Weekly Weather August 13, 2012

Weekly Weather August 13, 2012



“And now the journey is over, too short, alas, too short. It was filled with adventure and wisdom, laughter and love, gallantry and grace. So farewell, farewell!”

It is going to be a very rough week ahead of us. The oft repeated line of the week will be “life is difficult.” The good news is, just ahead of us is smoother sailing. The bad news is we have to get through this week next first. And what a week it will be!

First up, Venus and Moon get a bit battered and beaten up by the big boys. On Monday, Moon goes through the gauntlet of a trine to Neptune, being occulted by the Venus in Cancer (VERY BIG EMOTIONAL SWELLING), fighting with Pluto as she opposes him, and arguing with Uranus as she squares him and wants to take action. Cancer Moon is in the dark phase of the Moon ~ so we are literally emotionally in the dark and unable to find sure footing.

Second Venus gets more battered and beaten up by the big boys as she follows in Moon’s footsteps on Wednesday and Thursday. She fights with Pluto as she opposes him. At that point, she’s still answering to Moon in Cancer. She’s feeling this family must end. On Thursday, Venus argues with Uranus as she squares him. By then, Moon has shifted into Leo so she’s acting like a proud, wounded, door slamming discarded lover. Venus is not a happy gal this week.

Venus left flirty, fun and talkative Gemini where she spent April, May, June and July. Now she’s in sensitive, moody, changeable, emotional, emotive and kind of whiny, shy and tear filled (on a bad day) Cancer. Venus also RULES Mars and Saturn in Libra SO THEY ARE ALL MUSHY AND SENSITIVE TOO because Venus is in Cancer. Venus rules feisty Lilith in Taurus sitting on the nastiest fixed star there is Algol. We have the potential to completely lose our heads especially early in the week.

As Venus is the current ruler of Mars, Eris in Aries is also answering to Venus in Cancer as well as Uranus and Athena. So Eris, Uranus and Athena are going to be emotional AND fiery ~ steamy… A difficult and contentious energy. Gonna be a whole lot of weeping and wailing going on ~ especially at the beginning of the week through Friday.

When any planet is in Cancer, like Venus is now, we watch the Moon’s signs. What sign the Moon is in determines how the Cancer placed planets behave. The planet in Cancer shifts, changes, dances and gets rather wild based on Moon’s aspects and energy. Moon’s sign tells Venus how to behave. During the beginning part of the week, Moon in Cancer and in the balsamic phase is very ending and fatalistic oriented. If you have friends or family threatening to end their lives, this is the time you want to sit on their beds, be extra connected and comforting to them.

Moon shifts into Leo mid-week, making Cancer ruled Venus all about the love, proud, and self-absorbed. Saturn, Mars, and the rest of the gang shift into an all about me and ego based energy. At the end of the week, Moon goes into Virgo for us to all feel rather put upon and overworked. Again, all the planets that Venus is in charge of shift and change energetically and emotionally.

Mars and Saturn are answering to Venus in Cancer. That makes this a very emotional week for Mars and Saturn too! And, instead of the chatty, fun, flirty and information giving Gemini that we’ve all gotten used to Saturn being in over the past four months and Mars being in for the past month and a half, now Saturn and Mars are going to be shifting and changing every couple of days as the Moon changes signs.

Neither Mars nor Saturn particularly likes being in a situation where they answer to Cancer ~it is their fall and detriment respectively. Saturn has trouble being tough when you are sitting there crying your eyes out. And Mars in Cancer is fights in the family as well as just feels extra sensitive in his fall ~ he’s just not able to get it up. At all. Impotent. So if you are not feeling inspired to get it up so to speak, a good cuddle and a warm bath makes a world of difference.

When the Moon changes signs, Venus in Cancer changes how she behaves. When Venus in Cancer changes how she behaves, the Libra and Taurus planets shift and follow her instructions. Because Mars is in Libra, the Aries and Scorpio planets shift to follow Venus’ instructions. Because Pluto is in Capricorn, he rolls with Saturn’s changes. Gonna be a complete and frigging total emotional mess. Mess. Mess. Mess. And it does NOT do my Virgo heart good to say that. People are going to be ricocheting emotionally ALL OVER THE PLACE. Complete emotional responses and meltdowns. Mess. Mess. Mess. I am going out to my BEACH house and hiding in the outdoor shower!

The GOOD news is Mercury is still in Leo so if we look below the emotional mess, we see what our heart deeply desires. That is the good news. You are going to be getting clear! Very clear. Mercury has a pile of aspects under the New Moon and Sun in Leo on Friday where he gets soooo awakened and able to express the unspoken, deeply felt, internal desires of your heart.

Second up, Mars Joins with Saturn to wrap up and end the two year relationship story that they began back on July 31, 2010. Back in the summer of 2010, you were asked to start to work on or in a new relationship paradigm for yourself. Saturn had entered Libra for his journey of 2 plus years. You were struggling to make sense of relationships, your own and others. You were thinking of getting a better work/life balance. You yearned for a relationship. Or you were NOT happy in your existing relationships and needed to do something to change it up. You met someone who invited you into a relationship that was new and exciting. Or perhaps it was a combination of all of those stories. Mars and Saturn got together and said “Ok, let’s make that relationship thing happen!”

Now, Mars and Saturn wrap up that two year story. Hopefully, all the work you’ve done in relationships ~ understanding them, talking about them, thinking about them, forming them, ending them, adjusting them, and changing them ~has gotten you to a brand new place in your life. Now Mars and Saturn start a NEW two year story as the old story wraps up Wednesday. This week, Mars and Saturn can make you feel very blocked, held back, and impotent. Then, pow! Wham, whoosh ~toward the end of the week it clears. The beginning of the week, you are going to be pretty powerless to do much of anything but say a few prayers. Even tears can be held back.

My friend Ed sent the following thoughts in an email: There is a season on the church calendar. You’re Catholic, yes? You’re familiar with Epiphany. But this seems to be the real season for epiphany. I am hearing this word over and over. Realization. Recognition. Or just ‘f*ck’. I don’t think I ever put epiphany and f*ck together in the same context before. But, here we are. When the playing cards gets shuffled, I’m sure they have a moment of feeling a bit haywire until they get used to sitting between the spade and the diamond that now pokes them in the ass. But it happens. And, who knows, perhaps they’re better off for it. We all need a good poke once in a while. And shuffling can be stimulating. What a time to be alive.

What a lovely reframe by Ed. We have another epiphany this week. We are all being shuffled right now. It is a cosmic shuffle. It is time for a new hand to be dealt. It is ALMOST the beginning of a new game. And, instead of sitting with the clubs like we have been for the last many years, we get to go sit between the spade and diamond that is poking us in the butt. Or maybe we are captured by a King of Hearts hoping to become his Queen. Or we can run off with the Jack of any suit rather than stay where we are. So sit with your shuffle quietly for the week. Look at. Figure out how you want to play the hand you get this week. And truth be told, make sure to relax INTO the shuffle. It ain’t the final hand. We’ll have three more MAJOR shuffles between now and the end of September. And there is a possible drop of the deck of cards onto the floor where they scatter all over the place ~ a very unorganized, upside down kind of shuffle ~ in mid-September on top of the three shuffles.

So this is a TEMPORARY crazy making kind of shuffle this week. Sit with the shuffle and see where it takes you. Mars is movement ~ Saturn is structure. They are joined this week… nothing great about the hand except feeling blocked. AFTER this week, we’ll be able to move forward with all the expected changes needing to be IN PLACE by the end of September. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. And then work, work, work after next week when Mars goes into Scorpio and the Sun enters Virgo. But this week features a crazy making shuffle. Sit silently in it to the best of your ability. Do NOT think this is it, because it is not. Just another crazy making shuffle so you can have an epiphany, recognition, realization or Auspicious Consciousness.

To help you find a sense of optimism in a very crazy energy during the week ahead, I’ve included two inspirational videos. One is literally ‘MY’ Song. I had a reason to google it over the past week. Written by John Denver for his wife, Annie, it is called “Annie’s Song”. I hadn’t heard it in years. I was so thrilled to have such a great song with my name on it. I used to dance to it. It always, always makes my heart swell. It’s about the love we can find ourselves yearning for in a week like the one we face ahead of us.

We also have a lovely new Moon in Leo on Friday at 25 Leo. New Moons are terrific energies under which to begin things. But that is at the end of the week. Take time over the weekend to focus on what you want to create in your life around relationships… While The Sabian Image for the New Moon is AFTER A HEAVY STORM, A RAINBOW APPEARS

Lynda Hill’s interpretation of the Sabian Image is:
Commentary: ‘After a Heavy Storm, a Rainbow’ shows the promise of relief, sunshine and beauty after a difficult passage. The ‘Rainbow’ is a reminder of God’s covenant that was made with every living creature of the Earth: The promise that He would never flood the world again. The ‘Storm’ may have been difficult to endure with deluges, threatening claps of thunder and lightning, and difficult, torrid times. There can be great shocks, but as there is the promise of the ‘Rainbow’, you can be certain that the end result will be okay.

Oracle: Although great obstacles to recovery often arise, for the moment you need to be reassured by signs of better times coming. This can be difficult to believe at first, it can be hard to trust that the ‘Storm’ is not going to swing back round again. Take a look around, when you can, and assess what actual damage has been done by the ‘Storm’. The ‘Heavy Storm’ can inflict such damage and violence that it is hard to imagine things the way they were before it hit. There’s a need to focus on hope to help you out of this dilemma, although it can be a struggle to persevere in these situations, and the possibility of a ‘Rainbow’ at the end can seem almost laughable. However, keep in mind that everyone has to go through the ‘Storms’ and darkness that life throws at us sometimes, and they are rarely permanent. After the difficulties have passed, the calm that follows has a beautiful and “relieved” quality to it. Also, we are far more inclined to appreciate the happy times after we’ve been through the tempest. It may be time to “smell the roses”. Try wearing colorful clothes, opening the windows and getting out into the fresh air. Appreciate the good things that are available right now. Remember; without the ‘Storm’ there would be no possibility of the blessing of the ‘Rainbow’.

Keywords: Release from stressful situations. The light of spirit returning to infuse with energy. Euphoria. Rushes of endorphins. Relief. The sun coming out whilst dark clouds are still in the air. The joy of survival. Rainbows and light. Piercing through darkness.

The Caution: Having selfish thoughts about the rewards inherent in every external sign or “pot of gold”. Seeking ‘Storms’ or arguments and trouble to stir things up. Enjoyment and promotion of conflict. Violence and destruction. Carnage. Not seeing the beauty around.

Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn’t people feel as free to delight in whatever remains to them? Rose Kennedy

Be thou the rainbow to the storms of life, the evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray! Lord Byron

We live in a rainbow of chaos. Paul Cezanne

And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow. Jerry Chin

Walk on a rainbow trail; walk on a trail of song, and all about you will be beauty. There is a way out of every dark mist, over a rainbow trail. Edward A. Navajo

The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain. Dolly Parton

The rainbow would be even more beautiful if the show was not for free. Antilles Proverb

The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears. John Vance Cheney

The other video was sent by my Aunt Carol. It made me cry. And it made me remember how deeply beautiful the world we live in truly is. Enjoy! It is going to be all worth it once we get to the other side of these darned transits! It always is worth it!




Void Moons This Week
4:21 am EDT Wednesday August 15 to 2:05 pm EDT

1:55 pm EDT Friday August 17 to 8:33 pm EDT

7:26 pm EDT Saturday August 18 to 12:45 am EDT Monday August 20
All day Void Moon on Sunday.

Moon’s day, Monday August 13 is a rough day. Moon in Cancer has crabby closing aspects of a square to Saturn implying things over the next two days end in sadness or action that separates. Moon in Cancer is where Venus looks for guidance. Moon is battered and beaten up today as she goes through the difficult energies of a trine to Neptune (making her more emotional!), being occulted by the Moon ~ swelling her emotions even more. Then she runs into a fight with Pluto in the early evening… argument! Mars is inconjunct Sedna offering a deep flowing undercurrent ~ perhaps even a riptide of emotions that feel out of control. Moon square Uranus right after her opposition to Pluto… that is a door slamming kind of exit. Or the desire to door slam! Mercury’s semi square to Ceres is angry and proud words that flow right out of your mouth without a second thought. Whatever people say today, they MEAN!! If they say they are not able to be in a relationship with you, believe them. Let them go and MOVE ON! Why waste more of your life here? You gave them a chance. You gave them time. Give yourself a chance for a change. Go for what you want. You don’t need to make it dramatic. Just quietly close the door and move on.

Mars day, Tuesday August 14 has Moon in Cancer still pushing us to shift our energy. Venus in Cancer is reeling from the emotions of the Moon today. Sun’s sesquiquadrate to Pluto suggest you take back your power, own your stuff, stand up in your heart and be who you are supposed to be. Sun’s trine to Eris offers you the ability to harness her energy in a productive way. Sure, you feel discordant but the situation before you is simply not working. You can do it. Alice Walker inspires with her poem. Mars builds in his tension as he approaches his union with Saturn. Block. Block. Block. Mess. Mess. Mess. Shuffle. Shuffle. Shuffle.

On Stripping Bark from Myself (For Jane, Who Said Trees Die From It)

Because women are expected to keep silent about
Their close escapes, I will not keep silent
And if I am destroyed (naked tree!) someone will please
Mark the spot where I fall and know I could not live
Silent in my own lies
Hearing their “how nice she is!”
Whose adoration of the retouched image
I so despise.

No. I am finished with living
For what my mother believes
For what my father and brother defend
For what my lover elevates
For what my sister, blushing, denies or rushes to embrace.

I find my own
Small person
A standing self
Against the world; an equality of wills
I finally understand.


My struggle was always against
An inner darkness: I carry within myself
The only known keys
To my death — to unlock life, or close it shut forever.
A woman who loves wood grains, the color yellow
And the sun, I am happy to fight
All outside murderers
As I see I must.

–Alice Walker

Wednesday Mercury’s day August 15 is perhaps one of the meanest days this year. Mars perfects his union with Saturn. Something dies today. And it needs to die. You are done with it. Venus is opposite Pluto so you wake with a sense of gnawing dread and a sense that love has left you forever. Today will be a big day for people hanging on by a thread to take off. For the rest of us a shift is needed and will take place over the next day or so. Right now, the evolutionary pressure to change, end or let go is tremendous. And the energy is so very, very stuck at the same time. Sun has a sesquiquadrate to Uranus offering enormous emotional stress to take action(s) to get the hell out of Dodge. Like the old gun slinger’s song “Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight”, you need to figure out your strategy and act on it. Venus has a gift of brilliance with the North Node of Fate ~ agree to be inspired and try to laugh even if you aren’t at all in the mood. Eventually it will be a story in your life and not the drama filled event it is right now. Moon enters Leo in the afternoon, offering us a sense of relief. And Mars has an amazing gift of brilliance to Pluto if only we would let ourselves go there…. Listen for inspiration…. And take action, especially opening up hidden triangles or closed spaces that need to be exposed or discussed. And in the theme of not bringing a knife to a gun fight, a bit of comic relief… laughter does help. Find someone you can laugh with.

Jupiter’s day Thursday August 16 finds us in a very dark and sad place. We also have an enormous sense of relief as the planet start to shift, move and change into a new place. Shuffle. Shuffle. Mess. Mess. Venus has a trine to Chiron offering healing words or energies tonight. Sun’s square to Juno suggest a fight with partner about what you want versus what they want. You can’t really agree to disagree on this one… it is a bit too fundamental isn’t it? Venus has a square to Uranus suggesting you need to leave or let go or change and separate from the situation before you. Mars has a gift to the South Node ~ this is a classic suicide aspect so watch out for folks who are sitting on the edge or thinking of leaving. It is NOT a great idea ~ this is the chart you get in the next life. Trust me, you don’t want a LIFE like this… a few days is hard enough! Mercury’s union with Hades makes us think we are in hell but we are not. Venus asks us to think back on the patterns we observed over the past few weeks and get clear on what we want as she pushes back a bit on Juno. Does it HAVE to be the partnership that OTHERS want for you? Maybe it needs to be YOUR partnership for YOU that matches YOUR needs. Ceres asks about how you want to go about creating that group or family that nurtures you. You have to be clear to ask for what you want. Today in the dark of the Moon, we find the dream of our soul whispers into our being.

Venus’ day, Friday August 17 has a lovely new Moon with the Sabian Image of AFTER A HEAVY STORM, A RAINBOW APPEARS. Yes we are through the worst of it. The Rainbow appears after the storm of emotions earlier in the week. Sun has a supportive aspect to the tribe and encourages us to continue to connect. Mercury’s parallel to Jupiter indicates a gathering of ideas, people or connections to help relationships grow and expand. Mercury’s parallel to Uranus has an explosive or fabulous new idea ~ just like a rainbow ~ after the emotional storm that took place earlier in the week. Sun has a sextile to Saturn offering us last opportunity to understand our wisdom of what we want to accomplish in our lives around relationships. Take time today or over the next few days, when the Moon is in Virgo, to listen and speak your deepest truths. Mercury’s parallel to Jupiter encourages him to talk about his deepest truths to the rest of the tribe. Pluto’s evolutionary push of a bi-quintile to the South Node demands you evolve. Give it permission to change. Give yourself permission to change. Moon has a working closing aspect with Mars so you can accomplish amazing things if you start them under this New Moon. Mercury’s parallel to Neptune encourages you to articulate your dream. Great day to put time in on a dream board or vision of what you want. Sun has a sesquiquadrate to Pallas suggesting your ego doesn’t quite believe it is possible. No worries. Just put it out there. The universe works miracles when we let it and get the hell out of the way.

Saturn’s Day Saturday August 18 finds Moon in hard working Virgo, pushing, pushing, pushing us along. Mercury totally is pissed off at Pluto’s games and power dynamics. You just aren’t up for it. It is time for it to stop, stop, stop. Saturn has a gift of releasing into the South Node today… listen for wisdom coming at you from around the corners, or the hidden place, or the wise elders in your life. Time is growing short for all that needs to be done. See the patterns from your childhood. See how you are SOOOOO ready to let those old paradigms go. Time for a new dream. Or perhaps a new SET of dreams. Let’s go BIG here. Why live small. At least ASK for it ~ express your heart’s desire. If you don’t work to fill your own dreams, who will? You have your OWN vested interest. Act on behalf of yourself and your dreams. Give Pallas something to think about and strategize on. SPEAK! And if the person you ask says no, move on. They are NOT going to give it to you. That doesn’t mean you are not going to get it. It just means you are not going to get it from THEM! NEXT! Shout NExT! And move on. It is a bit wide world. Mercury has a trine to Uranus encouraging creativity tonight! Enjoy and make sure you have fun! Mercury is in the mood to wrestle with Mars so if you can, include action, activity or doing stuff as part of the day’s energy. The changes will do you and them a world of good.

Sun’s Day Sunday August 19 finds Moon in Virgo void and unable to focus on specifics as we want to join her in kicking back, laying in a hammock and sipping iced lemonade.. No exact aspects make it a welcome slow moving day. Especially after all the drama and crazy of the past week. Saturn has a quintile to Pluto offering wisdom about relationships, power struggles, dynamics of how we each set up relationships in our lives to teach us what we need to know. Or to pay back a karmic debt. Relationships are designed to make us become conscious. And indeed they do. Enjoy the day off from stress, turmoil and crazy making energy. Next week is turbulent but not anything like this week was. It was one of the most profound weeks of your life.

Lynda Hill’s work appears with her permission. Check her out at sabiansymbols.com

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