the last 19 years. Mars in Aquarius, besides aspecting Uranus, crosses the South Node in Aquarius three times. Any residue from past losses or disappointments, hang-ups and wounds to your ego . . . it’s time to clear them out for good.

Go for it. Make the bold, dramatic change you’ve been envisioning. Take the time to talk with a therapist, or get a reading from a certified astrologer. And for more in-depth information about Uranus, Mars, and this energy, you might want to check out my two-hour Uranus in Taurus webinar tomorrow.

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Uranus Enters Taurus
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at 11:16 am EDT
Washington, DC