Welcome, Spring! The Aries New Moon

Dear friends,

Today we welcome Spring into the Northern Hemisphere, and Autumn to the Southern. The degree of 0 Aries is not only one of the World Points — which means BIG NEWS — it’s the first, and perhaps the most important, degree of the Zodiac in Western Astrology: a death-and-rebirth time for everyone.

Normally, only one of the Lights lands on this World Point at any given moment, but this week is a notable exception: the Moon will follow the Sun into Aries tomorrow afternoon, while the Sun is still lingering at 0, creating a super-potent New Moon for fresh starts and upheavals.

But wait, there’s more! Pluto is now in the last minutes of the last degree of Cap, getting ready to change signs for the first time since 2008! We’re wrapping up the stories that began then (remember 2008?) and soon will take our study of Power and How to Wield It into new, uncharted territory.

Basically, as I said in my podcast, this is the second most significant week in 2023.

Pluto will be in Aquarius for the next 20 years (with a little zig-zagging immediately ahead). The last time he crossed this particular threshold was 1777.  Pluto in Air changes how we think. The American and French revolutions happened last time: now there are riots in France over President Macron extending the retirement age and we certainly are divided here in the USA. Pay attention to news this week for ideas about the next 20 years of transformation, destruction, metamorphosis and rebirth.

Ceres, the Mother Goddess planet, moreover, is dead-straight across from the Sun and Moon at 0 degrees Libra, prompting a push-and-pull between our own needs and those of our partners. How DO you dance the dance of individuation and connection? Whichever side you lean toward, it’s a good time to get extremely clear about what you want to nurture.

Mercury in the sign of Aries is sharp-tongued and quick; he’s clever but prone to saying things he doesn’t mean. Because he and Mars are now in Mutual Reception, however, if you ask them nicely, they’ll “switch places” energetically — giving you access to Mars-in-Aries decisiveness (rather than Mars-in-Gemini dithering) and Mercury-in-Gemini fluency (rather than Mercury-in-Aries sass). You can keep up pointless arguments or you can move forward. You choose!

All in all, it’s a very, very big New Moon with positive closing aspects and a lot of potent magic. If you’ve been asking questions about your mission in life, now’s the time to listen for answers.

For more information about the New Moon and how you can make the most of it, I invite you to purchase my recent New Moon Manifestation Circle Webinar (pre-recorded this time around, because of family commitments).

Wishing you three giant steps forward towards clarity and purpose.

Big hugs,