Weekly Weather February 23, 2016

Traveling to Florida to see my dad.  Column in Process….

We are in the approach to the eclipses!  The eclipses are coming!  The eclipses are coming!

In Bernadette Brady’s book “The Eagle and the Lark,” she describes this family of Eclipses as follows: “This family of eclipses is concerned with endings or separations. Thus, when it affects a chart individuals will find themselves dealing with a parting. This parting can be anything from a friend traveling overseas and the saying of goodbyes to the end of a relationship with a loved one, which could bring much anguish or grief. However, the pain of the separation is lessened by encountering new situations which lead to very positive outcomes.”

Watch for separations and releases as this eclipse energy is mighty, mighty powerful.  These eclipses are mighty powerful.  We are releasing, releasing, releasing for the next two weeks (at least!).

And, whenever we release, we create a space for the new to arrive.  So watch for the new beginnings in the middle of the ending energy.  Nature abhors a vacuum.